Popular Reverse Speech Examples


Franklin Graham No one is immune from Reverse Speech. Here are two reversals on Franklin Graham (the son of Evangelist Billy Graham). In the first one he says – I have anger to give youDownload mp3 file. In the second example he says – You shall feel hell in your ragsDownload mp3. Here, his father (BIlly Graham) says, "How I bore you" download mp3 file



Bob Hawke
Here is former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, after he won the 1987 general election. A reporter jokingly asks him how he plans to celebrate. Backwards he says – Used to smoke the best marijuanaDownload mp3 file


Business Discussion
Would you do business with this man? Backwards he says – I’m so full of shitDownload mp3 file


Police Chase
Backwards it says – I’m moving up, the armour deadlyDownload mp3 file


Jon Benet Ramsey Case Listen to reversals on the parents of Jon Benet Ramsey. Forwards Patsy Ramsey says: "We feel that there are at least two people on the face of the earth that know who did this and that is the killer and someone else that person may have confided in." Backwards, she says – I’m that personDownload mp3 file. Listen to more reversals on the Jon Benet Ramsey Case, and read our conclusions.


Australian Aboriginal
Here is an aboriginal on TV, one of the "lost generation", who is talking about he found an entire extended family in his mid 30s. The reversal says – I have an older sister – and it occurs in conversation backwards before he talks about his sister forwards – Download mp3 file


Mike Tyson The following reversals were found on Mike Tyson as he talked about his infamous ear biting incident. The first reversal says: "Here I am, rubber duck." Rubber duck is a boxing term for punch drunk. The second reversal says: "Yes I’m not brave." The third reversal says: "Money. Get our funds. I >shall be rewarded." Download mp3 file


Former Australian Prime Minister
Former PM John Howard uttered a rather prophetic reversal after the first Bali bombing when he said – They will fuck the tourists – a few months later there was a second bombing in Bali – Download mp3 file


Money Blocks
In this example a businessman is looking for blocks he may have to making money. His reversal uncovers an unexpected block. It says – My wife will keep spending itDownload mp3 file. Go here for examples from session work


Hillary Clinton It must have been fun living at the White House. Here is former First Lady, Senator Hillary Clinton, on the Larry King Show talking about life in Washington. Backwards she says – Bless the ale, this is the lifeDownload mp3 file   More Hillary Clinton Reversals



NASA Secrets? In a famous broadcast in 1997, an air force spokesman named Colonel Haines publicly announced that the case was closed regarding the alleged UFO crash in Roswell in 1947. His reversal, however, suggests he may not be telling us the whole story – Share a secret with NASADownload mp3 file


Donald Rumsfeld
What did the United States Defence Secretary think of the Taliban forces before the US went into Afghanistan? Backwards he sounds confident of beating them, saying – They cannot kill in any force. See their pressureDownload mp3 file


John Lennon It has been said that the death of the Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, was a significant catalyst in their eventual break-up. Here is an interview with John Lennon immediately after Epstein’s death. He is commenting on advice given to the Beatles by the Maharishi. The speech reversal says, "Can’t be Beatles now" Note the British accent in reverse – Download mp3 file


David Koresh
Here are 2 reversals on David Koresh found during the Waco siege. They say – We’re sad. Look what’s happened / We see the meaning with my bloodDownload mp3 file


Susan Smith
Here is Susan Smith, the infamous woman who drove her car in the river and drowned her children. In this section, before she was arrested, she is pleading to the people who "kidnapped" her babies to look after her children. The reversal says – Made the big gamble upDownload mp3 file


George W. Bush Here is a reversal found on George Bush two weeks prior to the United States going into Iraq. It says – We will sit in Bagdad – Cleary, he had made up his mind and America does now indeed sit in Bagdad. Download mp3 file
Here is another reversal on Bush just after the 911 attack. It says – Rule the planet, DadDownload mp3 file Many more reversals on Bush can be heard here


Bill Clinton
Here is a clip on Bill Clinton found the week after the Monica Lewinski scandal broke. He was in Ireland and the press said he seemed distracted. What was on his mind? The reversal says – They’re all boring me, MonicaDownload mp3 file Many more reversals on Clinton can be heard here.


Martin Luther King Here are some reversals on Martin Luther King. These reversals show MLK to be highly congruent, believing what he is saying. The first one says, "The Lord, he does believe"download mp3 file. The second one says, "organise a unit"download mp3 file. Here’s one that says "I must have known."download mp3 file   More MLK reversals can be heard by clicking here



Unconscious Metaphor
Here is a woman who has cancer beginning the session work process. Her unconscious describes her disease in graphic terms saying – Cancer’s your powerful shell castleDownload mp3 file. Learn more about metaphors and session work here


O.J. Simpson Hear two sound bytes from OJ Simpson. The forward dialogue in the first example is very ironic. The reversal occurs in the forward words, "Just turn a tape recorder on the next time." Backwards it says – I skinned them all – or, I conned or fooled them. Download mp3 file But don’t worry, just turn a tape recorder on next time. Here is OJ saying backwards – I killed them high and Its them, slaughtered themDownload mp3 file Hear more O. J. Simpson reversals here


Operation Desert Storm
Reverse Speech first came into public light in the United States in 1991 during then Operation Desert Shield. A secret memo was leaked to the press that discussed Reverse Speech and code words it may have uncovered in George Bush Sr’s speeches. The reversals say – Simone, simone in the sands / Sent the seahawk upDownload mp3 file. Read more about this incident here


 Music Reversals Here is a reversal from the well know group, Creedence Clearwater Revival – I believe in my cool womanDownload mp3 file – then click here for many more reversals in popular songs


Osama Bin Laden
This reversal raises the question of reversals in other languages, or multi-lingual speakers. We know reversals exist in other languages. We also know that if a person is multi-lingual, reversals can appear in all languages spoken. Here is Osama Bin Laden speaking in Arabic with a reversal in English. It says – I will buy you the palace of evilDownload mp3 file


 Whoopi Goldberg Here she is talking about one of her movies. Backwards it says – See all the wealth that I got. I suck the moneyDownload mp3 file




Woman wants to sue
Reversals are not always polite. In this example a woman who has been laid off from her job talks about suing. The reversal says – Get half of the fucking moneyDownload mp3 file


Winston Churchill Here’s a reversal from one of Winston Churchill’s Speeches
Right and never wrong, fear for allDownload mp3 file





POW in Iraq
The following example was found on a POW held by Iraq during the Persian Gulf crisis. Backwards it says, "Warn my home, you hurt." This shows some of the implications of Reverse Speech during war situations. If reversals could somehow be controlled, prisoners and the like could get messages back home through the reversals – Download mp3 file


Scott Peterson Here, convicted murderer on death row, Scott Peterson tells us exactly how he killed his wife. Her cause of death was undetermined as her body was found decapitated and the head has never been found. The reversal says, "Neck, I hit hard."Download mp3 file – and Click here for more reversals on Scott Peterson



From The 1930s Shadow Show  "Man with the harlot. Girl of evil"Download mp3 file


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