Barack Obama July 2009

1/ Barack Obama on Health Care in North Carolina

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“[Hello North Carolina].” And now I calm devil Metaphor: see dictionary definition below. Possible translation is: “And now I calm your (or my?) destructive emotions.”

“I am so excited to be back in Raleigh, to [be back in North Carol]ina.” I come to guide you

“It is not only [great to be back in Raleigh], it is also nice to get out of Washington.” Allow the gab, it was guilt

“First of all I just want to thank Sarah Coleman for the wonderful introduction. Give her a great round of applause. She bought me a [cup cake factory] T shirt but no cup cakes.” You can (can’t?) get fucked

“I want to thank your own [Governor].” They’ve got a bug

“I want to thank Steven Mayors, the [??? high school] principal.” Folks there I know

“Now there’s a lot of [misinformation] about the recovery act or the stimulus, whatever you want to call it, so let me just lay out the facts because I think some folks are confused.” I’ve been ashamed of my sin

“They’re saying we should broken ground on all our highway projects on the first day, Well that’s impossible. Especially because I wanted to be sure we did our homework and invested our tax dollars only in those [projects that actually] created jobs and jump started the economy.” You’ll shatter, see doubt

“I mean that’s the biggest challe€nge we have right now. People sort of generally have [scepticism about Washington] and I, look I understand that. That’s why I ran for President cos I was sceptical about what was happening.” Let me show album, this is hex (or hexxed?) Metaphor: see dictionary definition below. Possible translation is: “Let me show the past, the memories of where we have been.”

“Even as we worked to address the crisis in our banking sector, and our housing [market and our] auto industry, and by the way there was a flu that came by during that process.” And they come

“Now let me just say this about banks. I know it doesn’t seem fair to [many Americans to use] tax dollars to stabilize banks that took reckless risks and helped cause this problem in the first place.” Seize (or sees?) the crime in ’em

“We also took steps to help a struggling auto industry emerge from a crisis largely of its own making, again some folks thought [why are we doing that]. There was a strong argument to let General Motors and Chrysler go under.” I know you well

“So, just remember of somebody asks you about [the stimulus or] the recovery, one third of it is in your pocket in tax cuts, one third of it is unemployment insurance relief, help on cobra and making sure that states don’t have to make cuts that would make things worse.” But so we listen

“We decided that the last third should be for short term and long term investments that are putting people back to work and building a strong economy for the future, [and I want you to know], this money is not being wasted. We’re seeing the results of these investments here in Raleigh and across North Carolina.” Warned and we don’t want it

“Because the truth is we have a system today that [works well for the ins]urance industry but it doesn’t always work well for you.” Clear the foul scroll (or maybe screw?) Metaphor: see dictionary definition below. Possible translation is: “Clear this very tight and deep dysfunctional behavioural pattern.”

“No longer will insurance companies be allowed to drop or water down coverage for someone who has [become seriously ill], that’s not right, its not fair.” Are you serious, mug

“Many of you have been denied insurance [or heard someone] who has been denied insurance because they had a pre-existing condition. That will no longer be allowed.” I must still hope

“That plan doesn’t [sound too good]. That’s the health care system we have right now. So we can either continue with that approach or we can chose another approach, one that will gradually bring costs down.” It was nice

“The first is projected to double your health cares costs over the next decade, make millions more Americans uninsured, bankrupt state and federal governments and allow insurance [companies to run rough shot] over consumers. That’s one option. That’s called the status quo.” The show lowered, see the bugs

“You remember I said two thirds of this can be paid for [though savings in the system al]ready. If we’re going to cover everybody then we still got to pay for that one third.” I’m assisting, listen to the answers

“Medicare and the VA are both government run health care programs that have very high satisfaction rates, generally, if you look at [surveys] they have actually very high satisfaction rates.” See a verse Metaphor: see dictionary definition below. Possible translation is: “I fully believe in this statement I am making down at the level of my soul.”

“But those are the kind things that can be changed. Now your broader [question may just] be, I don’t have confidence in government.” So damn the shock Metaphor: see dictionary definition below. Possible translation is: “Get rid of this trauma.”

“When I took office in January I asked to receive ten letters, to see ten letters from people across the country every day. They’re just selected by the mail woman. We get about 40,000 letters a day. [They send me] about ten a day.” They miss your dead

“Here in North Carolina, you know this isn’t about politics, it’s about people’s lives, it’s about people’s [businesses], it’s about the future. I want our children, our grandchildren to look back and say this is when we decided to take the politics out of it.” This is it

2/ Press Conference with Iraqi Prime Minister

“I am especially pleased that he intends to visit Arlington [National Cemetery]. That hallowed ground is the final resting place for so many young Americans who have paid the ultimate price to help forge this hard earned progress.” Here is the mess, won’t shame it

“The United States and Iraq have known difficult times together, now both of us agree that the bonds forged between Americans and Iraqis in war can pave [the way for progr]ess that can be forged in peace.” Iraq will fail

“Substantial progress has been made since Prime Minister Maliki’s first visit to Washington in 2006 and since the Prime Minister and I [had a chance to sit] down together in Baghdad.” This is safe today

“Ultimately we are going to be able to fulfil our commitment to pull out our troops entirely and interact with Iraq as the full [sovereign country] that it is.” You fucked your boss

“As I said before, we seek no bases in Iraq [nor do we make] any claim on Iraq’s territory or resources.” Damn you alone

“It doesn’t mean that there aren’t still dangers in Iraq [and obviously we’ve seen] that in some circumstances those who want to sow sectarian division inside of Iraq are going to still resort to the killing of innocents.” Miss you, we’ll sit on it

3/ At a rally in New Jersey

“Governor Cody is the house. I want to thank the abundant life [church choir for the music].” Bring the foul jerk (church?)

“If you talk to your neighbours and your [friends and your co-work]ers. You call your member of Congress and your Senators. If you re-elect John Corzine, if you work hard.” Go walk on your mouth

“He hasn’t avoided doing what’s hard. [This isn’t someb]ody who’s here because of some special interest or political machine.” Now must live it

“I want you to know I’m proud to stand with a man who wakes up every day thinking about your future [and the future] of Jersey and that’s your Governor, John Corzine.” There’s grief in that

“Jersey, I want you to know that’s not a [future that I accept], that’s not a future that John Corzine accepts, that’s not a future that you accept.” Lets get out of the grief

“We’ve always been willing to take great chances and reach for new horizons and [remake the world ar]ound us and that’s what we must do again.” The whirl will damn you Metaphor: see dictionary definition below. Possible translation is: “The energy in the physical world will cause you harm.”

Extract from Reverse Speech Metaphor Dictionary

ALBUM (Structural) memories of the past; collective experiences; one’s life history can be found in the album.

DEVIL (Structural) see Demon; high energy; also destructive behaviour and emotions; a harmful pattern.

SCROLL (Structural) a sacred verse, the laws of conduct and behaviour are written on the scrolls and stored in the Ark of the Covenant.

SHOCK (Structural) Usually repressed trauma

VERSE (Structural) see Word, Law; a sacred statement; a divine message; a spiritual belief that determines behaviour.

WHIRL (Structural) see Whirlwind, Wind; the two aspects of the whirlwind; whirl is to interact in the physical world, wind is to interact in the unconscious world; whirlwind is the perfect combination of both; pure raw energy.