US 2016 Presidential Election

The US 2016 Presidential election campaign has begun and already we are being bombarded with numerous candidates each with their own election promises. The average voter has no real way to make competent and intelligent decisions even with today’s high tech media and social networks. Wouldn’t the situation of our country be so much if we, the American citizen, could make really informed and intelligent choices in our candidates. Reverse Speech can surely do that for us if we but listen to what the candidates are really saying in the reverse channel which is where their sub-conscious mind is speaking. From now on, we will be posting all the candidates reversals here till the election is over for you to listen to and decide for yourself which candidate you think is best. Unfortunately, we have limited resources that allow us to devote time to listen to everything that all the candidates will be saying in their campaigns. We will be posting what we do find plus we have some great students and analysts that will be providing their input and examples as well.

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US 2016 Presidential Election Candidates

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Dr. Jill Ellen Stein

Jill Stein Current Green Party Candidate For President - Reverse Speech Analysis

Dr. Jill Ellen Stein, born 1950, is the current 2016 Green Party candidate for the Presidency. Dr. Stein was born in Chicago but was raised mostly in Illinois and is a physician, an activist, a politician, and perpetual candidate in American politics. She was the Green Party’s presidential nominee in 2012 and ran for governor of Massachusetts in both 2002 and 2010.


Jill – “You know, the answer to that, is that this politics of fear, [which we’ve been told] to bow down to, has only delivered everything we were afraid of…” – Forced and abused you.


Jill – “We are the solution, [we are the ones we’ve been] waiting for…” – The views now without you.


Jill – “Progressive agenda that restores our needs, and ends the econo[mic misery]…” – You resent him. – speaking about Trump.


Jill – “Progressive agenda [that restores] our needs, and ends the economic misery…” – They’re all stupid. – reference to other candidates.


Jill – “We have a crisis in nuclear weapons, and again, thanks very much to the Democrats. Bill Clinton, who removed us from the Anti-Ballistic missile treaty framework for nuclear disarmament. And then Barack Obama who created a Trillion Dollar budget for us to spend on a new generation of nuclear weapons, and modes of [delivery].” – You villain.



Bernard “Bernie” Sanders

US 2016 Presidential Election Candidate Bernie Sanders

Bernie – “If a local state or federal government wants to protect [the environmental needs or our] people they could be taken to an international tribunal because they threaten future profits. That is not what democracy is about. This is a bad agreement following other bad agreements it must be defeated and I thank my friends in the House for their efforts.” – All this evil DEM around me.


Bernie – “ that comment and I know it’s been on the internet and I am an Ameri, obviously, an Ameri[can citizen].” – I’m a citizen.


Bernie – “The only way that change takes place in my view is when millions of people stand up and say enough is enough. And it’s not just with police brutality, [enough is e]nough when the great middle class of this country is disappearing. How does it happen?” – It is funny.


Bernie – “..if a comp, country or a state [wants to protect it’s kids] from tobacco and smoking they could be taken to an international tribunal…” – Snakes, they can’t help us now.


Bernie – “ know my Dad came to this country from Poland, at the age of seventeen without a nic[kel in his pocket] love this country…” – The cops, they know it.


Bernie – “..about all of the jobs [that these trade agreements] would create and over and over again the proponents of unfettered free trade were wrong.” – The mere videos keep it.


Bernie – “..and like you, I want to make sure that the world that we leave them is a beautiful world [where people can live full and dignified] lives.” – We are forbidden, your filled with more people.


Added July 17, 2015


Bernie – “Why a family like the Koch brothers, [who are worth 8]5 billion dollars, you might think that that is enough money.” – Feed their wolf.


Bernie – “If we do that, if we involve millions of people in this campaign, man, we can create a country the [likes which no one has ever seen. That’s our] mission and I look forward to working with you to make that happen. Thank you very much.” – Mossad citizen, no one shoot this hell.


Added August 24, 2015


Bernie – “..and second of all, I believe that we need to make sure that certain types of guns used to kill people exclusively, not for hunting, [they should not be] sold in the United States…” – We found the shit.


Added September 19, 2015


Bernie – “Well if somebody knows everything you are doing, maybe it is time to recognize that we are not quite so free as we [think we are].” – Are you dead?


Bernie – “..can get a college education regardless of their income. Fighting for [pay equity] for women workers.” – You’ll pay it.


Added March 21, 2016


Bernie – “The issue now is that Donald Trump has [gotta be loud and clear and] tell his supporters that violence at rallies is not what America is about and to end it.” – That rally blood.


Added April 5, 2016


Bernie – “.. Yes his behavior was deplorable. Have I ever once said a word about that issue? No I have not. I’m going to debate Secretary Clinton [and] Governor O’ Malley on the issues facing the American people, NOT Bill Clinton’s personal behavior. ” – Oh good God. – Bernie attacking Bill Clinton.


Added May 2, 2016


Bernie – “This campaign the media said well you know Bernie is a nice guy, he combs his hair really well. Top notch dresser. But, but none[theless ah, he really is] a fringe candidate the campaign is a fringe campaign, not to be taken seriously.” – Hillary out sellin’.


Bernie – “ know what, those folks and independents all over this country will be voting [in November for the next president] of the United States.” – They deserve Canada on that money.



Christopher James “Chris” Christie

US 2016 Presidential Election Candidate Chris Christie

Chris – “I am [not going to be the gov]ernor who’s going to tell our children and our young adults that marijuana use is OK because it’s not.” – I believe in no gun.



Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

US 2016 Presidential Election Candidate Hillary Clinton

Hillary – “Democracy can’t be just [for billionaire]s…” – I am a liberal.


Hillary – “America can’t succeed [unless you] succeed.” – We sell that.


Hillary – “We had all our presidents come into office looking so vigorous. Think about what they looked like on inauguration day and then we watch them. They grow grayer and grayer and by the time they leave they’re as white as the building they live in. Now let me tell you I am aware I may not be the youngest candidate in this race but I have one big advantage, I’ve been coloring my [hair f]or years. So, you’re not going to see me turn white in the White House.” – You’re gray.


Added July 17, 2015

Hillary – “At the end of the day I think voters sort it all out. I have [great con]fidence. I trust the American voter, so I trust the American voter a 100%.” – Fuck you.


Hillary – “..that I used one device maybe it was ah, because I [am not the most tech]nically capable person and ah…” – Press on the climate.


Added January 15, 2015


Hillary – “ across the country there’s more work to [do to in]crease trust between communities and law enforcement.” – Feels good.


Hillary – “As the director of the FBI told Congress recently, anything that [erodes trust] with Muslim Americans makes the job of law enforcement more difficult.” – Our story.


Hillary – “I just met with the first Somalia American council member of [the city council h]ere…” – It was like innocent.


Hillary – “..[long after the cameras move on].” – My boobs are making it, I know.


Hillary – “..and I’m not going to let the gun lobby [or anyone else tell me] that’s not the right path for us to go down.” – He must find a winner.


Hillary – “I know here a young African-A[merican man] was fatally shot.” – I am the crime.


Hillary – “ has not gotten the financial resources that it needs to do everything the people involved in it know [they can do and we’ve got to do a bet]ter job of supporting it.” – I voted. I feel it was naked.


Hillary – “You see I have this old fashioned idea that we elect a president in part, in large part [to keep us safe] from terrorists, from gun violence, from whatever threatens our families and communities…” – Yes, I’ll beat it.


Added March 4, 2016


Hillary – “I [did not send] nor receive anything that was classified.” – I funded.


Hillary – “Honestly, Terra Sanders is the only person who I think would characterize me ah, a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment and I’ve got to tell you that it is, it, it is [really quite ah], it’s really quite amusing to me.” – I shall kill it.


Hillary – “..back to the issues. [On the issues that] I think are important…” – I appreciate now.


Hillary – “(Audience member) You owe that black girl an apology. (Hillary) Well, well give me a chance to talk I’ll, I’ll probe your side. You know what, no[body’s ever asked me before], your the first person to ask me and I’m happy to address it…” – I’ll be tired of you.


Added March 21, 2016


Hillary – “ that Saddam Hussein could have ended it immediately. He could have said come anywhere, look anywhere, we have nothing. But he didn’t choose to do that and so the inspectors were racing to get to all sites [that they were worried] because remember, at the end of the first gulf war we did find evidence of a nuclear weapons program…” – You’ll believe it.


Hillary – “Well you know I, I thought that using diplomacy which is what it seemed to me he was offering made a lot of sense. (Interviewer) Did he seem the diplomatic type, W? (Hillary) He seemed to be someone who in my ah, opinion at least rhetorically that speech [he gave in Cincinnati] was aimed at saying we’re going to let the inspectors finish” – Iran is just a baby. – talking about 9/11.


Hillary – “So I’m sitting there in the Oval office and Bush says to me, what do you need, I said I need twenty billion dollars to rebuild, [you know, New York he said you] got it and he was good to his word. So my experience with him on something of great import to our country was positive because literally that same day I get back to the capital and the republicans are trying to take that money away. We kept calling the White House, Bush kept saying I gave them my word I’m going to stick with it so, you know, I had a different set of experiences.” – We messy, owe you money. – talking about 9/11.


Hillary – “So I’m sitting there in the Oval office and Bush says to me, what do you need, I said I need twenty billion dollars to rebuild, [you know, New York he said you] got it and he was good to his word. So my experience with him on something of great import to our country was positive because literally that same day I get back to the capital and the republicans are trying to take that money away. We kept calling the White House, Bush kept saying I gave them my word I’m going to stick with it so, you know, I had a different [set of experi]ences.” – Arabs giving us. – talking about killing leaders.


Hillary – “..and we’ve got to continue to support the Libyan people to give them a chance because otherwise you see what’s happened in Syria with the consequences of millions of people flooding out of [Syria].” – I erase. – talking about killing leaders.


Hillary – “..but I think [it’s a mistake] to say you can’t ever you know, prevent war.” – It’s a mistake. – talking about killing leaders.


Hillary – “..if, you know I think that given the bloodshed he has spilled that would be a good outcome then, Americans aren’t going to do it, [that’s not us] doing it…” – Saddam’s’ head. – talking about killing leaders.


Hillary – “Now when somebody that has helped you [their people have] died, they have expended their ah, treasure to help us, come and say this is personal to us, we in Europe, we in the Middle East. Is the United States supposed to say, you know what, that’s not our problem.” – That’ll be friend. – talking about killing leaders.


Added April 27, 2016


Hillary – “We’re going to imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, [families are supported], streets are safe and communities are strong, and where love trumps hate.” – Dead officers you laugh.


Hillary – “Mr. Trump accused me of playing the quote, ‘woman card.’ Well, if fighting for women’s health care, and [paid family leave, and equal pay] is playing the ‘woman card’ then deal me in.” – Devil in it, kill him my fear.


Hillary – “..that help people follow their own dreams. That’s why we are setting bold, progressive goals. Backed [up by real plans], that will improve lives. After all, that is how progress gets made, we have to be both dreamers, and doers.” – I implore you, we are caught.


Hillary – “Join us! Go to H[illary Clinton [dot] com]. Text ‘join.’ 47246…” – Our madness he’ll kill.


Hillary – “..we can lift up people, and places who have been left out. [From our inner cities], to Appalachia.” – See this early armor.


Hillary – “..democrats agree that [every single American] should, and must have quality, affordable health care.” – The crime will miss you.


Hillary – “..and we will unify our party to win this election, and build an America where we can [all rise together]…” – Her baggage, see our war. – after winning 4 states in the NE.


Hillary – “[What a great ni]ght!” – I’m damn yellow. – after winning 4 states in the NE.


Hillary – “..all these worries together. We are going to come together, and [we are going to solve the problems we face].” – We have sent the bomb the boss in your brain. – after winning 4 states in the NE.


Hillary – “[We Democrats agree that every si]ngle American should, and must have quality, affordable health care…” – You better deal the South in my view. – after winning 4 states in the NE.



Added June 3, 2016


Hillary – “This is [not someone who should] ever have the nuclear codes…” – They shoot now, must stun.


Hillary – “He believes we can treat the U.S. economy like one of his casinos, and default on our debts to the rest of the world, which would cause an economic catastrophe [far worse than] anything we experienced in 2008.” – It’s your wrath.


Hillary – “..he praises dictators, like Vladimir Putin, and picks fights with our friends. Including, the British Prime Minister, the Mayor of London, the German [Chancellor], the President of Mexico, and the Pope.” – They’re all smashed.


Hillary – “As I see it, there are some important things our next President must do, to secure American leadership, and keep us safe, and our economy growing in the years ahead. These are all area[s in which Donald] Trump and I profoundly disagree.” – We’ll march on this.


Hillary – “Our armed forces fight terrorists together, our diplo[mats work side]-by-side, allies provide staging areas for our military so we can respond quickly to events on the other side of the world.” – I screw Sam.


Hillary – “If Donald gets his way, the will be celebrating in the Kremlin. We cannot [let that happen].” – The fact I have felt.


Hillary – “We need to embrace [all the tools of American] power, especially diplomacy and development.” – The crime with us owes the law.


Hillary – “Over the past year, I’ve laid out my plans for defeating ISIS. We need to take out their strong[holds in Iraq] and Syria, by intensifying the air campaign and stepping up our support…” – I’ll bring us war.


Hillary – “He bought full page ads in newspapers, across America, back in 1987 when Ronald Reagan was president. [Saying that America lack]ed a backbone and the world was, you guessed it, laughing at us. He was wrong then, and he’s wrong now.” – Howl a crime, what a mess.


Hillary – “ it really matters that Donald [Trump says things that] go against our deepest held values.” – Is he so smart?


Hillary – “..and you know what? It also matters [when he makes fun of] people with disabilities. Calls women pigs.” – And I’ll scam you.


Hillary – “[Let’s resolve that] we can be greater still. That is what I believe in my heart.” – The bars you sell.


Hillary – “Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. A man who has [insulted our closest] allies, has talked about more countries getting nuclear weapons, has advocated punishing women…” – It’s what brought his lawsuit.


Hillary – “I’ve [asked that they be made pub]lic. And I think that uh, uh, y’know, that demonstrates that I wanted to make sure this information was part of the uh, uh, the official records.” – Fuck yeah, we did decide.


Hillary – “Uh, and I have um, provided um, all of [my work related emails].” – Slimy, they deal a program.


Hillary – “Well I can only tell you my experience, which um, has led to [my putting out specific] plans, saying how I would pay for them…” – Give us it’s slime, it’ll come.


Hillary – “ many Americans who haven’t had a raise in 15 years. Uh, [it raises uh, serious issues about] y’know, how well he understands…” – I was your shit serious ah, sincerely.


Hillary – “..and if I could go back, I would do it differently. Well, I have [talked about this] for um, many, many months. I testified for eleven hours…” – Sit by the cop.


Hillary – “I’ve asked that they be made public [and I think that uh, uh, y’know, that dem]onstrates that I wanted to make sure this information was part of the uh, uh, official records…” – My family ah, hurts that we panic.


Hillary – “..uh, putting the [full faith and] credit of the United States of America at risk…” – They’re fearful.


Hillary – “..I’m going to stay focused on that and I hope that that’s what [uh, the voters will want to hear].” – Reagan almost hurt over that.


Hillary – “..just today, it was [reported that Donald] Trump has clinched the number of delegates he needs to be Republican nominee…” – Blood that they offered.


Hillary – “..all voters who want a candidate who is running a campaign based on issues, who has been willing [to put out] plans…” – Wide open.



Added July 15, 2016


Hillary – “Well, I have to tell you, I have tried in every way I know how, literally from my years as a young lawyer [all the way through my time as] Secretary of State to level with the American people…” – And our families kill the law.


Hillary – “What difference, at this point, does it make? It is our job to fi[gure out what happ]ened and do everything we can…” – I had a worry.


Hillary – “(Crowd repeatedly chanting) [Hillary]!” – Hillary!


Hillary – “I [remember landing] under sniper fire. We basically were told to run to our cars. Now that is what happened. (Interviewer) Will you say anything to get elected?” – And they’ll remember.


Hillary – “We’ve seen rage and violence direc[ted at American] Embassies over an awful internet video that we had NOTHING to do with…” – In a crime but I did.


Hillary – “(Laughing) Look, [we came, we saw], he died. (Laughs) – (Repeated)” – Awesome thank you. – from a “Songified” clip


Hillary – “[Chauvinists, and sexists, and misogynists] (repeated)” – Televise it, so sexist. Say the bullshit. – another “Songified” clip


Added August 8, 2016


Hillary – “..Donald Trump’s tax…” – Catch much blood.


Hillary – “..have health care and their families don’t have to worry about losing their house to take care of their sick kid. I am proud of my record of public service, and the results [that I’ve gotten to help peop]le have better lives.” – Be quiet, not valid.


Hillary – “It, it was, way over [the top emotional. My, my] biggest concern going out there to make that speech Thursday night, was whether or not I could control my emotions. (Interviewer) You, you say, whether you could control your emotions. What was your concern…” – Damn, I wanna show him the bastard.


Hillary – “..[fear for America]…” – I’m afraid.


Hillary – “..she would get up[set, I’ll be hon]est with you, she would get upset when some of the people you had on would say these terrible things about me, and that was when I was a Senator running for President, and the first two years of Secretary of State.” – I bought us. – commenting on her daughter Chelsea.


Hillary – “..that I would start crying. (laughs) I mean, that was my big concern. Also, watching my daughter, and having [her waiting on] stage when I came out, um, I, I was, I was pretty concerned about, uh, whether I’d make it through the speech.” – I need a wolf. – commenting on her Mom.


Added August 20, 2016


Hillary – “What difference, at this point, does it make? It is our job to fi[gure out what happ]ened, and do everything we can…” – I had a worry – commenting on Benghazi.


Hillary – “Okay, [here we are]! (Laughing) Okay we’ll keep talking, and will, and apparently these people are here to protest Trump, because Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals. So thank you for making that point.” – Cry away.


Hillary – “Uh, and I’m trying to be as transparent [as I possibly can]…” – I kill the suckers.


Hillary – “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California Pri[mary. Y-um]…” – My year.


Added September 2, 2016


Hillary – “I [remember land]ing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles.” – They’ll remember.


Hillary – “[The young people in America to]day are the most open, diverse, and connected generation…” – Did the crime and I’ll be quiet.


Hillary – “..and you look at the [diversity of our ath]letes.” – Fire away to serve it.


Hillary – “Take a deep breath and relax and just, you know, sit back back because here [they come again. We’re going to have] to just ride through this as we have so many of these other, um, false accusations.” – I have never lied in my head.


Hillary – “White students held up Trump signs and taunted La[tino players on the] opposing team, with chants of build the wall and speak English.” – It was real funny.


Hillary – “I dun[no about you] but I don’t think we have a person to waste. We wanna build an America where everyone has a place, where if you work hard and you do your part, you can get ahead and stay ahead. That’s the basic bargain of America.” – I wish I won.


Hillary – “But the hate burns just as bright. And now Trump [is trying to re-brand him]self as well. But don’t be fooled.” – Just now you renounced it.


Hillary – “(Unknown Man) You said, “What [difference does it make], they’re dead”. (Hillary) What difference at this point does it make…” – Damn is that stupid. – unknown man warns us about Hillary.


Hillary – “Would she even have a pl[ace in Donald Trump]’s America?” – Much blood is here.


Hillary – “..and we cannot get where we need to be, unless we move forward together and [stand up against] prejudice and paranoia and prove again that America is great because America is good.” – Say goodbye next.


Hillary – “..and [God bless] the United States of America and thank you!” – Sell God.


Hillary – “[George W. Bush].” – Show me the joke.


Hillary – “Senator McCain made sure they knew [Barak Obama], he said, is an American citizen and a decent person. We need that kind of leadership again.” – The mob will come.


Hillary – “(Interviewer) Do you change your political identity based on who you are talking to? (Hillary) No, I think that, uh, like most people that I know, I have a range of views but [they are rooted] in my values and my experience.” – They do riot.


Hillary – “[You know my friends, this is] a moment of reckoning for every Republican dismayed that the party of Lincoln has become the party of Trump.” – This is their famine.


Hillary – “And we [cannot get to where] we need to be, unless we move forward together and stand up against prejudice and paranoia and prove again that America is great because America is good.” – We will take money.


Added September 16, 2016


Hillary – “..and that goes against everything we stand for as Americans be[cause some things] should not come down to luck.” – It must suck.


Hillary – “ be just [grossly generalistic], you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, [Islamaphobic, you name it]. And unfortunately, they are people like that and he has lifted them up.” – America, wolf then all. There’s Hillary, feel sorry. – Calling half of Trump’s supporters deplorable.


Hillary – “Well I’m not satisfied with the way things are. I’m not uh, somebody who is supporting this status quo that’s why I’ve laid out [a number of very specific] plans we’re going to have the highest uh, job creation programs…” – Give us absurd marijuana.


Hillary – “..birth control makes women unattractive and crazy. Would your, would you rather your child had feminism or [cancer]?” – Her snake.


Hillary – “ was all personal stuff and we’ve said that consist[ently and as the FBI] said, everything that I’ve said publicly has been consistent and truthful with what I told them.” – I face an illness.


Hillary – “..ah says one thing in Colorado and something else in North Dakota, insults people on a regular basis. I don’t think [that’s what the American people at the end are going] to vote for.” – Now goodnight. I’ll beat the crime, he’s upset.


Hillary – “Everyday more Americans are standing up and saying [enough is e]nough including a lot of Republicans and I am honored to have their support in this campaign.” – This is fun.


Hillary – “(Gowdy Asking Question) We’ve had more hearings about A[RB findings than we’ve had] with you.” – The Humans in a fever. – Hillary vs. Gowdy on Benghazi



John Ellis “Jeb” Bush

US 2016 Presidential Election Candidate Jeb Bush

Jeb – “..ah, Putin you need to deal from strength. He’s a bully and bullies don’t um, you know you enable bad behavior when you, when you’re nuanced with a guy like that and I think just being clear I’m not talking about being bellicose but saying here are the consequences of your actions and that would deter the kind of bad [outcome that we don’t want to] see.” – And I wanna win the fight.


Jeb – “Russia invaded a neighboring country [that occupi]es a sizable chunk of that.” – I’ll be public.


Jeb – “, this is a different time [than it wa]s just five years ago and I think the United State and our, and our friends and allies in Europe need to be resolute for sure.” – I’ll win it.


Jeb – “This’ll be the most extraordinary time to be alive. I totally believe that and I hope that you [do too because our children] and grand-children are deserving of that very basic promise.” – The Bush cause and he was good.


Jeb – “..[ah, Putin you need to deal from] strength. He’s a bully…” – The fighting, it ain’t over.


Jeb – “..ah, Putin you need to deal from strength. He’s a bully and bullies don’t um, you know you enable [bad behavior when you], when you’re nuanced with a guy like that and I think just being clear I’m not talking about being bellicose but saying here are the consequences of your actions…” – We know we’re been a bad.


Jeb – “..[embrace the energy] revolution…” – Where’s your knees, serve me.


Added July 17, 2015

Jeb – “..but they’re also always ought to be an eye on the ball of the next [group of people that actually] decide who the presidents going to be.” – The shadow will beat the group.


Added October 19, 2015

Jeb – “The benefit of this goes dis-proportionally to the middle [class if you look at] what the middle class pays today compared to what they would pay in our tax ???? (Interveiwer) But they get a 2.9% increase and after tax…(Jeb) Because higher income people pay more taxes right now and proportionally everybody will get a benefit but proportionally they’ll pay more in with my plan than what they pay today.” – I believe it’s hell.



Donald John Trump, Sr.

Election Candidate Donald Trump

Donald – “..thousands in Iraq. We have wounded [soldiers who I love], I love, they’re great all over the place. Thousands and thousands of wounded soldiers” – All know she’s worse.


Donald – “I am [officially running] for president of the United States and we are going to make our country great again.” – In a real shift.


Donald – “..two thousand, three hundred [sophisticated vehicles], they ran and the enemy took them. You’re right.” – So I paved the naked surface.


Donald – “We have a disaster called, “The Big Lie,” Obamacare, Obamacare. Yesterday it came out that costs are going for people up 29, 39, 49, and even 55% and deductibles are through the roof, you have to get hit by a tractor, literally a tractor to use it because the deductible[s are so high] it’s virtually useless. It is a disaster.” – They are horses.


Donald – “..and these aren’t the best and the finest. When Mexico sends it’s people, [they’re not sending their best, they’re not sending you, they’re not sending you]. They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us.” – We need the Senate, we need the Senate, stabbing in the Senate.


Added July 17, 2015

Donald – Talking about Edward Snowden – “It really shows how weak our country been and, and has become when you cannot get this guy back I mean you think you’d tell these countries, hey, folks we’re not doing any deals with you until this guys on a plane and, and until and, and that includes Russia and that includes everybody.” – The Human had the accident.


Added August 24, 2015

Donald – “Part of [the beauty of] me, is that I am very rich.” – Believe it.


Donald – “(MC) ..and so should the Republican shut down the government rather than fund Planned Parenthood? (Trump) Well I think, I don’t know what’s going to happen, I guess they are doing it right now as we speak, again [I’m in my o]ffice in New York, and I guess as we speak they’re going for a vote of some kind” – I am the man.


Donald – “..but I will win the African-American vote and I think I will win the Hispanic vote and if you see the recent [polls that came out] John, you’ll see that because I am leading in the Hispanic vote.” – I make this law.


Donald – “..and we’re in trouble but Israel will be in very big trouble if this deal is allowed to go forward. What I hate so much about the deal, the 24 days is ridiculous, but you know before you get to the 24 days, there’s a whole proces[s I don’t kn[ow if you know that that can take much longer than 24 days.” – They burn us. (On the Iran Nuclear Deal)


Donald – “..and we’re in trouble but Israel will be in very big trouble if this deal is allowed to go for[ward. What I hate] so much about the deal, the 24 days is ridiculous, but you know before you get to the 24 days, there’s a whole proces[s I don’t kn[ow if you know that that can take much longer than 24 days.” – They had a wolf. (On the Iran Nuclear Deal)


Donald – “..every single person that he gave every single dollar is expecting something for that money, every single person and that’s not good for the country [you know that’s a problem] that’s a system but it’s not good” – They’ll part with their money.


Donald – “[Thank you very much everybody, thank you, than you].” – Wake up, wake up, we are the best America.


Donald – “Citi bank is a small subsidiary ok? If you go to a certain floor of the biggest bank of the world from China, I’d say, I just renewed their lease for another 10 years I said, you guys want to be here [oh absolutely] we love you Mr. Trump, we respect you. Here China takes advantage of us to make a fortune and they don’t even like us. We will make China like us…” – We lose the war.


Donald – “[I had the good sense] and I’ve gotten a lot of credit in the financial pages, seven years ago I left Atlantic City before it totally cratered and I made a lot of money in Atlantic City and I’m very proud of it. I want to tell you that, very, very proud of it.” – Yes stupid they are.


Donald – “[We have grossly] incompetent leadership” – You’re sold, they buy you.


Added September 19, 2015


Donald – “Absolutely, I mean, I don’t know the Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Center, this [certainly is and I came out very] strongly against a Mosque being built virtually close…” – America now.


Donald – “Ladies and gentlemen, I am of[ficially running] for president of the United States…” – And I will shit.


Donald – “ of the world is not doing it. [If you look at China] and if you look at other places they’re not doing it so if we’re clean over here but essentially right next door you have everything spewing up, they’re not doing their job.” – And they actually believe it.


Donald – “[You know the truth is I’m always ready].” – He knows the warm up, send us the money.


Donald – “[Who would you ra]ther have negotiate with Iran? Trump or Jeb.” – I read your wolf.


Donald – “I think weather is weather I don’t think that [man made is a]ffecting much…” – It’s a damn name.


Donald – “..and this is the respect that the Ukraine deserves and they’ve [proven this] over the years, over many years but it’s a respect that they absolutely deserve.” – Save the wolf.


Donald – “Unfortunately, at this moment in time [there is a Mus]lim problem in the world. And by the way, and you know it, and I know it” – Some misery.


Donald – “So ah, but it’s all worked out very well, you know interestingly, [in the last fall], I won with everything including Evangelicals, big with the Evangelicals” – Off sellin’ it.


Donald – “Well if [you really look Sarah, at] the economy it’s been terrible. We have 93 million people out of work.” – There is still Hillary.


Donald – “[We are doing it] and we have tremendous support, tremendous standing ovations and…” – They know a value.


Donald – “Part of the problem that Ukraine has with the United States is that, [Putin does not re]spect our president whatsoever.” – You answered you goof.


Added October 19, 2015

Donald – “Now let me, let me say this. Where ya from? (Hispanic Woman) I’m from Columbia (Donald) Columbia! And is this a set up? Did I ever meet you before? (Hispanic Woman) I’m Hispanic and I vote for [Mr. Trump, we vote for Mr.] Trump! Yes, Mr. Trump! We love you! We love you all the way to the Whitehouse. (Donald) I swear to you, I think she’s totally beautiful and, I never met her before, I swear.” – Mister Trump, we worship him. – Hispanic woman speaking about Trump.


Donald – “ then you see her stand up, now it’s her turn and she goes, oh I’m gonna do that too, I’m going to that too, [I gonna do, kids gotta win]!” – Now I’m sick with the group. Trump speaking about Clinton.


Added November 3, 2015

Donald – “..and I will see you soon, I’ll be [back very soon. Thank you very mu]ch.” – America to serve God.


Donald – “Merry Christmas, remember the expression Merry Christmas, you don’t see it any more. You’re going to see it if I get elected [I can tell you right now], I can tell you right now.” – America you got it.


Donald – “..uh when he gave up that email [thing he, he said, here Hillary] and you what, that was orchestrated by the Democratic party.” – Hillary, let’s see this email.


Donald – “..we don’t have victories any more, we bomb hospitals instead of bombing targets, were like the gang that can’t shoot straight I mean nobody’s ever seen anything like this. This is con[stantly happen]ing…” – I heal this.


Donald – “..for ten hours but it’s unfair to the viewers, it’s too long. You know the Democratic debate [if you look at it that was two] hours and it was too long everybody was bored at the end, they want to make this much longer than that.” – I was the one and I believe it. – Talking about the debates.


Donald – “(Interviewer) Now Mr. Trump the president has not signed an executive order to take away guns. (Trump) No, no I’ve heard that he wants to and I heard it I think on your network, somebody said that’s what he is thinking about, I didn’t say he’s signing it, I said I think [that would be tough one to] sign actually. (Interviewer) But but the pres, yes it’s impossible in fact.” – There’s no fucking way. – Talking about Obama and gun control.


Donald – “We have President Obama’s backing people they call them the rebels, they don’t even know who these people are, [they could be I]SIS.” – I would get out. – Talking about Obama and Syria.


Donald – “..but then I look and I keep looking I said to my wife the other day, I said you know I don’t see too many women there, I don’t see that many children. I see really strong looking men. This could be one of the great Trojan horses, this could make the Trojan horse [look like peanuts].” – Sunny devil. – Talking about refugees.


Donald – “..but then I look and I keep looking I said to my wife the other day, I said you know I don’t see too many women there, I don’t see that many children. I see really strong looking men. [This could be] one of the great Trojan horses, this could make the Trojan horse [look like peanuts].” – We fix it. – Talking about refugees.


Donald – “ have to use your own because they won’t do anything. So we’re going to take care of our vets and we going to take care of the VA and it’s going to be and one of things that we’re going to be releasing [pretty soon but]…” – Have mercy. – Talking about Vets.


Donald – “..they get to go private doctor, they get to go to a private hospital or public hospital that’s in the area and we’re going to pay for that and it’s going to cost less money. It’s going to cost less money than the system we have now and you’re going to end up getting much better care. It’s going to cost less and you get better care. So anyway, [God we’re going to take great family].” – He’ll make you get a little God. – Talking about Vets.


Added November 27, 2015

Donald – “Thank you all very much. It’s a [tremendous honor. We love Israel]. We will fight for Israel. One hundred percent, one thousand percent, it will be there forever. Thank you. Thank you very much.” – Close the value and I set ambush. – Talking about Israel.


Donald – “Thank you all very much. It’s a tremendous honor. [We love Israel. We will f]ight for Israel. One hundred percent, one thousand percent, it will be there forever. Thank you. Thank you very much.” – Slowly close the value.


Donald – “You look at somebody like Jeb Bush. It took him five days, five days [to give a] proper answer on Iraq. He was changing his answer every day” – A biggot. – Talking about Jeb Bush


Donald – “This guy’s a [bad guy and you know], there is still a thing called execution. (Interviewer) Execution? Are you worried about what a president Trump might do to you? (Snowden) No, I’m, I’m not.” – Wanting that you are dead. – Talking about Snowden.


Added January 15, 2016


Donald – “..and by the way, we [can sell beef], it’s peanuts.” – Feed my snake.


Donald – “..and the poll just came out and I’m tied with Jeb Bush and I said, that’s too bad. How can I be tied with this guy. [He’s terrible. He’s terrible]. Hillary Clinton was the worst secretary of state…” – Harassing paparazzi.


Donald – “..and they won’t give us our hostages back. [It’s so, it’s so insane]. President Obama…” – Yes, it was the bullshit.


Donald – “So, Rand Paul calls. He wants to play golf, I play gold, I kill him at golf. But when the folks of Iowa [found out the true facts] of the job that you’ve done in Wisconsin all of a sudden youtubed, he was number one, now he’s number six or seven in the polls. So, Jeb Bush, let’s say he’s president ay yi yi…” – Stab Bush with thy knife.


Donald – “We have borders where people are being killed all up, the world is [cracking up], and they’re worried about my tones.” – Money counts.


Added March 4, 2016


Donald – “[In all fairn]ess Marco is not a negotiator. I watched him melt down and I’ll tell you it was one of the saddest things I’ve seen.” – You’re a phoney. – Attacking Rubio on Palestinians


Donald – “Now he’ll apologize but I don’t want an apology after the election I want the apology before and if he doesn’t I’m going to bring a lawsuit because in my opinion based on what I have learned over [the last two or three days] from very top lawyers he doesn’t even have the right to serve as president or even run as president, he was born in Canada, so I will bring that lawsuit if he doesn’t apologize.” – Sad you’re through sellin’. – Defending against Cruz attacks


Donald – “I have a great relationship with Israel and I’m going to keep it that way and if I could bring peace that would be a fantastic thing, [it would be one of my] greatest achievements as president.” – I’m gonna win the way. – Talking about Israel


Donald – “I mean that we’re not going to let it, we will not let it happen. We’re all watching, you’re all watching keep your eyes wide open. These poli[ticians, here’s a guy who raises] the Bible and yet he tells fibs, he tells lies and then he does this stuff to Carson and he does other things, very bad so, politicians are bad people boy they are bad. Would you believe it.” – Syria, this is shit. – Speaking on Cruz’s deception.


Donald – “(Moderator) If Israel is under attack and you’re the president you would come to their defense? (Trump) A 100 per[cent I’d come to their defen]se, a 100 percent.” – But it is my business. – Defending Israel


Donald – “..and General Pershing was a rough guy and he sits on his horse and he’s very astute like a ramrod, right. And the year was [early 1900]’s and this was a terrible problem. They were having terrorism problems just like we do.” – Not a gun dealer. – Talking about getting tough on Muslim terrorists


Donald – “What we get out of it, ok, carrier. So I saw the other day I guess somebody was using [the cell phone camera] I saw the other day the whole speech made by the executive we are moving to Mexico your jobs are gone, blah, blah, blah, right… ” – I’m right and I’ll force it. – Speaking on Mexico


Donald – “We, we, we had a General MacArthur, if we had a General George Patton, I mean, they’d be gone before they even got time to go over and ah, check it out, ok. It’s a ridicules situation. The Mexican government and it’s leadership has made many disparaging remarks about me, see the Pope was in Mexico. The leaderships me, ‘Oh Donald Trump is a bad guy he wants to build a wall. He wants to keep illegal immigration, [it’s terrible.’ They don’t say it that] way, they say, ‘He wants people to stop having this and that.’ Look I am wise to them. I respect Mexico, I respect their leadership, their leadership is much smarter, much sharper than our leadership and that’s the problem. That’s the problem. You know we have a trade deficit with Mexico, listen to this…” – There’s the little brats. – Speaking on Mexico


Donald – “The leaderships me, ‘Oh Donald Trump is a [bad guy] he wants to build a wall.'” – They are dead. – Speaking about Mexico


Donald – “Al, their liking me, what happened? What happened, I went up. I was supposed to go down. I love the vets, I do more for the vets, these politicians don’t do anything for the vets, they talk. So what happened, I went up in the poll. (Unknown comment from audience) Right. Ah, that’s very nice, wow. See who knew that was going to happen. [You know they say, Trump will say] things that we think he’s going to go down and he goes up and they say, you know why, because people like honesty and when you think about it, but that was…” – This will not kiss Hillary. – Talking about the polls


Donald – “ Iraq is harbored for terrorism. You want to become a terrorist you go to Iraq. Saddam Husein understood and he killed terrorists. [Bad guy]. But if the president and other people and frankly, Obama, was no better because the way he got us out was a disaster. Look what’s happened since then, a disaster.” – They are dead. – Speaking about Saddam



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