ReverseSpeech Pro 4.0

Reverse Speech Professional Version 4.0 has just been released February 10, 2016 and we are very excited about this new version. Several new features will make analysis even easier than before. Licensed users may email Jeff for the update here:

Note: Windows PC Support OnlyApple and Mac unsupported.

ReverseSpeech Pro 4.0 New Features

MP3 Encoder/Decoder: This new release features the MP3 encoder/decoder built into the software so there is no need for external programs anymore for processing MP3’s.

New Navigation: You will find a whole new menu navigation system in this release of RS Pro 4.0 which is much easier to navigate and find functions within the software.

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The Software.Informer Review of Reverse Speech Pro

“..To sum up, and regardless of the true reason behind the creation of this tool, Reverse Speech Professional can be regarded as one of the most comprehensive, intuitive, and well-designed audio editor you can put your hands on.”

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ReverseSpeech Pro 2.6 Features

Reverse Speech Professional Version 2.6 has just been released to the public on the 21st of January, 2013 and is the long awaited update for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Several major fixes in this version will make the experience of analyzing audio for Reverse Speech a much easier and pleasant experience. The ‘Mixture List error’ has been fixed along with which audio channel you are working with, now displays in the ‘Recording Source’ window. We have also added a ‘Recording Volume Control’ next to the Recording source to make it easier to select the proper amount of volume for recording. Update today and make your analyzation process much simpler. Licensed users may email Jeff for the update here:

Note: Windows PC Support OnlyApple and Mac unsupported.

About ReverseSpeech Pro

Reverse Speech Pro is software for editing audio or sound files on your computer with specialized functions designed into the software to make analyzing Reverse Speech easier and faster than ever before, while promoting standardization within the discipline. It is the only software in the world specifically designed for the professional documentation and analysis of Reverse Speech.

ReverseSpeech Pro 2.6 Features

Sound File Editor: Reverse Speech Pro is a fully qualified sound file editor with all the basic functions of a sound editor for the PC computer. Operating much like a Cassette Tape Player/Recorder, RS Pro renders your computer into a Reversing Machine making the analyzation of Reverse Speech easier, faster, and more accessible than ever before.

File Formats Supported: RS Pro currently supports these file formats for the PC computer: .WAV, .MP3*, .SND, .AU, and .RAW file formats. File formats are supported in all frequencies from 1 to 99,999Hz, in either 8 Bit or 16 Bit, Mono or Stereo. Specially designed for RS Pro is large file support of up to 2000 Megabytes or 2 Gigabytes to support long recordings of speech.

Extensive Bookmarking Features: Bookmarking is as easy as highlighting the audio you wish to keep, the selecting Add Bookmark. Features of bookmarking include single point (Flag) or dual point (Range) bookmarking, a Title for the bookmark, text to go with bookmark as in what your Reversal says, and then all information is stored for later use in creating your transcript. Your bookmark also stores the time indices that is later added to your transcript automatically as well.

Special Playback Functions: For making Reverse Speech analyzation easier, several special functions have been designed into the software. These features include Forward and Reverse playback, instant reversing while playing (U-Turn button), and dual speed control for playing the Forwards and the Reverse at different speeds. The dual speed control helps speed analyzation since you can listen to the Forwards at normal or faster than normal speeds, while you can listen to the Reverse at a speed slower than normal which is conducive to analyzation of Reverse Speech.

Auto-Dump Feature: By far the greatest feature of the RS Pro software, the Auto-Dump feature makes the creation of correctly formatted Reversal examples easier than ever. A correctly formatted example consists of 20 to 30 seconds of the Forwards speech, where the Reversal occurs, along with the Reversal cut cleanly out of the main audio file, at 3 speeds respectively, 100%, 85% and 70% of normal speed saved into it own separate file. This process using tapes, as we have in the past, used to take 20 to 30 minutes per Reversal to create. With RS Pro, this process is reduced to matter of a few seconds per Reversal.

Transcript Generation: Whether you are working in the therapeutic, investigations, or business area of Reverse Speech, you will need a transcript to present along with your findings and examples to your customers. With RS Pro this is simply part of the Auto-Dump process. While you are dumping your Reversal examples into their own separate files, you simply press the Add button in the Auto-Dump window, and this adds all the information previously stored in your bookmarks, titles, what the forward dialogue says, what the Reversal says, all the time indices, etc.., to the transcript, which is then saved as a .RTF Word document and can be printed out for your use.

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Reverse Speech Fact: The sentence that occurs in Reverse always relates to the topic that is being discussed Forwards.

* .MP3 file format is supported in conjunction with LameWin32 Public Licensed Software