Special Report by Michael Goodspeed

Reverse Speech Hobbyist, Portland, OR

Editorial Comment by David Oates: – For many years futuristic prophet, Gordon Michael Scallion has been saying that in the late 90s, much of the coastline of mainline United States would break away into the ocean creating a new coast line. Why then, if Scallion really believes this, did he buy prime Florida real estate in the late 90s right when this event was supposed to happen and right in the middle of the danger area? The answer simply is, that he does not believe his own predictions. Of all the alternate Prophets I have examined for reversals in the last decade, Gordon Michael Scallion has had the worst reversals of all! They simply say he is deliberatly lying as a scam as opposed to someone who believes what they are saying even though they might be wrong. This is a big difference. How else can you explain why he bought property in an area where he has been telling everyone else to sell up and move out?! Michael Goodspeed’s report is very revealing.

Flordia Real Estate Looks AOK To Gordon Michael Scallion

By Michael Goodspeed

Over the past 10 years, perhaps no figure in the field of psychic prophecy and professional doomsaying has received more attention than Gordon Michael Scallion. One of the most popular guests on late-night talk radio, and a staple of television-specials on psychic predictions, Scallion has achieved great notoriety by forecasting dire predictions for mankind and the planet earth. The most famous of these predictions is the allged “breaking-up” of the continental United States, an event whose date has been repeatedly adjusted by Scallion. This terrible catastrophe will supposedly be caused by giant tsunamis, triggered by the melting of the polar ice caps, and magnetic pole shifts.

For most of the 1990’s, Scallion has been selling to the public, at $10.00 a pop, his reputed “future map” of the USA, which shows many states on the western and eastern seaboards under water. Florida is one state that is unfortunately effected, with 50-70% of its land mass being swallowed.

Here is an important piece of information for those of you who still cling to the notion that Scallion is the “Real McCoy,” in spite of the dozens of instances that he’s been provably wrong: In 1998, Gordon Michael Scallion purchased approximately one quarter-million dollars worth of real estate in an area which he has forecast to be decimated in the near future.

An independent source requesting anonymity recently faxed me the actual property transfer record from Sarasota County, Florida. It shows that on March 3, 1998, Scallion and his wife purchased a condominium in Venice, Florida at a sale price of $267,500. On Scallion’s most recent edition of the future map, Venice, Florida no longer exists.

Here is the actual property record in question: – Click on smaller image to see larger image.

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