Presidential Candidate Herman Cain

27th October 2011

“The second main thing that came out of that. Message is more powerful than money. They [spent a lot] of money trying to influence that straw poll vote.” But I want it – he wants the money too.

“Anec[dotally] I run into people all the time and I share my 999 plan with them. Some black people I run into, not all, we keep our own little informal poll, they won’t even take my little 999 brochure.” Hear the Lord – maybe a reflection of his professed Christian faith.

“If it were not for the power of the internet, I wouldn’t be in this race making the moves that I’m making right now. [That’s the difference]. It goes back to something I said earlier, the voice of the people.” I’m afraid it’s sad – maybe the voice of the people is sad.

“The number’s going to be more than the number we turned in before, we don’t know by how much [yet because they’re still] doing the calculations.” They say walk your faith – advice given to him by those around him – live your Christian faith.

“Rick Perry is a Christian brother and Rick Perry is someone that I respect. [I’m not off]ended if somebody calls me brother.” But I’m not – congruent reversal confirming the forwards

“Mark Block is my chief of staff and we also say [let Mark] be Mark. Mark happens to be a smoker. He knows its a bad habit.” Calm fell – Mark Block’s smoking appears to have caused some problems.

“I can now explain right of return to any reporter, better than they understand right of return [because] you get caught off guard you go to school and you learn.” Fuck him – maybe directed to a reporter who caught him out.

“I at least have a foreign poli[cy philosophy] which is an extension of the Reagan philosophy. Peace through strength and my philosophy is peace through strength and clarity.” Give the soul of this – appears to be passionate about his philosophy.

“To those critics I would say to them do you really think I’m [dumb enough not to stu]dy up on these issues. I’ve been studying up on these issues for months.” That’s the fun. Find the mud – he enjoys studying up on issues and finding things that will get him stuck – mud, metaphor: to be stuck – or it could mean he will find mud on his opponents.

“And I’m just going to warn listeners and viewers now. Watch out, it’s going to get worse [and thing that we’ve conc]luded and you know this, some stuff they are just going to make up.” I feel with the internet – he relies heavily on the internet

“But it also means that we have to still continue to work hard. We’re very pleased with that but we’re not letti[ng up and we’re s]ticking with our strategy.” See with fun – this is the second reference to fun in reverse – he obviously enjoys his job.

“Number one, the voice of the people is more power[ful than the voice] of the media, with all due respect.” Solve in that wolf – the people are his strength – wolf, metaphor: strength, motivation

“Bureaucrats and politicians want to try and raise it without [a very] compelling reason. I believe that the American public is going to hold their feet to the fire.” You raid here – probably referring to the politicians.

Campaign advert.

“I really believe that Herman Cain will put united back into the United States [of America], and if I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be here.” Got crime with us – incongruent – something is wrong with the campaign – or it could mean something is wrong with America.

“But then America has never seen a [candidate like] Herman Cain.” You’ll feel an ache – confirms previous reversal, incongruent