Their Fear of Oates

By Michael Goodspeed




Our fear of Oates – (Ed Dames)

As I sat by my radio last night, listening along with 12-14 million others in rapt fascination, a couple of important revelations dawned on me:

1) Art has no intention whatsoever of returning to the air, at least not at this time. Any skepticism about his announcement, because of its correlation with April Fool’s Day, was uncalled for. There is no way that Bell would have brought up his son and/or the Tennessee lawsuit as part of a ruse. For better or worse, Art is leaving, most likely forever.

2) With Art leaving the helm of Coast to Coast, unless he is replaced by a close-knit member of his cabal (with the obvious candidate being Strieber), his good friends Hoagland, Dames, Scallion and Reed will say goodbye to the comfortable little soap box provided by Art, and say hello to cable access. No replacement host, not Ian Bunnit, Rollye James, Barbara Simpson, nor anyone else of the slightest repute, is likely to touch them with a ten-foot pole. Come to think of it, when was the last time we heard ANY of those guys on a show other than Coast to Coast?

Since beginning my internet show with the Extraordinary News Network, I’ve had the opportunity to ask some of the most prominent figures in alternative radio what they really think of Art’s favorite guests. Do you think I’m embellishing when I say that not ONE has offered a positive comment on any of them? Not only have they kept a ledger of Hoagland’s, Dames’, Scallion’s and Reed’s repeated lies, scams and/or failed predictions, but in many instances they’ve dealt personally with these jokers. To say they were not impressed with the Bell cabal’s “integrity” is an enormous understatement.

I’ve documented the extraordinary number of instances when Bell’s guests have exposed themselves as the worst kinds of hucksters and cons. The accuracy rate of Gordon Michael Scallion’s divinely inspired predictions is provably 0%. The same can be said of Ed Dames, unless you view our nasty cold and flu season as a fulfillment of his “the world will be ravaged by disease” prophecy. Richard Hoagland’s paradigm of “hyper-dimensional physics” is nothing but an incoherent smorgasbord of other people’s theories. He has repeatedly taken credit for the pioneering work of others. And our dear friend “Dr” Jonathan Reed is the most maligned member of the UFO community today. A vital question is, what were Art’s reasons for catering to those clowns?

In the minds of many, Coast to Coast AM’s long descent into Loony Toons has never been adequately explained. Sure, Art is/was an entertainer first and a journalist third or fourth, but that wasn’t always the case. I first started listening to him in 1994, and Art, hard as it is to imagine, used to ask his guests tough questions and feature semi-substantive topics. But not long after the show became a Mega Super Ratings Blockbuster, the pseudo-scientists and doomsday fear-mongers became regular staples. Did Art believe he could expand his audience by playing to the lowest common denominator (which he did quite successfully), or were there other factors behind his transformation?

In the entire history of the UFO movement, there has never been a media phenomena that remotely approximates the Art Bell show. Even 10 years ago, the idea of a UFO/paranormal talk show with 12-14 million listeners was incomprehensible. Art Bell is the most influential figure in the history of the alternative community. There are millions of people whose sum knowledge of the paranormal, UFO’s, alternative science and political conspiracy was entirely obtained by listening to Art. What a shame they aren’t familiar with the dozens of researchers more credible than Art’s favorite guests. An important question must be asked: Is it possible that Art Bell was influenced and/or corrupted by government agencies intent on discrediting the alternative milieu?

My question is entirely reasonable. All any black agency would have to do in order to corrupt the fields of UFOlogy and alternative thinking would be to intimidate, buy off or otherwise coerce 20 or so prominent people into spreading disinformation. The damage caused by hoaxers is incalculable; a debunker like the not-so-amazing James Randi has made an entire career out of exposing the laughable Uri Geller and his hackneyed shtick. When people like Geller, Hoagland, Dames, Reed, Lazar, et al are embraced and endorsed by popular personalities, it not only muddies the water for real researchers, but it gives tremendous ammunition to the anti-paranormal, anti-UFO, anti-anything outside of the textbook debunkers intent on destroying the alternative world. Is it even logical to think that Art was allowed to reach 12 million people a night WITHOUT some government influence over his programming?

Many have pointed out the irony in the fact that (arguably) the first credible guest Art had on, the first person to present something truly novel and compelling with staggering implications for the human race, was banished from the air and publicly smeared. Of course, the person to whom I refer is David John Oates. We all remember the early days of Oates’ guest spots on Bell; at first, Art expressed healthy skepticism about RS, which eventually transformed into great enthusiasm, and finally unabashed belief. More than once, I’ve quoted Art’s statement that Oates was worthy of a Nobel prize. Why did Art suddenly and inexplicably drop Oates like a hot potato? Do you honestly believe Art’s claim, that he banned Oates because he played one metaphoric reversal on Ed Dames when forbidden to do so? He’s forgiven others for indiscretions infinitely worse. Is it possible that Art was directly frightened out of featuring Reverse Speech on his hugely popular program?

My rhetorical question is partly inspired by the extraordinary reversals David John Oates has found on numerous public figures, including government officials. Here are some of the more hair-raising examples:

Bill Clinton: “Send away Oates“; “Seal the mouth of Oates.

The FBI at Press Conference on TWA 800: “We’re scared of the Oates.

Art Bell: “The Oates war was fake“; “Oates is reversing my show.

Earlier today, I found this reversal on Ed Dames which really says it all: “Our fear of Oates.

Even the hard-core pseudo-skeptics out there need to ask themselves this question: WHAT IF REVERSE SPEECH IS REAL (a question I stopped asking myself a long time ago)? Is there any limit to the number of ways it could threaten the power structure of America and the World? What if reversals on military and political leaders could reveal information that might compromise national security (some say David already has). Would they want Saddam Hussein and Ghadafi “reversing” are military leaders? Would they simply dismiss reverse speech as so much foolishness and never give it a second thought (the way they have such “silly” matters as remote viewing and UFOs)? Is that why the ATF employed David to do reversals on the Branch Davidians at the siege in Waco, because they thought he was silly? Or would they feel obliged to discredit the science and any of its proponents before it gained widespread acceptance?

David John Oates has presented reversals on world radio implying that TWA flight 800 was deliberately shot down by the US military. NASA scientists have stated in reverse that the Mars face is not only real, but that evidence for HUMAN life was found on the planet. His reversals on the Davidians at Waco imply that they were preparing to surrender voluntarily before being slaughtered. Bill Clinton once made this colorful comment in reverse: “I am a snake-oil terrorist.” He also gave this insightful reversal many months before the Lewisnky scandal broke: “Had sex with an Oregon madam.” Reverse Speech may be the key to unlocking the most explosive secrets of our time. A reasonable argument could be made that our government would be derelict in its duty if it DIDN’T demolish Reverse Speech.

Even more alarming to our government would be Reverse Speech’s proven ability to “predict” events long before they happen. For the most recent, shocking example of this, look no further than these reversals on Art Bell, which I accumulated over the course of 2 months leading up to his resignation:

Sherman Skolnick:”Sue Bell“; “Hear Bell bullshit“; “Art Bell fucks with ’em“; “Bell’s been our monkey business, scared“; “Art Bell will beat the shit“; “Bell touch my feather“; “Art Bell fagged it up

Joseph Chapilone: “Art Bell to sue you” (Last night, Bell discussed his litigation against the station in Tennessee).

Linda Howe: “Art Bell, they have a scam.

Either these reversals revealed information from the collective unconscious, or these folks had an inside track on some brewing trouble and spilled the beans. Bill Clinton did the same thing before the most recent US bombing campaign against Iraq. This reversal, “Hell with the Earth, see desert answers,” implied he was willing to torch Iraqi soil for the sake of finding a solution to the Lewinsky problem. And Bill Bradley’s reversal, “A war, then I fold,” was found months before his departure from the Presidential race. What an awesome tool RS is for those interested in finding truth, and what a fantastic threat to people whose survival depends on public ignorance and sloth.

The question now is, what happens to David John Oates and RS once Art is gone from the picture? Will Art’s substitute continue the ban unabated? If the new guy is named Strieber, the answer is yes. But if its Rollye, Barbara, Bunnit, or Weissbach, then who knows? If Bell’s reasons for banning Oates were genuinely personal, I see no reason why any of those people would not want to feature David as a guest. However, if Coast to Coast really is manipulated by the “forces of evil,” then Reverse Speech will probably never appear on the show again.

A final message to Ed Dames, on your “Our fear of Oates” reversal: You should be afraid, Ed. Not only have you lost your only ally in the broadcast world, but RS is coming back with the velocity of a freight-train. Your days of hawking TRV modules, tapes, videos and training courses to a stupefied public are surely numbered. Best of luck finding an ear that will bend once Art is gone.

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