Gordon Duff November 2015

Gordon Duff


Gordon – “I’m not sure I like white people because uh frankly there’s a reason peop, white people are being bred out of existence because their average, the average IQ, when the IQ of Americans dropped from a hundred to eighty-[three that’s not the] brown, the brown people in the U.S. that’s the white people. The white people have bred the white people in the U.S. have bred themselves back into the trees.” – It’s Mossad, you’ll see. – On Veterans Day.


Gordon – “..ah Romney is being funded with oh probably a billion dollars will come through Sheldon Andelson. One million will go to Obama from George Soros and you get emails all day long, I certainly get them, [we all get them] that say that George Soros is the one that’s running ah, ah running the world secretly ok, and that he’s an evil individual because he’s Jewish and has worked in the insurance business. And yet, if you had George Soros on here with us, George Soros happens to agree with everything we say. George Soros is not a bad person. George Soros spends his money trying to get as much truth out as he can. He is not politically the same as any of these people, I don’t care if he’s Jewish or came from Hungry or worked in the insurance business he supports common normal American people.” – The big lie. – On Veterans Day.