Sirhan Sirhan – Robert Kennedy’s Assassin

Sirhan Sirhan - Robert Kennedy's Assassin

Sirhan Sirhan – Robert Kennedy’s Assassin

Sirhan Sirhan – Robert Kennedy’s Assassin – was born on March 19, 1944 and is a Jordanian citizen of Palestinian descent who was convicted of the 1968 assassination of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy. He is currently serving a life sentence at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego County, California. On June 5, 1968 at around 12:15 a.m. PDT, Sirhan fired a .22 caliber revolver at Senator Robert Kennedy and the crowd surrounding him at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles shortly after Kennedy had finished addressing supporters in the hotel’s main ballroom. George Plimpton, Rosey Grier, author Pete Hamill, and 1960 Olympic gold medalist Rafer Johnson were among several men who subdued and disarmed Sirhan after a lengthy struggle. Kennedy was shot three times, once in the head and twice in the back, with a fourth bullet passing through his jacket. He died nearly 26 hours later. Five other people at the party were also shot, but all five recovered. This is a Reverse Speech analysis of Sirhan and what was found from several different conversations and times of his life. Perhaps revealing for the first time what really transpired.


Sirhan – “The pa, the newspaper stands were screaming out, uh, the, the, the headline [you know, for the racing] was uh, for the racing entries for the following day…” – They seal with your phoning.


Sirhan – “[I got lost I believe], because I wasn’t too familiar with uh, with the neighborhood over there, the roads, and it was getting dark…” – Feel with the Soul I got.


Sirhan – “And uh, I ended up at the, [on some, store front], um, office, and I was in the…” – No thoughts, must not.


Sirhan – “That’s, that’s what, really what [lead me to them basically], the big party that was gon, gonna be, you know, help down there, and I want…” – It’s a sad man they condemn.


Sirhan – “One of, one of the reasons why I drank the [Tom Collins is, is that] I was, I’m not a drinker and uh, I can’t tolerate them.” – That city’s not muck.


Sirhan – “And, uh, having nothing to, to do that [day since the race track] was closed, I decided to go to and uh, to the, to the firing range and, and shoot my gun.” – That Jew is so sad.


Sirhan – “I was totally by myself, yes. And, and not with my, not with all my, not w-w-w, not with all my senses about me either. [In the sense that uh], I-I was so, I was operating at the time under some mental, some mental deficiency.” – Heard Dad’s lesson.


Sirhan – “I-I agree with that. [And he did].” – They did it.


Sirhan – “The idea that, that it was done w-with uh, with the full uh, requirements of the [law for a first de]gree murder, I-I don’t think that it was…” – You took your fall.


Sirhan – “That there was a-a history to it, that dated back to 1947 or 1948 uh, when [the Pali, when the s]tate of Israel was created, forcibly, on the Arabs.” – Someone knows a weapon.


Sirhan – “I-I suppose that it, that it, was uh, [silently] in my mind. I guess that is was…” – Heal the lass.


Sirhan – “Where, when I began to focus on it, it erupted a, soon after the, the, the 1967 war, [where the Arabs had lost and the Israelis] won and uh,…” – You lose in the Soul, that’s why that hell.


Sirhan – “..and to have him say that he was going to send 50 Phantom jets to Israel, uh, to deliver nothing but death and destruction on my countrymen, [that seems that his story] were a betrayal sir.” – You’re sad mister.


Sirhan – “I realize that. You know I think that m–m–[more likely than not, that they were more] fantasies than deliberate um, statements in those diaries.” – Normal with the gun, then you kill Rome.


Sirhan – “But to, to me, Robert [Kennedy stood out] because I felt that I had, that he was, that he symbolized to me, what you know, what should not have happened in the Middle East.” – I don’t see the neck.


Sirhan – “I really feel that it was immediately after, you know, [while I was going through trial] because at the time of the shooting, I was not really in full control of my senses…” – Then rush the boys who allowed it.


Sirhan – “ know as it was talking and it was, it was the, the keys were tapping and I was reading messages on it. Obviously I know, know now and I knew immediately then that it was a [teletype machine but at] the time that I was, you know, looking at it I didn’t-it didn’t snap that it was a teletype machine.” – Got the mission I crack.


Sirhan – “I was not really fully aware of my, of my, of my[self even, never mind] my environment and my actions…” – I’m willing to be force.


Sirhan – “I seriously doubt that any jur, Arab jury or Arab court would have convicted. And if they did, the punishment would’ve, would’ve been nothing more than a slap on the wrist [knowing the dynamic]s involved.” – Am I not a new one.


Sirhan – “You know the, the, the rule of law in California at the time that really spared my life, and uh, I, I’m [grateful for that].” – Adolph fulfilled.


Sirhan – “In that Robert Kennedy represented a tremendous [threat Sir], to, to the Arabs, by his support of the Arabs enemies…” – Has stealth.


Sirhan – “No, I, I agree Sir, and I [sincerely regret] my, my actions…” – Still you release us.


Sirhan – “I, I j, I sinc, I really felt that I was going to be put to death for, for, for my offence and I just tried to [maximize as] much as I could…” – But I’m a scandal.


Sirhan – “I, I agree, and I sincerely, I sincerely regret [having done that], in retrospect…” – I might be bad.



Sirhan Sirhan 2016

Sirhan Sirhan – Robert Kennedy’s Assassin – In 2016


Sirhan – “Just the old Sirhan, and jus, jus, and, and, an, and resolve to live uh, a new Sirhan, a [new rebirth and, and, an]d start out life with a new slate.” – In the therapy room.


Sirhan – “It allowed me to shed all the old Sirhan [and old ideas] and the old uh, compulsions and the old, uh, you know, uh…” – Save God born.


Sirhan – “It allowed me to shed all the old Sir[han and the old ideas] and the old uh, compulsions and the old, uh, you know, uh…” – See God born in there.


Sirhan – “It, it just doesn’t seem fair, th, of some 100 [men who were with me on death row, Mr]. Frost , 43 of them uh, have been released on parole…” – I’m well fed, not in the whirl with them.


Sirhan – “You know, being humane and merciful and, and, and carrying out th-the law uh, as impartially as towards me as you would carry it out towards other, [you know, formerly convic], condemned men.” – I didn’t kill them all, funny.


Sirhan – “Some Turki, some, some Puerto Rican [Nationalists] stormed into the House of Representatives while it was in session…” – I see my shun.


Sirhan – “..deliberate intent to send those fifty jet [bombers] to, to Israel to, to obviously so due harm to the…” – See mob.


Sirhan – “My only connection with Robert Kennedy was his [sole support] of, of, of Israel, and his…” – Offer source.


Sirhan – “..ogree, egregious about, you know, being humane and merciful and, and, [and carrying out the, the law] uh, as impartially towards me as you would carry it out towards other, you know, formerly…” – All the hurt, I wrecked him.


Sirhan – “..that I apologize [for having done that]. That’s all I can offer is my apologies and my remorse…” – And mud near the health.


Sirhan – “I, that I had, you know, extinguished a, a, you know, a great star f, you know, a world Savior perhaps, a, a champion of all [mankind and uh], it’s hard for me to live with this experience my…” – End that marked man.


Sirhan – “..but uh, I’m a human being and I have to adjust [and, and carry on] with my life.” – I wrecked men.


Sirhan – “It, it has, this has been sort of [uh, frustrated] and stifled by the politicians…” – Did you suffer.


Sirhan – “..have experienced in life. Especially this, this event, you know, [the assassination of Robert] Kennedy, and, and the trauma, and the horror…” – The whirlwind shared assassin.


Sirhan – “Uh, hope is a part of, hope [is what keeps the world] going. And I think hope is what…” – Whirl will speak of it.


Sirhan – “And.. we ha-have known what the [fifty phantom jets were going], were designed for and what were going to do…” – Michael fed the bloody fifth.


Sirhan – “..and Hitler’s uh, Germany, and if you had the opportunity to assassinate Hitler, I–I’m sure that [they would have tried] to, to do that…” – Doubt to the weather.


Sirhan – “…went to look again at him, and, and, and see [why he wants to] do it. And to me that was really the…” – So we howl.


Sirhan – “The sense of betrayal that I felt [from Robert] Kennedy, that uh, he was not really living up to the ideal that I had…” – The lone wolf.


Sirhan – “Uh, that was the turning point [of, of the whole], of the whole case for me. That had he actually changed his uh, his route that uh, he would have bypassed me all together.” – War has the fuck.


Sirhan – “..and you’re there pretty near 24 hours a day. You have no ability to [communicate with] anyone meaningfully. No telephone, no, no,…” – Do we killing.


Sirhan – “So I, then seeing that, that terrible [threat really to make], and it was more than out of frustration and venting steam rather than a deliberate one. How could I have really imple, you know, carried out that threat if…” – Damn with your new filth.


Sirhan – “You know, w-we were, [when you’re in San] Quentin, I was locked down all the time in, in, in a cell, in an adjustment center…” – They’re screwing you.


Sirhan – “..pain, and uh, and [so forth that] uh, they always took their time in wanting to take you to the dentist…” – That old force.


Sirhan – “This parole board is uh, is, is trying to engraciate themselves by pretending to carry out the Kennedy family’s wishes [and I doubt that, that they, that they are].” – I have the debit with, with my gun.


Sirhan – “No I can’t. [But I will say this to you], that I was never part of any conspiracy.” – And you see this liar.