Intellectual Property



I, David John Oates, an Australian citizen and Founder of Reverse Speech, trading as and having its executive office at Adelaide, South Australia, (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) do solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:

1. That the Company is the Owner and Sole Proprietor of the Trademark(s) of which the following is/are a representation:

  • Reverse Speech
  • Metawalk
  • Metaphor Restructuring

With respect to:

Class: 44

2. That the said Trademark(s) consists of:

Material and theories relating to the research and practice of Reverse Speech Therapy using the method of Reverse Speech for Therapy, Personal Development, Business Practice or any other such use.

3. That the above-mentioned Trademark(s) is/are used in respect of:

Intl’l Class: 44

4. That the Company reserves the right to use the above-mentioned mark(s) in any color or combination of colors.

5. That the Company claims the exclusive right of trademark(s) ownership:

  • Worldwide specifically: USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe

I, David John Oates, further declare as follows:

I have developed and am the current proprietary of a body of information which he is entitled as “Reverse Speech” (hereinafter referred to as “Concept” or “Reverse Speech”).

I began personally researching this Concept in 1984 in Adelaide, South Australia. Since, then I have exclusively devoted many years to the research and development of this Concept. Through my Company, I have presented this Concept to a wider audience around the world. I have now been researching and teaching this Concept for a period of over twenty eight years.

This Concept is the subject of a Worldwide trademark application and copyright application. In Australia, I have developed a unique reputation in respect to my ownership of the Concept, which reputation is protected by the Common Law and sections of the Australian Trade Practices Act.

Accordingly, I am the owner of all the available rights of Australian, American and international intellectual property in respect of the Concept.

Throughout my research and teaching of the Concept, I have developed several materials that are related to Reverse Speech, including but not limited to, videos, training, Metaphor Dictionary, manuals and books (hereinafter referred to as “Research Materials”). I further developed the associated terms and research of Metawalk and Metaphor Restructuring. Given the enormous amount of time, effort, expense and a unique reputation which has been developed in and by myself with respect to the Concept and with respect to the Research Materials and associated terms and research, such as Metawalk and Metaphor Restructuring, any attempt to reproduce or use the Concept, my Research Materials, Metawalk or Metaphor Restructuring in a commercial sense, modify or amend the Concept, my Research Materials, Metawalk or Metaphor Restructuring without my express written permission will be a breach of the aforementioned intellectual property rights. In those circumstances, I will have little alternative but to institute the appropriate action to protect my legitimate property rights and recover appropriate damages against the offender.

I have also developed a Website that discusses this Concept of Reverse Speech. The Website contains text, trademarks, logos, images, pictures, video files, books and other digital media. All of the content from the Website is subject to patent, copyright trademark and other intellectual property protection. Content from the Website may not be copied for any use, including but not limited to, commercial use or distribution. Furthermore, the content may not be modified or distributed. The content on the Website is only for personal use, educational use, entertainment, informational purposes and/or communication with users of the Website. Copying or printing any content from the Website shall be permitted only for the user’s personal use and not for commercial use. The user of the Website is not granted any right, title or interest in any of the content that is downloaded, printed or copied from the Website or use from the Website.

Should any person wish to consider a commercial application of the Concept or any of my other materials that I have developed in any way whatsoever, directly or indirectly, and either by themselves, with other persons or in fact with me personally, it is requested that they contact me directly and personally prior to initiating any action.

Any information, ideas and materials that are related to Reverse Speech are my sole property and my Company’s sole property. It is hoped that any recipient of my information, ideas and materials will receive it in the spirit with which it is passed on and not attempt to make any unauthorised use of the information without reference to the owners.

I, David John Oates, say that I make this declaration bona fide.

David John Oates


Copies of the Declaration of Ownership


Reverse Speech Legal Ownership Document Page 1


Reverse Speech Legal Ownership Document Page 2



Certificate of Registration and Trademark For Reverse Speech


You may view the Certificate of Registration and Trademark For Reverse Speech in this PDF file here. (Requires Adobe Reader. The reader is free.)


Certificate of Registration and Trademark For Metawalk


You may view the Certificate of Registration and Trademark For Metawalk in this PDF file here. (Requires Adobe Reader. The reader is free.)