Presidential Debates

Below are some of the clearest reversals that I found on the Presidential debates. Time does not permit me to include all of them, but these are the general trend. To those who would criticise what I have found, who may think that I am only presenting my own political views, I would like to say the following. I am an Australian citizen who knows very little about American politics. I have no opinions either way, I cannot vote and I support no political party. I am an independant researcher only, simply presenting what I find with no bias or ulterior motive, except for my own strong motives of making Reverse Speech public.

[Play Stream] [Download File] Here is the first of many reversals on the Presidential debates that will be added to this site. In this example Bob Dole criticises Bill Clinton for cutting defense. The speech reversal says: "Get back in it". This indicates his position, he would like defense spending increased and would do just that if he were elected.

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this section Bill Clinton defends his Medicare policy, directly addressing Bob Dole’s previous comments. His reversals show both ulterior motives in increasing Medicare but also concern and anger at Dole’s obvious plans to cut medicare. Forward Dole avoided the issue about medicare cuts, but Clinton’s reversals clearly show that is what he intends to do. The first reversal shows Clinton’s ulterior motives. They are financial. The reversal says: "Rake it in." The second reversal shows his dismay at Dole’s proposed cuts. It says: "A shame with the ban if you win." The third reversal shows his anger. "You fucked it off." Clearly, Clinton has great passion about this issue.

[Play Stream] [Download File] Don’t expect Clinton to cut your taxes. In this amusing interlude, Dole talks about an across the board tax cut. Clinton chips in and says, "I need it." backwards he says, "We do not."

[Play Stream] [Download File] Here is an amusing example on Dole. He continues to discuss his tax plans and interrupts his speech with a quick insert about his fall off a balcony in Chico. Notice his slight speech stutter as he begins to crack his joke. The audience then laughs. Speech stutters are a perfect place for speech reversals to occur, and this one is no exception. In fact my research shows that pauses and stutters and other inconsistencies in speech are automatically placed there by the brain to create speech reversals. In the real audio example, the entire section is played forwards first, then the precise point where the reversal occurred (in the stutter) is played again. Then the reversal is played at three speeds. The speech reversal says: "I’ll get the laugh in." Dole’s ploy works because the laughter begins immediately afterwards. The soundtrack is then played again with the reversal inserted into the conversation.

[Play Stream] [Download File] The following reversal on Bill Clinton raises many disturbing questions. He is asked a question about how he avoids being influenced by contributors or people offering him "services." He replied forwards by saying. "I try to articulate my position as clearly as possible." The reversal catches him out in a big way as his unconscious mind remembers previous instances when he was offered services or was unduely influenced. It says: "She’s a fun girl to kiss!" This is VERY disturbing. Who is the fun girl? Why is the reversal present tense? And how open to influence is Clinton? Is this his price? Sexual favors? The forward dialogue is played first, then a small section is isolated where the reversal occurred, the reversal is played at three speeds, then played forwards and immediately reversed.

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this example Bill Clinton talks about a bill to ban frivolous lawsuits. He says that the existing bill would have discriminated against certain types of people and the bill needed to be modified so that people were not discriminated against. The speech reversal supports his position saying, "Remove the censor markets." This is mildly cryptic statement. The reference to markets shows his outlook on frivolous lawsuits – they are markets – or money vending machines. He wants the markets to not "censor" or delete and ignore certain types of people. Thus his reversal says the same thing as his forward dialogue. Score one point on the reversal test Bill!

[Play Stream] [Download File] Still on frivolous lawsuits, Dole does not come off as clean as Clinton on this issue. Forward he discusses what the trial lawyers do – pouring money into Washington DC. Backwards he supports their actions, stating this is the way it works. The reversal says: "They’ve seen the show which make the bills." Dole states the facts backwards, supporting them with no conviction of change. He knows this is the way it works. He will keep the status quo – this is Washington, this is the power of Pork. Clinton, however, will try to change it as seen by the congruency of his previous reversal.

[Play Stream] [Download File] Dole is definitely a bad boy in this whole issue. Not only will he not do anything about frivilous law suits but he will allow them to foster and flourish. In this section, he continues to talk forward, giving lip service to the injustice of frivilous law suits, then goes on the attack against Clinton. His speech reversal shows his incongruity, and then looks for a way to sue even Clinton’s very soul. The reversal says: "My fake. Must see that I can sue his soul." If thats not frivolous, I don’t know what is.

[Play Stream] [Download File] Dole’s still at it! He continues to attack Clinton’s tax policies but his reversal says: "The crime made sense. Newton has cast the dollar" First, Dole acknowledges in reverse the "Crime" of taxes but says they "make sense" or are necessary. Second, he uses a cryptic reference to Newton. Or, its just a natural law. We need to tax, cos that the only way we can get money even though it might be a crime, or wrong. You cannot attack someone’s belief in something when you believe the same thing, Senator Bob Dole!

[Play Stream] [Download File] The following reversal on Dole has caused much discussion in the Reverse Speech office. Forwards, Dole is talking about the need to keep guns off the street, and how the Clinton administration is not doing it. There are two reversals. The first one says: "Hell, we’re not. The bigots are loud." This reversal is obvious. They are not succeeding in gun control because of the loud voice of those with strong opposing opinions. It is the second reversal that is causing the discussion. It says: "The Sheriffs sent ’em down. Tne Sheriffs sent ’em down." This is almost a cry of panic. The fact it was repeated twice is significant. It connects the Sheriffs with the bigots. Are the Sheriffs, or police authorities, the very ones who are wanting guns kept on the streets? We do not know. But this reversal, along with others we have found over the last few months would seem to indicate this. Dole is also being hypocritical to attack the Clinton administration when his own reversals say that the problem is coming from outside both administrations, Democratic as well as Republican.

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this example, Clinton responds to Dole’s allegations about gun control. Clinton attacks Dole forwards and he also attacks him in reverse. Two reversals occur. They says: "Leave that old man" and "He’s off on it." Clinton is being congruent in his attack and his belief in the Brady bill.

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this example, Clinton talks confidently about some of his achievements in office. The reversal is just as confident saying: "You’ve seen this."

[Play Stream] [Download File] I found my temper rising a little bit when I found this reversal on Bob Dole. Forwards he talks about war zones such as Bosnia and Somalia. Then he has a subtle dig at Clinton for extending the time that troops were staying. Yet the reversal says: "They were swift." If he thinks it was done well and with speed, why even make a sarcastic dig. Until we become honest and congruent, our planet will never evolve!

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this example. Bill Clinton goes on the attack against Bob Dole after Dole has once again accused Clinton of tax hikes. Clinton says forwards that Dole is guiltier than he is of tax hikes. Two reversals oocur here. The first one is a dig back at Dole, confirming Clinton’s forward comments. It says: "You’re involved in this." The second reversal references a previous reversal on Dole when Dole said backwards, the crime makes sense. In this reversal Clinton says: "You’ve seen the crime with us." This is a disturbing trend now about taxation. Is it a crime, or actually against the law as some political pundants have claimed. If so, then both administrations are fully aware of this, yet continue to perpetuate the crime without offering an alternative solution. Dole, clearly, has no right to criticise Clinton based on these reversals.

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this example President Clinton defends his handling of the recent Iraqi situation. The reversal is confident and confirms his actions. It says: "We pour on a devil. I will say he heard." Clinton’s reversal shows strong leadership in this international situation.

[Play Stream] [Download File] We’re back onto Medicare again. Dole talks about his plans and Clinton’s inadequacies. Don’t believe a word he says though because the first reversals says: "I fed a line." Its all just political rhetoric as the next reversals shows. Dole says forwards: "…instead of this massive massive takeover by the Federal government…" The reversal says: "I will get the same." These reversals are becoming extremely disappointing.

[Play Stream] [Download File] These reversals on Bob Dole have me puzzled. He is repsonding to Bill Clinton’s handling of Iraq. They say: "Lie down asleep" and "They shoot them so low." I am stumped. They certainly don’t show leadership – almost apathy and confusion.

[Play Stream] [Download File] Here, Bob Dole comments on a mid east leader who did not come to Washington DC during the Iraqi crisis. The reversal says: "He’s seen the show." Does this imply a belief that Washington is just glitz and glamor?

[Play Stream] [Download File] Here, Clinton talks about America’s reasons for being in the Middle East. The first reversal supports his statements saying: "Shield them in East." The second reversal questions Israel’s leadership saying: "Where’s their leader?" This could be Clinton’s opinion of Israel’s new Prime Minister. Notice the questioning tone in this reversal. Emotional expressions are frequently communicated in Reverse Speech.

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this example Dole talks forward about not politicising the Middle East situation. The reversal says: "Allowed, but I don’t dare.

[Play Stream] [Download File] This next reversal on Dole scared the pants off of me!! Listen very carefully to what he is saying forwards! The first reversal actually occurred right at the very beginning of the soundtrack but relates to the section at the very end. It is what we call a Lead Reversal – or the unconscious mind planning out conversation backwards before it is said forwards – this is a common occurrence in reverse speech. The reversal says: "You must have seen Oates with them." Given the context of the forward dialogue, "there’s people watching tonight and listening tonight trying to find the truth?", it makes me wonder. Do they already know about me and Reverse Speech in Washington DC? The second reversal occurs when Bob Dole says forward, the truth is there’s a lot wrong with America. Backwards it says: "The crime with them all!" Watch out Washington, Reverse Speech has arrived!!"

[Play Stream] [Download File] This next reversal on Dole is not as clear as some of the others I have quoted and I normally wouldn’t use it but I’ve included it because it shows Dole in a pretty good light. He talks forwards about his charitable work. Backwards he says: "Shared life with them on there." It shows Dole is being congruent on this issue and has a genuine love for people.

[Play Stream] [Download File] The next reversal on Bob Dole also scared me but for different reasons. Forwards he is criticising Clinton for paying volunteers to join the Americorp program. In reverse we see his real reason for not wanting to pay volunteers. The reversal says: "There is no love of death. Begin it." In other words, payed volunteers don’t have the passion of war, to die for one’s country. This is like the first reversal on Bob Dole on this section. Get back into military spending. Dole is a military man.

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this section, Dole attacks Clinton for liberal reform policies particuarly in regards to education. The reversal confirms his anger. "I saw the bill that robs the Senate." Or, too much money is being spent on Clinton’s policies.

In this reversal Dole is really on the attack against Clinton. It says: "Shake his heaven. Rob his ass."

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this example Clinton begins to state his record in office. The reversal is very congruent saying: "I will list it off."

[Play Stream] [Download File] These reversals on Dole are disconcerting to say the least. I do not pretend to know what they mean. They appeared in a batch together and do not seem to be connected to the forward dialogue. They say: "They kill to get him and I will build that dope up / Mayor broke the law / So far they make me dirty."

[Play Stream] [Download File] Dole attacks Clinton for his alledged policies of Pork and so forth and so forth. Backwards he says: "We are boring, you mustn’t mean it."

[Play Stream] [Download File] Clinton attacks Dole. Backwards he says: "I’m afraid his ass is sued."

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this example Clinton details the effects of one of Bob Dole’s proposed budget cuts in a bill he vetoed. This section refers to the effects that budget cuts would have had on toxic waste dumps. The reversal says: "Sideshow disgusts all their fear."

[Play Stream] [Download File] In this example Clinton is so indignant at Dole’s previous proposed budget cuts, that his voice croaks at the thought of cuts for scholarships. His reversal confirms his indignation and even changes thought in mid-reversal. This is very rare in Reverse Speech and only emphasises his feelings. It says: "The sharks are so fuckin’, he’s slimey."

[Play Stream] [Download File] The reversal says: “You’ll want to shed that dogma.