Reversals on Scott Peterson

Reverse Speech Implies Scott Peterson Guilty


Scott Peterson is currently on trial in California for the murder of his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn child, Connor. Laci’s decapitated body washed up on shore a few weeks after her disappearance, along with the fetus which was separated from the body. Police allege that Scott murdered his wife and disposed of her body in the ocean so he could pursue a romantic relationship with another woman, Amber Frey. Frey has since become a key witness for the prosecution in the trial against Peterson. UPDATE: Scott Peterson was found guilty of this murder and currently sits on death row in California.

The following are reversals found on Scott Peterson on 2 interviews he did on TV. One with Dianne Sawyer and the other with NBC. You can download the full interviews by clicking here – Dianne SawyerNBC. After that there are a few reversals found on the audio tapes recently released of phone conversations with Scott and Amber – click here for that audio

To listen to an interview David Oates did on the Jeff Rense show about these reversals, click here

Overall Conclusion

Scott’s reversals are mostly incongruent. That is, they are saying something different backwards than what is being said forwards. There are reversals suggesting a direct involvement in the death of Laci, and other reversals suggesting motive. He appears to show no remorse and at times he is preoccupied with other thoughts, including his belief that he will get away with this crime.

Please note that the interpretation given in parenthesis are approximations only and may or may not be accurate. They are arrived at by applying the principal of speech complementarity (the forwards and reverse relate to each other), determining the reverse speech category in each instance, and then drawing a conclusion. More analysis information is here. If you have any insights that may assist us in our overall conclusions please email us with your comments to

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Dianne Sawyer Interview

Reporter: "Did you murder your wife?"
Scott: "No, no. I did not and I had absolutely nothing to do with her disappearance." Neck, I hit hard (Could this reversal be the smoking gun in the Peterson case? As he denies the crime forward, his unconscious appears to correct his forward statement and gives details in reverse about how the crime was carried out.) There is another reversal in this sound track. It says The cigarette when you find this fact. (Cigarette in this case is a metaphor – maybe for nerves? – he’ll be nervous when they find out what fact? That he hit hard? Maybe a "last cigarette". The two reversals do occur very closely together and as such they probably relate to each other.)

Reporter (referring to Amber Frey): "Were you in love with her?"
Scott: "No. I’d have to say that I respect her as I imagine everyone does after seeing her come out and do the press conference." I sucked in Amber – (speaks for itself)

Reporter: "There’s no one else who can come forward?"
Scott: "No, our romantic relationship, and that is, it’s inappropriate, it was inappropriate and I owe a tremendous apology to everyone, obviously including Amber." New boyfriend did it  (Is he, or was he at the time, Amber’s new boyfriend? Is this another smoking gun?)

Scott: "You don’t know. No one knows our relationship but us." Silent. Fishing shield it (An interesting reversal. This interview was recorded before Laci’s body was found. After its discovery, the police claimed that Scott has taken a fishing trip as a cover to throw Laci’s body into the ocean. Does he think he has successfully covered his tracks?)

Laci’s Brother: "Scott has not been forthcoming with the information regarding my sister’s disappearance, and i am only left to question what else he may be hiding." Beside himself with a new manic  (Seems to imply that Scott has manic behaviour.)

NBC Interview

Scott: "My silence previously was intended to keep the media involved in this case." The sex involvement (Police claim that his sexual relationship with Amber was a possible motive for the crime.)

Scott: "They’re focusing in on me. We need to ask people when was the last time they really thought about Laci missing." Seal my blood delivering that / Hear my ex girlfriend, mah, go south (These reversals show his mind on other things. The first reversal is ominous. The second reversal may refer Amber Frey.)

Scott: "She’s definitely got lost in this, yes." Soul by your fetish (A deep metaphor – he is spiritually connected to his "fetish" or obsessive desires.)

Scott: "The dark hours when I lose it and I can’t sleep, I go to exhaustion occasionally and get a couple of hours." Feel snake (Tells us why he can’t sleep.)

Scott: "I have spoken with her, I am very glad she did the press conference." Your fox up with it (Metaphor, he is on the the alert – also cunning, sly.)

Scott: "..a great deal of pain right now, no one more so than Laci. And they’re wonderful people, all of our families are." Will I hate the remnant (Internal dialogue. Will he hate what is left of Laci’s family?)

Scott: "I know that what we’re doing what we can to bring her home and please to everyone out there its more important…" Closed it. Her final red seal (Note the emotions in the reversal. Its an aggressive reversal that seems to talk about sealing Laci’s fate. The meaning of red seal is unknown. Blood? Was she wrapped, or sealed up?)

Scott: "The newspaper article that was in the paper the next day had a photo of me in it with my niece looking at the candles." Saw (sore?) neck, then he killed her (Is he flashing back to the crime scene in his mind? It is common is reverse to reference one’s self in the third person – "he" referring to the "part" of him that committed the crime? Note the reference to neck in this reversal and a previous reversal that says Neck, I hit hard.)

Scott: "An article I saw recently from the same paper had another photograph of me in it." Perfect mess and it fills you (Does he believe he has committed the perfect crime?)

Scott: "There’s reports that say for instance that I saw Laci walking in the park and I did not." Oh, we see a loss (The loss of Laci? We referring to family?)

Scott: "She was, you know, Christmas plans, Christmas eve plans at Mom’s house, her mothers house, our mothers house, Christmas day plans here." Priest nailed bitch (An aggressive reversal. Does he see himself as a Priest executing his divine judgement, or performing a sacrifice on a religious mission? Or perhaps this is a metaphor for the part of him that actually carried out the act?)

Scott: "Everything was ready, all the beautiful presents." These things are for freedom and I also nicked her in the head (An unusually long reversal. Is it another smoking gun?)

Scott: "I know what you’re referring to. I saw an interview this morning or last night with Lori in it, a friend of ours, and I saw Lori’s comments that she didn’t know that I told Laci, then she also said and I know Scott and there’s no way he had anything to do with this." One midnight / My nature and I bled (Is he flashing back to the crime in his mind? Did it happen at midnight?)

Scott: "We have to keep the effort up. Its up to us as a family." Your wife was a side bust – (Metaphor, meaning unknown.)

Phone Conversation

Scott: "And it hurts me that you believe that I could have something to do with her disappearance." You gotta feel the rigging was perfect (Rigging of the crime? Or rigging used to sink Laci to the bottom of the bay? Trying to reassure himself that it is all ok.)

Scott: "I said that I lost my wife." I’m so mad at this (Mad at Amber’s questioning?)


Metaphor Analysis

The following analysis of the metaphors Peterson used were sent to us by a reader.

one midnight/my nature and i bled 
holy hour; metaphorical midnight; moment of truth; ritual; obsession permitted to flow; bound action consummated as ritual; semen release
your wife was a side bust
peripheral energy: unimportant; casual interest; indication that ultimately she was and has always been, just a peripheral energy:
priest nailed bitch 
uninitiated altered schizophrenic lone male archetype insulated in elevated religious pious saturated state consummate revenge against cold controlling invalidating unyielding distant un-nurturing false mother archetype rage striking back against the societal myth that all mothers are predispositioned nurturers bitch meaning love concept or belief that feminine energy equates receptiveness love
with Christmas spirit representing love or association with good equated with feminine because of his disassociation with what he perceives as good which he equates with an unattainable lie attributing good with mature feminine archetype specifically, rational mind, ego kills love triumph of the part over the whole metaphorically…. literally…
i’m so mad at this
 i’m angry that i’m inconvenienced that people don’t naturally believe everything i say
the cigarette when you find this fact
the metaphorical last cigarette given a condemned man
beside himself with a new manic
third person referencing possibility of new anxiety
seal my blood delivering that 
consummated fate validated unworthiness
soul by your fetish
 core depth schism