TWA Flight 800

[Play Stream] [Download File] … the law enforcements team’s disengagement at this time from the investigation is based solely on the overwhelming absence of evidence of a crime…
Nervous. They’re spying in my war

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..the investigation I just described to you was done primarily by the investigation task force…
Remember they’ll be lame

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..I don’t say this lightly, I’d like to thank the media…
We have the killer

[Play Stream] [Download File] …who so expertly ran and coordinated all the activity on the ocean the dive and the recovery of all the material…
I erased them

[Play Stream] [Download File] …Lt. John Howie, NYPD…

[Play Stream] [Download File] …it bcame very personal for others in this office…
We serve your myth

[Play Stream] [Download File] …operational or procedural question inevitably arise, but due in no small measure to the leadership of Free and Jim Calstrom…
They sure deal with it

[Play Stream] [Download File] …if I did not express my appreciation to the organisations expressed here today especially the people of Suffolk county..
We like the fuss

[Play Stream] [Download File] …all of us wanting to be here today to thank the men and women of the FB!…
We don’t serve the law

[Play Stream] [Download File] …and the men and women of the various organisations here in NY who have worked so hard on this investigation…
We’ll beat the crime

[Play Stream] [Download File] …there’s not one scintilla of evidence, if people were to look at this carefully…
Your life see the killer

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..but if it does we’ll jump in with both feet as quickly as possible…
We flogged the wing

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..we felt the necessity to stand up and talk about what we did…
We assassined it

The following reversals were found on a press interview conducted approximately a year ago by correspondent, Sam Donaldson. He was talking to FBI spokesman Sam Kalstrom.

[Play Stream] [Download File] First clip by a reporter:
The shielding, black symbol for a hornet

[Play Stream] [Download File] The second clip contains a brief reversed dialogue between Donaldson and Kalstrom.

First reversal by Kalstrom:
The bandit mess (bandit is a term for a confirmed radar sighting of a missile)

Second reversal by Donaldson:
No way (expresses some surprise at Kalstom’s first reversal)

Third reversal by Kalstrom:
Fox in the Yar (Kalstrom answers Donaldson’s reversal and re-confirms his initial reversed statement. Yar is an aviation term for sideways movement)

[Play Stream] [Download File] The third clip is a somewhat insensitive reversal by an un-named aviation spokesperson.
So waste the funerals, Scott

The following soundtracks are observations form planes in the area who saw the TWA800 crash. Wave files are also provided for you to download and analyze at your leisure.

[Play Stream] [Download File] The first track contains no reversals, here is the WAV File.

[Play Stream] [Download File] The second track has a reversal that says, "The big guy in the ocean. Saw this error." Here is the WAV File.

Stunning new evidence in the TWA800 crash. A photograph of a missile has been found on the Sightings Website.

TWA Missile Theory Is Alive And Kicking

Friday January 16, 1998 –

The TWA 800 missile theory is alive and well, with multiple groups speaking out publicly about their refusal to accept the official explanation for the crash.

Retired admiral Thomas Moorer, a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, last week called for new congressional hearings into the TWA disaster. Moorer and other retired Navy officers called a news conference to voice their suspicion over the FBI’s 18-month investigation of the July 1996 crash.

"All the evidence would point to a missile," Moorer said. "One vital question we haven’t attacked is the origin of that streak of light."

The retired officers speculated a missile could have come from either a submarine or a buoy device developed by the Navy years ago.

Also last week, retired Navy commander William S. Donaldson and others provided their own defence of the missile theory at a news conference sponsored by the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals and Accuracy in Media.

Donaldson said information released during National Transportation Safety Board hearings in Baltimore last month included readings that prove an explosion took place outside the plane. "It looks to me like there was a huge explosive warhead about 60 feet from the plane and blew the nose up and to the left," he said.

Federal investigators have concluded vapours in the plane’s central fuel tank were ignited by an unknown mechanical malfunction. Donaldson’s theory — which differs from other missile theories in that he believes a missile did not strike the plane but exploded near it — maintains that a shock wave from the explosion caused fuel in the central tank to explode.

Donaldson said flight data indicate TWA 800’s gauges recorded physically impossible conditions, such as dropping 3,645 feet and slowing to 100 knots from 298 knots in just one second. These readings, he maintained, could be explained as the record of a shock wave of an exploding missile as it ripped past sensors. Such a wave would increase the air pressure enough to skew the altitude and speed measurements.

A shock wave would also help explain how the plane’s central fuel tank exploded, Donaldson said. Jet fuel does not burn easily, even at the temperatures that the federal government says the central fuel tank reached, he said. Donaldson showed a video in which he repeatedly extinguished a match in a can of jet fuel. The fuel did burn, however, when it was suspended in a mist, as he demonstrated by putting the fuel in a spray bottle and spritzing it at a candle.

Donaldson theorized the shock wave from the outside explosion knocked what little fuel remained in the plane’s central fuel tank into the air. That fuel was ignited by a fragment from the missile exploding, he said.

Also at the news conference were two men who witnessed the crash and said a CIA video recreation of the crash doesn’t reflect what they saw. Fred Meyer, a retired Air National Guard major who was flying a helicopter practice mission around Long Island said what he saw looked like a military explosion.

"I’ve seen ordnance explosions," said Meyer, a Vietnam veteran. "This was military ordnance."

Another witness, Richard Goss, said he was having dinner when he saw an ascending streak of light over the Atlantic Ocean, ending in an explosion. He said he twice talked with FBI investigators, but they didn’t follow up with him.


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