Hillary’s No Surprise Candidacy

Reverse Speech calls it beforehand


In a no surprise announcement, Hillary Clinton declared her intention to run for the White House late last week with the simple words on her website, "I’m in". (http://www.hillaryclinton.com). Whilst you didn’t need to be a psychic to predict this, it should be noted that Reverse Speech called it weeks ago with a reversal posted on the site of Reverse Speech Investigator, Wayne Nicholson (http://www.thehiddenlanguage.com). In her forward speech she was calling for the need for new leadership, and in reverse she says, "I surely would fit in." (click here to hear this reversal). This indicated her belief that she would fit in nicely into the position of new leadership.

This reversal was played on the Jeff Rense show last week (January 16 2007) BEFORE she made her announcement, and thus joins the ever growing list of successful predictions made by officially accredited Reverse Speech analysis.

However, all may not be rosy in the Clinton camp as this reversal on her announcement posted on her website seems to suggest – A crime with us. (Click here to hear this reversal).

Rest assured that this website will be following her candidacy closely with regular Reverse Speech analysis on her and other Presidential candidates. We believe that this coming election is the most crucial that America has faced for a long long time and the public deserves to know what Hillary’s and other candidates real motives and agendas are. Reverse Speech will show us.