Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

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"This doesn’t mean they had glee about 911, that’s a [total misinterp]retation. They had pleasure in knowing that they had an excuse now to do what they had been wanting to do for so long and what did they do, they marched into Iraq."

Purpose in the lost
– congruent reversal – Paul is saying that in the midst of the tragedy of 911 the administration saw another purpose – to go into Iraq.

"But the one thing that I’d caution is some type of over reaction, and if what you [say is true, but they’ve been saying that] for ten years or so, so it may or may not be true."And yes, they’re better with this show – internal dialogue – doubts over his performance

"But all the Middle East is unstable because of this, now its Tunisia, [now its, next its Egypt], and it’s going to keep going because all the problems are there because the people don’t like us propping up their dictators."
But Jesus sent us The One – metaphor – possible meaning: the answers lie within ourselves.

"It contributed to our debt, billions and billions of dollars, and [all we get] is chaos from it, and instability."Egg you on – egging the crowd on, or stirring them up.

"You can’t steal from your neighbor, you can’t send the government to your neighbor to steal for you. There should be no redist[ribution of wealth]."
I want to shed it – congruent reversal.

"And the military is not equated to defence. [Defence spending is one thing]. Military spending is what Eisenhower called the military industrial complex and we have to go after that."It knows that you’re less safe – an ominous reversal – the defence knows we are not as safe as we used to be.

"Even today, I mean if you’re talking about criminal acts of violence and [murder, man slaugh]ter. robbery. That’s all a state issue."
I’ll slam her drums – cryptic reversal, meaning unknown.

"…upon the states because they are [suffering the] consequences and the states have this responsibility to do something about it."

In your fuss
– congruent reversal.

"I think this is something that the people [ought to know about] that there’s been many positions and you have admitted many of the positions where you have changed positions."I want to know – emphasizing his point.

"But you have to know why we have a recession, why we have unemployment before you can solve the problem, and the financial bubbles are created by excessive credit [and stimulation by the] Federal Reserve."
I’m shelling its snare – cryptic reversal – congruent with his position on the Federal Reserve – he is fighting it.

"…what Herman stands for, I think that helps me because they’re not going to say well he’s not really for any cuts and he’s for adding this actual sales tax."Stuck in it – meaning unknown.

"We’ve seen sudden surges of candidates and then they [fall off again]. I think all of that is helpful to me."They fall off – congruent, mirror image reversal.