President Richard M. Nixon Reversals


Nixon – “..but what I think we should do is to go over it, [uh, the whole matter]…” – And I’m over that.


Nixon – “..I’ve done it [all from rec]ollection.” – Camera four.


Nixon – “..ah, let me make the case, [as it should be made] ah, even if I were not the one ah, who was involved for the defense.” – Damn me, Bush did it.


Nixon – “I certainly could, could be[lieve that a] man like Howard Hunt who, was a prolific book writer or anyone of the others under the pressures of the moment ah, could’ve started blowing and putting out all sorts of stories.” – Had a deal.


Nixon – “ still have to get back to the point that I have made uh previously [tha wa that ah], that my concern there, which was conveyed to them and the decision then was in their hands uh, my concern was having the investigation, spread further than it needed to.” – I got out of it.


Nixon – “..that’s just damn blackmail, it would’ve been [damn blackmail if Dean had] done it, now that’s in the record.” – I need fake lawyer, got mad.


Nixon – “..ah, but that is really the best w[ay to do it rather] than preclude it in advance.” – That are coded.


Nixon – “..I gave them the sword and, [they stuck it] in.” – They touch here.


Nixon – “I [will uh, give you my evalua]tion as to, whether those actions or ah, anything I said for that matter uh, amounted to what you have called, an obstruction of justice.” – We are damned with it, hello.


Nixon – “..and its no reflection of you, you know better than anybody else I know, its a ?, and you’re doing it very well. But I am not going to sit here and read [the thing back to you].” – We’ve had method.