George Bush Press Conference on Iraq – July 12, 2007



This a press conference President Bush gave on July 12th 2007, primarily about Iraq.

Reversal Conclusion

Bush is of mixed mind in this interview. He seems to swap from one of conviction, fervently believing in his mission and its overall goals, to one of despair not knowing what the outcome will be. He feels alone, some guilt and fears that the overall situation in Iraq is at a loss. They may be doing more harm than good. He is selling his position though and puts on a bold front.


Listen to the whole audio of this press conference by clicking here. View the full transcript by clicking here. Click on the reversal in the transcript to download or listen to the mp3 file. The precise forward words where the reversal occurred has been marked with brackets – [ ].

"The third phase was the tragic escalation of sectarian violence sparked by [the bombing of] the Golden Mosque in Samarra." They bring a mob (Congruent – the mob sparked the violence.)

"Today I’m exercising the waiver authority granted to me by Congress to release a substantial proportion of those funds. The bottom line is that this is preliminary report and it comes [less than a month] after the final reinforcements arrived in Iraq." Thumb, when it sells (Thumbs up as it sells his policy)

"It would mean that we’d be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. It would mean we’d allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in Iraq to replace the one they [lost in Afghan]istan." And they plan its soul (Congruent, the terrorists plan their own soul)

"My attitude is we ought to defeat them there [so we don’t have to face them here, and that we ought to] defeat their ideology with a more hopeful form of government." They draw you in that rim, safe with values (Unknown)

"There is — people are — there is a war fatigue in America. It’s affecting our [psychology. I’ve said this] before. I understand that this is an ugly war." Seen this phase, you lock us (He is being held back by this current phase in Amercia)

"Part of that concern is whether or not we can win; whether or not the objective is achievable. People don’t want our troops in harm’s way if that which we are trying to achieve can’t be accomplished. I feel the [same way]." Hell mess (Its a mess in Iraq)

"General Petraeus asked for a certain number of troops, and he just [got them a couple of weeks ag]o." Your skill will fuck ’em up (Their skilful planning will only lead to disaster.)

"You mean in this interim period? Yes. I don’t think [Congress ought to be running] the war. I think they ought to be [funding our troops]. I’m certainly interested in their opinion." When they know we bless Irag / We’re strong enough (Congruent reversal. he is hoping to create a wonderful situation there and believes he has the force to do so.)

"And so the role of the Commander-in-Chief is, of course, to con[sult with Congress]." Iraq the loss (But they are currently losing.)

"Let me make sure [you understand what I’m saying. Cong]ress has all the right in the world to fund. That’s their main involvement in this war, which is to provide funds for our troops." Iraq has no answer (He is not as confident as he is proclaiming – there is no answer for Iraq.)

"(Q: When you heard that, since that point, you think of how many hundreds of soldiers have been killed, how much money has been spent. Why shouldn’t people conclude that you are either stubborn, in denial, but certainly not realistic about the strategy that you’ve pursued since then?) … You know, it’s interesting, it turns out Mike Hayden — I think you’re quoting Mike Hayden there — was in this morning to give me his [weekly briefing], and I asked him about that newspaper article from which you quote." You field your guilt (An insight into his emotions. The question he was asked seemed to spark guilt inside him, so he fields or avoids it within.)

"And that ought to be a lesson for the American people, to understand that what happens in Iraq and overseas matters to the security of the United [States of America, yes ma’am].." Now see your crime with us (Incongruent. America has done wrong.)

"And so I’ll continue to urge the Iraqis to [show us that] they’re capable of passing legislation. But it’s not just us, it’s the Iraqi people." Its a wash (Incongruent. Its a failure.)

"And after all, there was a significant series of votes where the people were given a chance to express their desire to live in a free society. [As a matter of fact, 12 m]illion Iraqis went to the polls." Boast, their friendly (He is boasting. This policy has worked)

"It’s been hard. I have received a lot of inspiration, however, from meeting with our troops, [who understand the stakes of this] fight, and meeting with their families." See this. Yes, answer knows (Unknown.)

"And we owe it to our troops [to support our commanders] — smart, capable people who are devising a strategy that will enable us to succeed and prevent the conditions I just talked about from happening." Surname, I got opposite  (Unknown)

"And freedom has an amazing way of helping lay the foundation for peace. And it’s really important, as we head into this ideological struggle in the 21st century, that we not forget [that liberty] can transform societies." Here to build it (Congruent – building liberty)

"I was pleased that the numbers were as big as they were, to defy that many [threats and car bom]bers, but I wasn’t surprised." I bog the stealth (Unknown)

"It appeared to them that our troops have high respect for our commanders in Baghdad, as do I. [Now, do you have a follow-up], perhaps another subject." I’ll free that (Congruent – he is freeing Iraq)

"I think a lot of people understand we’ve got to wait for the generals to make these military decisions. [I suspect] — I know this, Ed, that…." It helps us (Congruent)

"And so, Ed, sometimes [you just have to make the] decisions based upon what you think is right." It began with my city. (Unknown)

"And, finally, another constituency is the enemy, who are [wondering whether or not America] has got the resolve and the determination to stay after them." Her crime, I’m alone you know (He feels isolated with dubious decisions.)

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