President Bush – January 10th 2007



This is an address to the Nation George Bush made January 10th 2007, announcing he was sending more troops into Iraq. It is a different President Bush facing the American people this time compared to the one who faced the public just after 911 in 1991 (You can see these reversals and our conclusions here). Then he was strong and resolute, sure of his direction. His reversals in this current speech are not as strong or sure. To quote his own reversals, there is dilemma, a fierce dilemma, and he is taking a gamble sending in more troops. Furthermore, America has been hurt by the Iraqi situation and the terrorists and insurgents are hurrying ahead. Overall, Bush is incongruent in this speech and America is in trouble.

(Transcript prepared by David John Oates –

Click on the reversal to download the mp3 file. Exact forward words that caused the reversal have been bracketed […].

"On September the 11th 2001, we saw what a refuge for extremists on the other [side of the world co]uld bring to the streets of our own cities." We go with acid (Metaphor: See dictionary definition below – sending more troops in will cause more problems)

"And there were too many restrictions on the troops we did have. [Our military] commanders reviewed the new Iraqi plan to make sure that it addressed these mistakes. They report that it does." There is dilemma

"So America will change our strategy to help the Iraqis [carry out their c]ampaign to put down sectarian violence and bring security to the people of Bagdad." Hurt by Iraq

"Most of Iraq’s Suni and Shia want to live together in peace and reducing the violence in Bag[dad will help] make reconciliation possible." I help Dad

"[Our military forces in] Anbar and killing and capturing Al Qaeda leaders and they are protecting the local population." This is so fierce dilemma

"It is in the interests of the United States to stand with the brave men and women who are risking their lives to claim [their freedom]." My new friend

"The terrorists and insurgents in Iraq are without conscience [and they will make the year ahead] bloody and violent." They hurry, you gamble in it

"This group will meet regularly with me and my administration. It will help strengthen our [relationship with Congr]ess." Iraq, look, this is shallow

"Fellow citizens, [the year ahead] will demand more patience, sacrifice and resolve." They hurry

"And throughout our history, Americans have [always defied] the pessimists and seen our faith in freedom redeemed." Laugh, its your war

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Extract from RS Metaphor Dictionary

ACID (Structural) a negative or destructive emotion; unresolved bitterness or resentments; also to cause collapse or decay of a relationship, situation or event; this metaphor has also been found on people with severe, life-threatening diseases.