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NEW! iReverseSpeechTM App


Just Released, January 18, 2014, the NEW iReverseSpeech app is an iPhone (and soon to be iPad) application that has been designed to record and analyze audio in order to find hidden messages. It is packed with an impressive array of features that allow you to record, find, save and share your discoveries.

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The Insiders – We Know What You’re Thinking and The Truth Will Be Told – By Kathleen L. Hawkins

Bestselling author and Reverse Speech student Kathleen L. Hawkins just had her first novel THE INSIDERS published. It’s the first in a series in which her characters use Reverse Speech to solve murder mysteries, discern hidden motives and agendas, and gain insights into human behavior.

Kathleen studied Reverse Speech for three years with David Oates. During that time she used reversal analysis on an actual recording of a police interrogation of a suspect who was later found guilty of murder. The suspect’s reversals revealed how he committed the crime and where he hid the body. Kathleen weaves those actual speech reversals into a fascinating, fictionalized story that’s a thought-provoking psychological thriller about a group of teenagers who solve a murder mystery using a “mind-reading machine,” the Reverse Speech technology.

Kathleen was one of the first students to earn a Reverse Speech Investigator certificate.







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Reverse Speech In Theory & Practice: How To Use Your Unconscious Mind To Predict The Outcome Of Future Events – by Joshua Schmude

This book details the theories of David John Oates, an Australian researcher whom discovered and developed the fundamental theories associated with Reverse Speech, published in 1987 in his first book titled Beyond Backward Masking. Written by Joshua Schmude, a certified Reverse Speech Analyst, it takes the reader on a journey into the depths of their own Soul and, using qualitative research methodologies, teaches anyone how they may use there own speech reversals to predict the outcome of future events associated with Horse Racing or any other practical domain they wish. The hypothesis set forth in this work is sure to change the lives of anyone who reads it with an open mind. Make no mistake, the reader will learn something from this book they will never be taught in school, just sit back, turn the page, and enjoy the ride!

Reverse Speech In Theory & Practice: How To Use Your Unconscious Mind To Predict The Outcome Of Future Events







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