Burke Ramsey’s Interview Analysis

Burke Ramsey's Interview - Reverse Speech Analysis

Burke Ramsey’s Interview – Reverse Speech Analysis

Burke Ramsey’s interview was performed by Dr. Phil McGraw and is the son of John and Patsy Ramsey and brother to murdered 6 year old Jon Benet Ramsey. In the interview he talks about his sister’s murder and what transpired all those years ago in 1996. He also talks about his family’s innocence and who thinks was the killer. These are a few of the reversals found in the interview.


Burke Ramsey – “..so I was pretty skeptical of like any sort of [media, like it] just made me a very private person.” – Here you’re hiding.


Burke Ramsey – “For a long time the media basically made our lives crazy. It’s hard to [miss the] cameras and news trucks in your front yard and…” – Get sin.