Current Events and Reversals 2001-2002


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August 2002

Bush: Kill them with the friendly London
Bush: I got power
Bush: Need war with a veil of humor
Bush: They had a dream / There’s double effort
Bush: We’ll be indebted
Bush: We’re doubtful we will beat them

Tom Daschle: I’ll fake it

Reverse Speech busts the Mole: Look, I’m the one

911 call finding Samantha Runnion’s body: Come and get that idiot

Westerfield (convicted of Van Dam murder): Was in the motorhome I nailed her

Bizzare reversal – Found on Angela Ricci, wife of Richard Ricci suspected in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping, during an interview on the Larry King show in July 2002. The irony is that Ricci, who has always denied his involvement in the Smart kidnapping, died in jail of a brain haemorrhage in August 30th 2002. Was this reversal on his wife predicting his death? And why the use of the word “patsy”?: Now patsy will die

July 2002

Bush: It will make you well
Bush: I agree
Bush: It sells the scam they know
Bush: Mess Iraq
Bush: Begin with Iraq

John Howard in Parliament: Remember the scum and we laugh
John Howard in Parliament: This little fuck, give it up
Member of Australian parliament: The Sydney snob knows mud

June 2002

Bush: See the bad nurse make disease

Father of missing Elizabeth Smart: And we can’t thank you (mirror image)

Ari Fleischer: Hear them. It sits in the harbour
Ari Fleischer: Space, you’re in shock

Gary Condit’s former girlfriend: Made enough and count it up soon

Reporter: That man is just an idiot

May 2002

Ariel Sharon: With the warfare you will hang
Ariel Sharon: Suing the new missile
Ariel Sharon: Hebrew remembering
Ariel Sharon: Shield within
Ariel Sharon: The battle fed the gallow

Shimon Peres: The force rigor

Bush: Hear our fame, this little fuck
Bush: We send a path

Colin Powell: Your wolf send chills

Jerry Falwell: The Lord is a slug

Session work: Idiot, do you love your wench
Session work: Protect youself

Child: Recording me
Child: Who is my Dad
Child : I’m not telling
Child: Hi Dadda

Britney Spears: Ah see me. I’m not too young
Galaxy Quest: Never surrender
Forrest Gump: There’s your mumma

March 2002

Bush: A crime with us, yes and I need the laws
Bush: Yes, and I needed the job
Bush: Our ways are friendly
Bush: The bandaid. Throw in a band

Henry Kissinger: And this revealed our law

Tom Ridge: Do we grow evil relief
Tom Ridge: Wheres our leader

Donald Trump: The city has screamed. Give us this nervous soul
Donald Trump: Sound of Adam was a wish
Donald Trump: Thats a shame. Did I need this

Arrafat: He needs the lies forgiveness

Zimbabwe Spokesman (after CHOGM conference: Now we know / This is certainly it

Condit Ex-lover (Ann Marie): I’m not afraid
Ex lover lawyer: We’ve seen him nailed

Session work: My Rocelin, off with her head
Session work: Promise your sad wolf

Historic (President Cleveland 1892): Try a southern route

Sting: He scared me hidden. Hear me please
JJ Cale: Hear listen after it. How we know

February 2002

Rumsfeld: Lets say their city melted

Ken Lay’s wife: Get on line with the fame

January 2002

Aussie fires: I’m exhausted. It was a shock

Reporter to Powell: That man is just an idiot

Bin Laden: But our government is wrong. Terror now

Taliban (Oct): This starts a civil war
Taliban: Osama Bin Laden

Northen Alliance: We blew it up at night

John Walker: I was working. It was from Australia

Richard Gephardt (after State Of Union): We’ll miss food. Didn’t grow from the states

Bush: We sign evil with it
Bush: You cant do it. Renege on it
Bush: Senate. They’re all first year losers
Bush: See this. The crimes with the spams
Bush: Shows the deals. This happened
Bush: Cos I love you
Bush: And America wants her file on it

In memorial to my Son, Michael John Oates 1980-2001 (some reversals he found)
I pass the peace
High in LA
High school was more than i really needed

December 2001

Cheney: An effort. I break this up. Serve the warning
Cheney: They bomb and I know him, you bastard

Rumsfeld: Singing the army rap

Arrafat: Men are cobras and they bomb us

Downed B1 Bomber pilot: Be so brave
Pilot: I go in shock
Pilot: Ocean to feel the bomb that they served

Troop in the field: This no fun

Powell: They have a skill that helps you
Powell: You lost Iraq. Now blast the lot
Powell: We deal in the dark cities

Bush: There is dilemma. There’s grief with our bombs
Bush: Hear the name we hold
Bush: Her wide evil wind
Bush: But the crime is censored
Bush: I feel grateful

Taliban: And they’re desperate

November 2001

NTSB Investigator on NYC Crash: We’ll solve the crack
NTSB Investigator on NYC Crash: Brave eagle, we’re sad
NTSB Investigator on NYC Crash: May they defend this soul

Governor of NY (NYC plane crash): The bomb

Giuliani (NYC plane crash): Oh behold that field
Giuliani (NYC plane crash): Seal my favors / Doubt the warhead / Make you censor
Giuliani (NYC plane crash): Hear their worry
Giuliani (NYC Plane crash): Innocent, innocent

Rumsfeld: Seen the shot gun *** See note below
Rumsfeld: They cannot kill in any force. See that pressure
Rumsfeld: They do receive us now
Rumsfeld: Feel Simone visit in the Asia

Bush (on nuclear reduction) We go with sorrow
Bush: The terrorists dilemma
Bush: Bring in the passion
Bush: They sealed her drama
Bush: I know a side office. Will you be careful

Mandela: They defeat the effort
Mandela: Its a bloody plan now

Taliban Spokesman: Warn Lybia

Bin Laden: I will buy you the palace of evil

Gadaffi: Easy to look for a double
Gadaffi: Bomb America
Gadaffi: My hunt was a silly lesson
Gadaffi: I’m a beautiful person

October 2001

Overall Analysis: Bush is strong and resolute in his determination to fight terrorism. There appear to be ulterior motives, however, to use the situation to solidify world power, as well as other reasons behind the office of Homeland security.

Mayor Guilliani: …yes, theres hope, theres hope that there are people that are still alive… Evil wind (ominous warning – very few were actually found alive)

Mayor Guilliani: …the area is being lit now so i dont think the rescue effort will be hampered by the darkness… I got a loss (probably a personal reference)

Mayor Guilliani: …the fact there is still fire there, there are still unsound structures and its still dangerous… How we tow the rubble (Congruent – detailing what is being done)

Mayor Guilliani: …they need to deal with 1000s and 1000s of bodies if they have to and we’ll give them the support they need to do that… That office in a big whirlwind (Congruent – high activity)

Mayor Guilliani: …when I was down at the site near the WTC I met a lot of the National guards people that the governor has sent… Nasa heard a bug (A puzzling reversal – prior knowledge of attacks??)

Bush:…I have directed the full resources of our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find those responsible and bring them to justice. We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them… Sky, see the limit with terror (A reversal of resolve)

Bush: ….I pray they will be comforted by a power greater than any of us spoken through the agesin psalm 23, even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death… Fable. I should be alive with it (Incongruities around his professed faith)

Bush: …on behalf of the American people i thank the world for its outpouring of support. America will never forget the sounds of the national anthem playing at Buckingham palace… I will shine. Love is nice (Congruent reversal)

Bush: …initially the terrorists may burrow deeper into caves – our military action is also designed to clear the way for sustained, comprehensive and relentless operations to drive them out…I am avowed (reversal of resolve – he is committed and determined)

Bush: …tonight the United States of America makes the following demands on the Taliban. Deliver to the United States authorities all the leaders of El Quaeda who hide in your land…I must reveal the law (Laying down the law)

Bush: ..we will direct every resource at our command, every means of diplomacy, every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law enforcement, every financial influence and every necessary weapon of war… Name the Goddess. I’ll seal you (*metaphor – hope for the future, seeing end goal – he is setting his goals and will achieve them)

Bush: …this group and its leader, Osama Bin Laden are linked to many other organisations in different countries… Now need the musclemen (Making battle plans – musclemen=special forces??) *** See note below

Bush: …tonight I announce the creation of a cabinet level position rerporting directly to me, the office of Homeland Security… Profess a deal in the crime / There is dilemma (*** There is a significant incongruity or dilemma in this statement, some other “deal” behind this new office.)

Bush: …we will take defensive measures against terrorism to protect amercians, today dozens of federal departments and agencies as well as state and local goverments have responsibilities affecting Homeland security… Arrest niggers who shame this effort (a tough stand against those who don’t support the effort)

Bush: …an act of war was declared against the United States of America… Rule the planet, Dad (Ulterior motive of control – his fathers new world order?)

Bush: …the Taliban must act and act immediately, they will hand over the terrorists or share in their fate… You’re leading the planet. Say its on their blood (Ulterior motives again? Using the terrorist situation to establish firmer planetary leadership?)

Bush: …since sept 11 an entire generation of young americans have gained a new understanding of the value of freedom and its cost in duty and sacrifice… They bring an answer known (Congruent, a reminder of duty)

Secretary of State Powell: …some nations were not expecting that sentence but it is not a source of any friction or problem with members of the coalition… Nasa will get the family caskets (Another reference to Nasa, spy activities? – the meaning of the metaphor family caskets is unknown)

General Myers: …we are generally pleased with the results but only have preliminary battle damage assessment done at this point… We made the lab, here in the middle (battle strategies?)

Simon Peres …we feel part and parcel of this campaign and if it is asked everything will be considered seriosuly and positively ….Are you awkward. They knew your lousy vessel (Incongruent, other considerations behind the scenes)

Ari Flescher (White House Spokesman): …at best Osama Bin Laden’s message is propaganda, calling on people to kill Americans, at worst, he could be issuing orders… Seize the Samson, now lead the masses (* metaphor meaning strength, leadership – its significance here is a mystery)

Florida Spokesman on Anthrax cases: …so far of the 700 we have reviewed, we have found one positive anthrax culture and that isina 37 year old i believe… Feel the bad worry (Congruent)

These reversals are from an October 9 interview Matt Lauer of the NBC Today face=”Arial”>show did with Haron Amin who is an ex-soldier and present face=”Arial”>spokesman for the Northern Alliance. Lauer’s question was ” Even if the Taliban is defeated , wouldn’t Afghanistan still face years of civil unrest between the warring tribal factions ?”  Three minutes earlier in the interview , Lauer had to prod Amin into admitting they bought guns from Iran . Evidently , Iran is not a part of , or a supporter of the US coalition . Amin’s response:  ,,,It is going to be an arduous and difficult journey for us , that not we…but I can tell you Matt, uh 22 years of war and neglect have produced the kind of [conditions that you see] in Afghanistan today, [but now that the ] international face=”Arial”>community has resolved to hand down …… Need Iran help / I received that mission face=”Arial”> (Congruent, giving extra information)

Here’s a wierd one! This reversal was found on reverse speech student, John Bunker in April 2001. He was talking about psychic experiences forwards. Did he have a psychic experience in reverse?! Soon plan evil on America

***  Email received – “The one reverse of GW Bush which was heard as “I’ll  need the muscle men” is actually “I’ll need the musselman” a variant of the  muslims! He is saying he will need the support of the majority of  Muslims.  Here is the definition from “Mus·sul·man (msl-mn) n. Archaic pl. mus·sul·men  or mus·sul·mans” A Muslim. Bush is saying I’ll need the Mussulman. – (Thanks to Dave for this information)