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CIA Library Entry – Reverse Speech

CIA Library Entry – Reverse Speech – Check out this link to the CIA Library Reading Room where David’s book, Reverse Speech: Hidden Messages In Human Communication is listed for reading. CIA Library Reading Room

David’s Historical Writing Regarding The CIA

Extracts from “It’s Only a Metaphor” – due to be released by the end of 2017



A storm was about to come blowing into my life and it initially came in the form of a hot desert wind. Operation Desert Shield had begun in the Persian Gulf and I was doing reversals on all the news broadcasts to be included in my second book. There was one word in particular that I was finding frequently on many of the key players, primarily Bush, Baker, and Cheney. The word was Simone. I had never heard it in reverse before and I was very curious. Was it a metaphor for the war? A code word maybe? I contacted Scott Jones who sent a confidential memo about the matter to the Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney.

The memo read in part: “Dear Dick, by a technology known as Reverse Speech therapy, several of us have been following statements made by principal actors involved in the current Persian Gulf crisis. In statements made about Iraq by President Bush, Secretary of State Baker and yourself, a word that we have never heard before has appeared. The word is Simone. I mention this situation in case it is a code word that would not be in the national interest to be known.”

Somehow, the memo found its way into the hands of the press and Reverse Speech immediately hit the headlines. The story ran for two nights in a row on CNN who theorized that Reverse Speech was some new secret government technology. Other papers ran the story with headlines like: “Is the President hiding secret code words backwards in his speech?”

Government officials were silent and Scott Jones implored me not to speak to the press. I obeyed his wishes. Within two weeks my pending lectures in both Washington, D.C. and Michigan were mysteriously cancelled and I became concerned that I was under surveillance.

Still obsessed with the meaning of Simone I conducted by own research and eventually theorized that it was a metaphor for the war. I discovered that it came from the Arabic word Simoon, meaning a desert storm. I wrote an article for Backtalk putting this theory forward and was later stunned when the war itself broke out and it was called Operation Desert Storm. I was a little worried at that point and wondered if I had accidentally stumbled across something I should not have.

I continued to follow speech reversals on the war as soon as the news broadcasts occurred. I always managed to find hints of pending events in reverse, only to then see them subsequently occur in the immediate future. True to my word, I never contacted the press but privately my phone used to ring hot all the time with clients, students and friends wanting to know the latest information on the war before it hit the press. It was an interesting period and I still do speech reversals on news broadcasts today when I have the time. I am always amazed to see events I heard in reverse unfolding in the next few hours, days and sometimes weeks.



Just as I had lost control of the images in my trance, so too did I begin to lose control of other directions I was pursuing at that time. The first of these was my attempts to obtain official recognition for the technology in the area of law enforcement and government involvement.

My Washington DC trip was eventually scheduled for later that year and I flew in for a five day conference with various government psychologists, mid-level representatives from the FBI, and Naval Intelligence plus other attendees who never identified themselves. To my amazement I managed to tape record all these meetings and I still have the recordings today. The lectures went well, the acceptance level was remarkably high and research funding was discussed. I was greatly encouraged, expecting this to be the first of many more visits to Washington. However, events of a different nature were about to occur.

After the conference I was approached by a senior agent for the FBI. He was extremely interested in my research, particularly any work I had done with the authorities and seemed to be quite genuine in taking Reverse Speech further. He asked me to prepare him a written report saying that it would receive urgent consideration. We parted company on good terms and he said other agents would be in contact with me shortly.

With democratic patriotism and outback Aussie naiveté I faithfully wrote a comprehensive report and sent it to the FBI in Washington, D.C. together with books, copies of a few research notes and a small selection of tapes. As I write these words now, I am chilled by the blatant stupidity of what I did because I suspect that single act marked the turning point of my direction with Reverse Speech. Meanwhile, I patiently waited for the return contact that never came and proudly announced to my loyal Reverse Speech crew back in Dallas that our worries would soon be over and official recognition of the technology would shortly follow.

A few days later I had a drive by shooting at the house. Without thinking, I rushed straight outside to see only the tail end of an old black Cadillac tearing down the street. I immediately called the Texas police expecting justice to swiftly follow, but they basically told me to “shoot back”.

That night my heart rate increased substantially when I got a phone call that said, “Leave JFK alone.”

I thought about calling the police back but finally decided there wasn’t much point. The phone call had told me what I needed to know. It had been Backtalk. I had just published an article in Backtalk about the JFK assassination including the results of reversal analysis with Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. The article had theorized that Oswald was involved in the plot as a willing patsy but had not fired the fatal shots. It had been an interesting article but I had hardly expected a drive by shooting to come from it.

That incident was merely the start of many other strange events to follow. These included Vans parked down the street and unusual phone calls. Some of these calls were masked with voice scramblers. An anonymous person would say, “hullo” and remind me of the tremendous dangers I faced with Reverse Speech. He would then hang up.

It was all very unsettling and I wished I had never lectured in Washington if this is what it led to. It didn’t seem to make any sense. I wasn’t here to hurt anyone or create political intrigue. I was simply a researcher, an Aussie chasing a dream. The world of espionage was foreign to me and certainly not anything I wanted to be remotely connected with. Not to mention a family I now had to think about.

I moved house out of Dallas to the country hoping for some peace but there was none. The strange activities only increased. There were unusual noises on all my phones. The main line would automatically dial 911 frequently and the police would be on my front door step yet again. Sometimes the phone would be dead for no obvious reason. The strange Vans were parked down the street for days on end and I am sure I was followed occasionally. It was a bit like a Hollywood movie sometimes and if it wasn’t so serious I would have laughed at the stupidity of it all, certainly how blatantly obvious it was.

“I hope this isn’t America’s elite secret security forces at work here,” I would joke at the time. “We were all in big trouble if it was.”

The source of all these somewhat annoying events remained a mystery. They continued for a few months and gradually subsided. Well, they became less obvious anyway. I ultimately replaced my entire phone system and the 911 calls stopped. Yet the damage was done and I became increasingly disillusioned with the government, police and officialdom in general.



Then in April 1997, we were hit with a tragic event.

My office received two unusual phones calls on April second, telling us that a message would be delivered to us the next day and to make sure we were home to receive it. The following morning I took my first client at 9 am as I usually did and she said, “There’s a strong odor of honey suckle outside your house.” We went outside and checked and sure enough, all around the front perimeter of the house we could all smell honey suckle. Another odor. What did this one mean? I thought.

Then at 10:15 am, while I was session with my second client, my secretary came running into my office shouting words that would change things forever, “David, the house is on fire!”

I rushed out of the office to the source of the blaze which was the spare bedroom. We were using it as shipping room at the time. I tried to open the door but it was jammed tight.

We got out of the house as fast as we could. The fire spread rapidly engulfing the entire house within minutes. We watched helplessly waiting for the fire department that did not come for 45 minutes, even though there were two fire stations within minutes of us. We later discovered that both fire departments had their engines out being serviced on the same day.

The house was totaled, and what the flames didn’t get, the smoke did. We lost all personal effects, but amazingly all the Reverse Speech office equipment and my many years of tapes, research notes and client files survived. Just as well, because I had no insurance and some of the material was irreplaceable.

Once we recovered from the shock and gathered our thoughts, we started to ask questions. There were suspicious circumstances surrounding the fire. For a start a neighbor had seen a car leaving the scene just before the blaze broke out. Secondly, one of the many people who used to congregate around our house, had seen someone carrying two jugs of liquid up to the house ten minutes or so before the fire started. They thought it had been the pool men, but they had been an hour earlier.

Then the fire department could not determine the exact cause of the fire. They suspected a candle burning but could not be sure. We demanded an arson investigation but they steadfastly refused to do this. We hired security guards to protect the house until we could get the Reverse Speech equipment and files out of the wreck. There were two attempted break-ins into the wreck for two nights in a row that were both thwarted by the guards. After the second break-in, the culprit had left a fire department ladder behind after he had been interrupted by the security guard.

Four days later, my girlfriend, Karen, arrived at the house in the early hours of the morning to collect more material. She saw smoke coming from the house, and two men walking out of the driveway who seemed surprised to see her. She went to a neighbor’s house, immediately rang the fire department and by the time she returned the men had vanished. The fire department arrived on scene within minutes this time, and immediately put out the blaze which had begun near the remaining Reverse Speech office material. It was officially ruled as a reignite, and they still refused to conduct an arson investigation.

We were so frustrated that we finally hired our own independent arson investigators, three altogether, all of whom confirmed a possible chemical fire with multiple ignition sources. Then a month later, while I was going through what electronic equipment remained, I came across a blackened tape recorder that had been running while I was in session with my client when the fire broke out. Amazingly, the tape recording had survived and it had been recording for a full 15 minutes into the blaze before the power had finally gone out. I had captured the voice of my secretary running into the office, as well the voices of two men in the house, after everyone had left, rummaging through filing cabinets!

I was chilled. I tried to get the police and fire officials to listen to the tape but they would not. I tried to play it on the air during my next appearance on the Art Bell show, but we ran out of time. Then we requested copies of the 911 tapes. They had been altered. We requested copies of the fire departments logs. They had also been altered. We tried for months to get someone to listen to us, but no one would. A year later, I was sued by the insurance company for the owners of the house. I presented our case and it was finally settled out of court with minimal cost to me. To this day, no one has ever listened to us about this fire. The tape and all our investigation reports still exist including reports from a private investigator we hired to look into the blaze. All of these reports confirm arson by persons unknown.

The TV show Strange Universe subsequently did an investigative report on the house fire and they too concluded probable arson. Who did it and why they did it remain mysteries to this day but the odors, dreams, and reversals had warned of this. It was all too Twilight zone-ish yet again.

A very good friend of mine, Santa Anna School District Police Officer, Jerry Hirsch subsequently analyzed the tape recording I had found of the fire and he said the following.

“David sent a copy of the found tape for me to listen to. I spent over a week listening and reversing as much of it as could be heard over the fire alarm and other sounds. What was clear to hear was that after the secretary ran in yelling “David, the house is on fire”, everyone ran out of the room. Within 30 seconds you began to hear sounds of cabinets being opened, footsteps and papers being shuffled. Meanwhile you can hear everyone else shouting from another part of the house until the fire alarm begins sounding you can clearly hear this activity continue. At one point you can even hear that the recorder mike was bumped or pushed. Someone was definitely ransacking the office area. Also, at one point whispered voices could be heard. Seems like there was a voice about getting out but I’d have to re-listen to the clips. Bottom line is that something was going on in that office while everyone else was busy with the fire.”


Life went on after the fire but not smoothly. We rented a small house in the closest town and opened up new offices in the main shopping center of Bonsall. My son came to stay with us again but this time it was going to be for at least a year. It was good to have Michael with me again but drama still plagued me in my business life. My training classes continued in the new offices but Larry Ay was strangely missing. We never saw or heard from him again.

At the same time, we had numerous break-ins into the new Reverse Speech offices. Our computers were hacked and files stolen. We were watched and followed. The stress got to me and my personal life began to deteriorate, including my relationship with Karen. Then one day we discovered a program on my personal computer that was downloading data every night at 3 am in the morning to a server in Virginia. Virginia, I thought, right where the CIA headquarters were. Is this whole nightmare starting again? Was I under surveillance? Was the warning the FBI gave me coming true? I had no idea.



I arrived back in Australia to somewhat of a surprise. One of my students informed me that Reverse Speech had been added to the CIA’s website. It has? My mind raced back to the lectures I gave them back in 1991. I went to the CIA listing and there it was quoting my 1991 book, “Reverse Speech Hidden Messages in Human Communication,” by David John Oates. The listing had a PDF file which had a copy of the title page, a list of contents and footnotes. The body of the book was not there.

I dug a bit deeper and discovered it had been released on November 4, 2016 as a CREST document. I googled crest (I love google!) and discovered it was a CIA directive that automatically declassifies material after 25 years. It all fit. It was released exactly 25 years after I gave my lectures to them. This proved 2 things. Firstly to the naysayers who claimed these lectures never took place, well, here is proof that they did, and secondly, it shows that they took Reverse Speech seriously enough to do something with it.

The release had also claimed it was part of the STARGATE project. I googled stargate and discovered it was program established to research the military potential of psychic phenomenon, particularly Remote Viewing. The program ended in 1996, but what have they done with Reverse Speech? What will future releases show over the next few years? Was I really under surveillance after I gave my lectures to them in 1991? And the house fire and the people we heard in the office? Then there was the automatic download of data from my computer at 3:00 AM every morning to a server in Virginia, coincidentally where the CIA is based. Suddenly all the pieces seemed to fall into place.

I received numerous emails following the news of this release. One from Scott Jones who informed me I had shaken the CIA up and one agent had said to him “If this is true then there are no more secrets.” I also received an email from a former FBI agent who told me they had regularly used Reverse Speech in the field with outstanding results.

I shook my head in amazement. 34 years of my life’s work vindicated. I HAD been taken seriously and they were using my technology.

Furthermore, I also received emails from a small handful of academics and linguists who said privately they endorsed my theories but they could never go public with it. The academic community just doesn’t work that way. I guess I was saying the world is round. Language is bi level – forwards and backwards.