Hillary Clinton Web Chat

23rd January 2007

Here are some speech reversals found on an interactive internet broadcast Hillary Clinton had through website (http://www.hillaryclinton.com). For the most part she seems to be congruent and is declaring her intentions to be the first woman President.

Click on reversal to download mp3 file. The exact forward words responsible for the reversal has been bracketed.

“[That means that number one] a lot of kids don’t go who would be college material because they can’t afford to start.” Now woman is named. I want it (She declares her desires to be the first woman President.)

“I would certainly wish that we didn’t, [er have the situation] we face now but I’m going to continue do what I can to try and be as responsible as possible to get our troops home but also to deal with the dangers that have been unleashed there.” Shows this with thy hurt (Recognising the hurt happening in Iraq.)

“…and [we’re also at] the mercy of a very unstable regime.” There was sorrow (Same emotions as the reversal above.)

“Instead I think [we should cap] the number of troops and we should begin to put real conditions on the Iraqi government.” The fake issue (A puzzling reversal. Is the war in Iraq a fake issue?)

“I have the scars to show what we went through. And back then I’m not sure that [enough people] really accepted the fact that what we’d always had was just no longer going to be successful in a new global economy.” War be fun (War is fun??)

“…[denied medical] care when they need it most.” Look what I’ve done (Calling on her record.)

“…making it very [difficult for them] to get started with their own lives and families.” Made a fuck of it (Referencing disastrous policies?)

“Its something I’m going to be [focused on during this cam]paign.” It makes a new Nazi (Another puzzling reference to Nazi. This metaphor has been found on Bush, Rice as well Blair. Is it a metaphor for the current regimes?)

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