The Azaria Chamberlain Case

The case of Azaria Chamberlain has captured the attention of the Australian public for 24 years now. Ever since the young baby was taken by a dingo at Ayres Rock on 17th August 1980, controversy has raged as to what really happened. The child’s mother, Lindy Chamberlain, served 3 years in a Northern Territory jail for the murder of her child until evidence was discovered that exonerated her. Now, there is a new twist in the case with a man coming forward claiming that he saw the dead child in a dingo’s mouth, shot the dingo and the child’s body was disposed of. The man was interviewed on Channel 9’s "A Current Affair" in July 2004. Click here to download that interview


Frank appears to be telling a true story, Lindy Chamberlain has anger inside her still and Michael Chamberlain appears to believe Frank’s tale. Congratulations to A Current Affair who thoroughly investigated the story.

Transcript – First Interview

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Reporter: "We’ve spent the past fortnight investigating Frank’s claim, trying to fit the pieces of this fascinating jig saw together." We make it certain we aren’t off (The reporters have thoroughly checked their facts)

Lindy: "That makes me extremely angry indeed cos its needless, it is totally needless and its wrong." So damn you (She is upset)

Frank: "The baby was dead." So we dealt with that (Gives extra information to tale.)

Frank; "Asked later what happened to the baby and the chappie said to me, you don’t want to know." I’m a nobody (A simple aussie bloke)

Other man: "All this business of it being in somebody’s back yard, I think that’s too blooming silly for words cos there’s a million acres of land up there." Desert. Sir, would you listen a bit (Reinforcing his point)

Frank: "I’ve told my story and that’s all I can do." Burden, but I lost that (He has lost a burden he has carried by telling his story.)

Lindy: "Its in the past now, there’s no point holding grudges." Thats a lanced heart (She still carries the pain.)

Second Interview

Download interview here

Frank: "My favourite Grandson, I told him about it and he said, well to be quite honest Grandad, he said, you’ve gone down in my estimation." Heard this in it (His Grandson’s word’s hit home.)

Michael: "When you shot the dingo, you discovered that it had my daughter." They did it (He believes Frank’s tale)

Woman: "And I looked into his eyes and he had a terrible sadness there in his eyes and it really upset me too." The sores, seen a reason (She has empathy for Michael)

Michael: "I want to tell you to your face that I bare no grudge towards you." Selfish delight (He has no grudge, he is personally delighted.)

Frank: "Michael, that’s exactly what I want to do and I want to say that I’m terribly sorry." Know I know it (He unconsciously reinforces his story.)