Reverse Speech and Business Applications

In this day and age business owner are looking for advice in many different areas. When it comes to advice there is one kind that you can bet your house on and that is the advice that is absolute truth, the advice from your own unconscious mind.

Through reverse speech analysis you can accurately determine the direction you need to take from any decision you need to make. Your unconscious mind has the right answers. The application to business is one of the new developing fields of reverse speech use and is quickly proving to be invaluable to those who are actively using it.

Advice from life coaches, business coaches and consultants is valuable yet when it really comes down to knowing which is the best person for you to hire when you have five to choose from, what product to launch when you can’t decide out of three, or whether to take on a business partner and who, these are all very important questions that no one really knows the answer to, but you. Or should I say your unconscious mind!

Your unconscious mind is a wealth of information waiting to be expressed, literally, and in words. Think about everyday decisions you need to make and what difference would it make to your own success if you knew every decision you made was the right one, what could you achieve?

If you are sabotaging yourself in life or in business how would you know? If you have unconscious denial of your own worthiness of success would you realise that?

When it comes down to it, we don’t know what we don’t know! So how can we do anything about fixing what we don’t know we don’t even know?

Reverse speech can tell you! With the right prompting from a fully trained reverse speech practitioner you can find the answer to these questions plus much more, more than you could even imagine and the accuracy is virtually 100%.

Here are just a few examples of what can come out from normal discussion. Look at how the reverse seems to be nothing like the forwards dialogue yet the reversal reveals much to a trained analyst.


Example One

In this example a man is talking to David Oates about buying a kitchen business and he came to David for advice on which one to buy as he had looked at quite a few and it came to 3 businesses to choose from and he couldn’t decide which one as they all sounded okay from what the owners were describing.

He wanted to know which one was best using his unconscious mind and so talked to him over the phone. The third reversal was a tongue in cheek warning, however all unconscious reversals should be given much respect no matter how interesting they seem.

The essence of the conversation was its time for him to just jump in and do it and stop being scared and moping around which is what he was doing at the beginning of the year – the reversals confirmed that and said if he just started luck would fall across his path and he would be very successful.

  • "I think I certainly, the last couple of years doing what I’m doing…"
    "You see the luck solid"
  • "…so I think its time for me to jump in and work the rest out as I go…"
    "Hark the way. I say with gold."

I say with gold is an instruction from the unconscious meaning look ahead with confidence and take action and it will lead to gold, abundance.

  • "$10,000 a week? Yeah, looking at a net amount of that…"
    "My wife will keep spending it" A good thing to know! – Download mp3 file
  • "I have to let him know pretty soon…" (in reference to buying a particular business)
    "Feel a friend. You deal with them"Download mp3 file

The reversal was on the business he did buy – he was able to negotiate a very good deal with the bloke because the guy liked him – the reversal was spot on.

"Feel a friend" meant he was going to be like a friend giving him good advice and support as he took over in transition time and he would be easy to deal with.

This next reversal was a conversation that took place a little later about whether it was a good idea to expand the business into manufacturing since the business wasn’t set up to do that when he bought it. He was undecided as to whether the rather large investment would be good initially or better to wait. So forwards the dialogue is first then the reversal in bold.

  • "…I think there are a lot bigger profits margins if I got into manufacturing as well…"
    "look, it helps a lot"

Since buying the kitchen business it has taken off. Business is booming for them both and he is keeping an eye on his wife’s spending habits.


Example Two

This reversal is about a man who wanted to help David Oates with his marketing of reverse speech so David practices what he preaches and tapes the conversation with the man by request and got an unusual reversal which was quite obvious.

  • Forwards he asks David … "are we going to be publishing this book?" which in reverse comes out as …
    "I’m so full of sh..t" Needless to say David chose not to do business with him. – Download mp3 file


Example Three

This is an example of a couple who were seeking financial advice in Australia from someone and they weren’t too sure as to whether the information was good or not and so turned to reverse speech to find out. First there is the forwards dialogue then reverse in bold.

  • What our expectations are and what our level of risk is…
    "I don’t love the shark with error"

This obviously indicates this person who is giving them advice is a shark and not to be trusted.


Example Four

In this example a man discusses a planned business expansion into the United States. His reversal says…

  • "Start off with it / It will be profit." Clearly, this move will be a success for him. – Download mp3 file

These are just a few of the examples David has in the archives of business applications. If you’d like to find out more you may contact us here.


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