President Obama Miscellaneous Reversals October 2014

Here is a small collection of miscellaneous reversals found on President Barrack Obama in October 2014.


Obama – “..[and a Taliban] taking over large parts of Afghanistan.” – And I’ll be lost on it.


Obama – “..and [even as there will be] dark days ahead…” – Evil worse enemy.


Obama – “My fellow Americans this has been a difficult decade [for our country].” – Fuck off.


Obama – “..the [cancer of violent] extremism.” – In the lab, her snake.


Obama – “..[make certain that the disease] does not spread further.” – Jesus have mercy.


Obama – “One soldier summed it up well. [The message he said], is we don’t forget. You will be held accountable no matter how long it takes.” – Message December.


Obama – “..[and provide you with the care]…” – Rape the wee government.


Obama – “..[and the Afghan people will be re]sponsible for their own security.” – So evil, will beat mankind.


Obama – “..and those who want to be part of a peaceful Afghanistan must break from Al Qaeda, abandon violence, and abide [by the Afghan] constitution. ” – They tied up.