Courtney Love

[Play Stream] [Download File] Here is an interview that Barbara Walters conducted with Courtney Love, the widow of rock star Kurt Cobain. So that you can get a feel for the emotional nature of the interview the forward dialogue is presented in full. The topics covered center around drugs, Courtney’s lifestyle and the death of Kurt Cobain. Many very clear speech reversals occurred in this interview. They were clear and poignant because the emotional, candid nature of the discussion created the right environment for the right brain to be fully engaged. Reverse Speech is a right brain hemispheric function and speech reversals occur most frequently and clearly in these type of situations.

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Barbara: "Some people feel that you in a way have a death wish and that you are going to end up dying."
Show fed with the heroin (Barbara certainly believes heroin plays a major role in Courtney’s show)

Courtney: "I think that’s what the stage diving was about. All right, kill me, crucify me, get me, tear my breasts off."
Heal the gargle (I have no idea what this reversal means. Any suggestions?)

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Barbara: "Why Courtney, why do you have the feeling that you’ve got to do away with yourself.":

Courtney: "I’m a rebel. I’m pissed, I’m mad that I feel like Americans feel like this soap opera would be so neater if she was dead."
Dad’s wish for earnings. You must see proper sin (Courtney talks about an abusive childhood. Her Father got her to try LSD when she was very young. He obviously wanted her money as well)

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Barbara: "You simulate your husband’s death. To some people that’s really terrible taste. Why do you do it."
We miss him (Referring to Kurt)

Courtney: "What do I do, do I ignore it? Do I acknowledge it? Is there a middle ground? Do I sit here and play Betty Crocker? What can I do?"
On your heroin / We make up (Confirming drug use and suggesting that her strange antics are in some way making recompense for Kurt’s death.)

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Barbara: "So this was your way of what, paying tribute to him by doing that on stage."

Courtney: "It’s more catharsis and there’s not a thing I could or would take back because it was for me not for them and yet they get something out of it."
They were lying. It must forgive (The people were lying. They are wrong. The reversals confirms Courtney’s intention of recompense.)

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Barbara: "What could you have different and what do you blame yourself for?"

Courtney: "I’ve got 8,000 things, 8,000 million things."
And you lie dead (Speaks for itself.)

Barbara: "Do you feel his death is your fault?"

Courtney: "In this instance yes, I did not need to call for intervention. I shouldn’t have called for intervention."
You’re fucked in the shit. (Speaks for itself. Self blaming and abuse.)