Response To The Skeptical Believer Article About Reverse Speech


By Matjaz Kranjec

In our life, we would all like everything to be perfect, in perfect order and everything should fit in our understanding.

In theory, this is very desirable and possible. We would like to protect ourselves with knowing everything and we would like to reach the truth. Always!

Practically is not so easy as we usually get trapped into defending some of our statements or beliefs or we express skeptic to others.

There is an interesting article on Skeptoid, written by Mr. Brien Dunning with a title ” Who is closed minded, the skeptic or the believer?”

The case reminds me of some proverb “The doors are not bad when closed either good, when open. They are just doors!” We can draw some similarities here about our mind. The mind is not bad, usually protect something. Further, we will discover what is probably protected, and the new interesting way how we can pull that out doesn’t matter what it could be.

However, Skeptical Believer by name gives me a sense not to believe about anything either not to not-believe, which puts a researcher into some inside trouble or conflict never to satisfy or clear the chosen task.

By doing that usually, we find our mind “on the end of the tunnel” and not the truth, which we are desperately craving.

Many times we go so far by trying to prove something non-scientific or alternative if you like, with scientific tools that lead to a one-way street.

Scientists claim to discover “God particle” in 2015, and if we follow the previous principle, God should not be recognized till this discovery, but we know that many of the highest (if not all) scientists trust in God.

This way of skepticism doesn’t bring us anywhere.

Common sense is many times only way out of solving the problems and scientists know that very well, and we need to open our eyes to occurring facts.

Facts are important because we cannot deny them, right?

We need to admit to ourselves that we can accept something like a “real” only to an extent of our knowledge, experiences, habits, beliefs, repetitions, etc. If there is something new, we are in deep trouble as nothing of previous is there to compare.

It is not easy to convince someone about something if that person doesn’t like the “thing” as is not fitting into their perspective of the world, which doesn’t have anything in common with a truth. Truth shouldn’t depend on liking!

We like to laugh about others how can be so naive and believe something, but on the other hand, we swear about another just opposite.

Here we have an example in “The Skeptical Believer” article, written by Mr. John Shirley, how speed on a “new road” can be unsafe.

And Reverse Speech, which is a comment about, is a New road.

Recording conversation, playing backwards and here it is the truth that we are all looking. Forward talking is conscious, backward recording of it is unconscious. Our mind controls forward to talk, backward is expressed uncontrollably by our subconscious.

Wow, wow, wow!

Important discoveries require serious investigation, not a speedy one, right?

We can all agree that best things in our life are simple, and simple operations usually operate much more effective than complicated one. And reverse speech is a prove that truth is revealed relative simple way, “naked” as it can be.
Mr. David Oats is not showing his academic background, claimed “The Skeptic.” If we follow previous, we cannot avoid the fact that also the “wheel” was not invented by a group of scientists in the lab and later published in “The Scientist” but in spite of that was one of most important discovery in human history. Similar story goes with prophets about mobile-phone thirty years and “something” ago, with cars, electricity, etc.

So please, let’s dive a little bit deeper and find some useful facts.

Correct, we live in a time where research must be carefully done, all outcomes recorded, and the ethical sense must be strictly respected.

If Mr. Skeptic could do some deeper research would discover that Reverse Speech procedure of taking backward messages requires exactly that. Reverse speech method fulfills all those strict requirements and even more. And if he could decide to join the course to learn, he would see that training is not just a “piece of cake” but serious work with all ethical and technical requirements described in a contract or application form.

Let’s go to the core.

How can the truth be scientifically proven?

We are getting into trouble here.

Even “lie detector” made by high scientific souls couldn’t prove without a doubt that someone is telling the truth or not. So looking for the scientific evidence in a case of Reverse Speech is not an easy task.

The truth is simple and direct and cannot be decided scientifically, that we already know.

There are many Reverse Speech recordings on the web, clearly and undoubtedly expressing facts, physical evidence, and revealing future events. And denying those is much like claim not to hear something that everybody can and saying to that gibberish is a minor saying silly. Not to believe what we hear is allowed to anyone just is a question how good is that. For example, if there is a discovery of cause and cure for some problem that our subconscious undoubtedly express to us, but we want to believe more to someone claiming that there is no explanation or cure for such disease, is strictly our problem. Either way are consequences.

But we will not jump into what is our right about choice.

We all claim the truth, and here it is about the Truth, just we are many times to scared to see or hear it.
Let’s imagine something.

How would we feel if there would be a simple and reliable method with which all of us, I mean all of us, would be exposed continuously to the naked truth coming out? What would our life and the world look like?

Scary to some and realising to others!

Some they are capable of feeling that already.

And this is the potential reason Mr. Oats couldn’t understand why his discovery is not already academic accepted and operational everywhere in social life as offers therapeutic and practical tool of highest value.

Reading the article makes me smile.

I do not see any reason not to charge for some work. What is here weird? Especially if you doing some break-thru and pioneering work and you sacrifice thirty- plus years of your life to bring out something important and then is strange to charge. I should remind us if we are aware enough we can see that, unfortunately, “money God” is ruling us. We pay for water, food, any events and stuff even air you can buy in a can! Anything is on a sale; this is ridiculous. Who can survive with only charity work, and on another side we all know that what is for free usually have no big value for us. Shame on us!

Resentments regarding trademarking of Reverse Speech protocol are already a bit amusing. Why not protect innovative work that must be done by strict protocol to get correct outcome, from some people that they just try something and then drop it as not working. With that approach “skeptics” get material to “burn”!

I am convinced about this one, if Mr. Jesus would trademark his teaching and understanding, probably today we would not have “War on everything”! Not because we are bad but because we do not understand!

How can we today improve or learn? We go to www and purchase “instructions manual”, let be for driving a car, cooking, learning Reverse Speech or buying The Bible.

Remember, The Bible is from God, so should be for free, right?

Connecting something to God is usually dangerous. And too many times abused, who cannot agree with that. But, can we describe God?

Probably we would talk about some higher power, God is everywhere, etc.

Let’s start with basics. Who is doing our thoughts? Maybe some will say it is easy, and talk about the mind. But if we are in control of our lives we should control everything. Can someone say what will think in five minutes, or in two minutes? We should, but we can’t. As we are not in control. That comes from an uncontrollable part of us, and from that direction also comes the Reverse Speech. That power we can call as we like, but in spite of that will not become controllable. And that is also the charm of the Reverse Speech.

Seeing the patterns where we want to see them is good to claim to negate someone or make him silly. Maybe we shouldn’t repeat, “alternative thinking” that we couldn’t see something that someone somewhere didn’t saw yet. Remember, monkey experiment with potatoes, or native Indians when Columbus ships reach the shore for the first time. That’s the way our mind operates. We can use this tool on anyone and anywhere. How could we name something with one word that is seen for the first time?

I cannot see a particular reason we wouldn’t allow God, our higher self or subconscious mind about all we speak in forwards also wouldn’t be confirmed or denied (judged) by some simultaneous expression. My common sense allows me that possibility and also allows someone to uncover that. Not necessary me!

If the Reverse Speech method wouldn’t be powerful then wouldn’t be also criticized. That is the fact. Would be good to those who doubts that apply to a course? They could only gain, as their subconscious mind would reveal causes of problems or disease or just show them the way they couldn’t find. They could hear their inside voice beyond control and imagination. Genuine. What can be more precious than that?

I am usually grateful to skeptics as they make me think and after that I am stronger, or I improve my conclusions.
We have all something in common, either be a skeptic or believer. We make an effort to protect, improve or find a cure. Reverse Speech is precious here, as brings messages or solutions directly from our source.

New, which causes big change or call for improvement is scary, doesn’t matter how useful or beneficial can be. And we are talking about Reverse Speech here, something new and good!



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