Article by Michael Goodspeed

Reverse Speech Hobbyist, Portland, OR

Diving In To Reverse Speech

By Michael Goodspeed

It was approximately three years ago that I, Michael Goodspeed, like many members of the American listening public, was first introduced to the strange and surrealistic science known as Reverse Speech. I recall very clearly the Sunday evening in 1996, when, either by chance or synchronicity, I flipped my radio dial to “On” and was first exposed to the revolutionary work of David John Oates, a researcher and scientist whose pioneering discovery may one day be canonized as the most significant of it’s time in the field of human consciousness. It is fair to say that since learning of Reverse Speech, and being educated in its many complex ramifications, my perspective on the Universe and my place within it has been forever altered.Michael Goodspeed

In the spring of 1999, I began practicing Reverse Speech as a very passionate hobby. First, I started doing reversals on friends, family members, and myself (although David usually forbids it!!), and eventually my interest grew to include politicians, sports figures, movie stars, and most interestingly, members of the so-called “alternative” scene. These are the people we’ve all heard more times than we can remember, talking about subjects like UFOs, government conspiracies, predictions for the future, and past-lives. For many years, I have had a sneaking suspicion that some of these people, who portray themselves as beacons of spiritual enlightenment, tolerance, love, and compassion, were often motivated by less-than-admirable agendas. It didn’t take Reverse Speech for me to the know that a lot of these individuals were anything but saints; what Reverse Speech has done is confirm what many of us have suspected all along.

Bear in mind, I am not a certified expert in the field of Reverse Speech. I am a student who, figuratively speaking, is a dozen semesters away from graduation. However, with the GREAT help of Jeffrey Toth, Vice President of Reverse Speech Machines (, and with the final approval of the Teacher himself, I have uncovered some significant and REVEALING reversals on several staples in the world of alternative talk. (Jeffrey himself should ultimately be credited with finding about half of the reversals.)

I would like to make it clear that, while I may have strong intellectual disagreements with some of these people, it is not my intention to demean or embarrass any of them. In fact, being a member of the alternative world myself, I would like to maintain good professional relationships with as many of them as possible. However, as David himself has often said, one must leave all personal biases and agendas aside not only when finding reversals, but in choosing which ones to make public. If one DOESN’T present a reversal because of a personal bias , then it is as bad PRESENTING out of personal animosity.

On David’s site, you will find telling reversals on the following people: Whitley Strieber, the world’s most famous abductee and host of Art Bell’s Dreamland show; Dr. Bruce Goldberg, a past-life regressionist and time-travel “expert” who I personally interviewed for the Extraordinary News Network.; Lloyd Pye, discoverer and proprietor of the so-called “ET-Skull;” and Chris Carter, creator and executive producer of the X-Files TV show.

The reversals on Goldberg are particularly telling. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he has been on such TV and radio shows as Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, Regis and Kathie Lee, and Art Bell. He not only claims to have traveled as far into the future as 3500, but that he can teach anyone to do the same. He is a professional therapist who says that he’s personally met time travelers and several different species of aliens. When I interviewed him for ExNews, I felt an unease that I couldn’t quite put my finger on; hearing his reversals clears up the issue quite a bit!!

Reversals on Lloyd Pye and Strieber will no doubt raise an eye-brow or two as well.

I think it would be best if I leave the in-depth analysis of the reversals to David himself. I certainly have my opinions, as you will to when you hear them, but for now, I’ll keep them to myself.