The Death of Osama Bin Laden


Click on reversal to open mp3 file. The forward dialogue where the reversal occurred has been marked with brackets – [ ].

1/ Sunday night May 1st 2011 President Obama announces that the US has shot and killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbottobad, Pakistan:

"Over the years I have repeatably made clear that we would take action within Pakistan if we knew where Bin Laden was. That is what we have done. But its important to note that our counter terrorism cooperation with Pakistan helped lead us to Bin Laden and the compound where he was hiding. Indeed Bin laden had declared war against [Pakistan as well] and ordered attacks against the Pakistani people." I was a Nazi cop (Nazi: Metaphor, domination, evil)

2/ Monday May the 2nd President Obama hosts a gathering at the White House:

"Everybody please have a seat. Good evening [all of you]. On behalf of Michelle and myself I just want to welcome everybody to the White House." Be the law (He is laying down the law)

3/ Wednesday May the 4th Obama visits Ground Zero in New York and speaks to some of the families of the victims in 911.

"…not only grieved for them but have also the last 10 years dealt with their families, their children, try to get them comfort, [try to give them support]." Folks needing love (Compassion for the families who lost loved ones)

4/ Friday May the 6th President Obama and Vice President Biden address the troops and thank the navy Seals who carried out the mission.

Joe Biden: "…got off that plane in the [middle of the night] and the only thing that’s more exciting than seeing you getting off is watching your family." We are gambling (Unsure what gambling refers to)

Joe Biden: "..kept saying hell man stop. I want to see my kid, you know. [So you know], so anyway I get it, so let me just say how much gratitude…" Call your son (Congruent reversal as he talks about his son forwards)

Joe Biden: "As I said back in February [I want to also thank the] families, you know they made sacrifices." Forget the sorrow (Move forwards)

Joe Biden: "You’re the most capable warriors [in the history] of the world. There has never never never been a fighting force as capable as you are." You’re chicken (Incongruent reversal)

Barack Obama: "You were there in those early days driving the [Taliban from power, pushing] Al Qaeda out of its safe haven." They shook Barack with Nobel (A reference to his Nobel Peace prize. Its foundations have been shaken a bit.)

Barack Obama: "Her father Glen was trapped inside the World Trade Center, so in those final frantic moments [knowing he might not make it] he called home. And Hayden remembers watching her mum sobbing as she spoke to her husband and then passed the phone…" Again my mummy yawn (Meaning unknown – note the complementarity though – mum in the forwards and a reference to mummy in reverse.)

5/ Monday 9th of May, Pakistan Prime Minister Gilani acknowledges tensions in relations with the US over the raid into their territory but says their differences can be resolved.

GiIani: "Pakistan and the US have strategic convergence (?) … that finds hype in the media be in about operational and tactical matters. It is not unusual to have different points of view on the technology to achieve shared objectives. We have, however, agreed that [whenever we find our]selves on conflictual paths and disagree we should make efforts to meet common understanding by deeper and more intense exchange of views." I now feed her venom (Incongruent. I suggest "her" refers to the United States – the reversal suggests an intimidation forcing a conflict.)

Gilani: "There has been a sea change in our relations with Afghanistan. Destiny of Afg[hanistan and Pakistan] is interlinked." Nazi tough, make Nazi numb (Unsure who Nazi refers to but it is interesting to note that Obama called himself as "Nazi cop" in an earlier reversal.)

Gilani: "14. [Safeguarding] and promotion of a National interest is the sole objective of the government policies." Need our face (Congruent reversal – creating a self image)

Gilani: "15. The Parliament is the right forum to discuss all important national issues. The will of the people [shall prevail]." They will blush (Blush implies embarrassment. The reversal is future tense. Something will happen in the future that will embarrass the people of Pakistan.)

Gilani: "With India we are embarked on an important [course of engagement] that should yield dividends for our two peoples and for peoples of Asia as a whole. We will pursue our engagement with India is a positive and constructive manner." They’re big. It was assault (Incongruent reversal. They were forced into an agreement.)