Tammy Faye Messner



This is an analysis of the final interview Tammy Faye Messner gave on Larry King Live, a day before she died. Click here to download entire interview.

Reversals show Tammy Faye to be congruent with her faith, albeit frustrated with her disease.

Click on reversal to download mp3 file. Exact forward words where the reversal occurred have been bracketed – [ ].

"Q: How much time do you have left?)… [I asked them] not to tell me, I don’t want my faith level to go down." Messiah

"…that’s the reason that I have [lost so much weight] – they give me morphine." Heals your soul

"…I know Billy quite well and he said that someone [that works for him] said to him and told him. " My health, screw it

"I know where I’m headed but I know the [sadness] that comes with those that care about you." They’re so nice


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