The Australian Liberal Party in a Bad Position?

The Australian Liberal Party going down?


The woes have only just begun for the Australian Liberal party. The Aussie dollar just dropped below U.S. 50 cents, voter anger is intense, and in a disastrous defeat in Queensland, the liberals were slaughtered winning only 3 seats. Here are some reversals found by RS Researcher Pierre Alroy from the Gold Coast on this situation.


Prime Minister John Howard – “” – Seen Aussie at half position. You’re fucked. (referring to the Aussie dollar dropping below 50 cents)


Prime Minister John Howard – “” – The libs demonic unit. (The libs, abbreviation for the Liberal Party)


Prime Minister John Howard – “” – Wolf can hear bullshit. (Trying to come up with excuses)


Opposition Leader, Kim Beasley – “” – They made a few vain attempts. (commenting on the liberals trying to repair the Australian economy)