The Jon Benet Ramsey Case

Reversals on John and Patsy Ramsey

On December 26th 1996, 6 year old beauty queen, Jon Benet Ramsey, was found murdered in her Boulder Colorado home. She had been struck on the head, garroted and her body hidden in a room in the basement of the house. A ransom note was found at the crime scene demanding $118,000 in ransom, the exact amount of John Ramsey’s Christmas bonus. Suspicion immediately fell on the parents. Patsy could not be excluded as the writer of the ransom note and other factors made them suspects. They steadfastly declared their innocence stating that an intruder had entered the house and murdered their daughter. The Ramsey’s were officially exonerated of the crime ten years later but lingering suspicions still remain.

Here are speech reversals found on this case that tell a very revealing story. The reversals are presented roughly in order of the timeline of the crime and actions of the Ramsey’s. The corresponding sections of forward dialogue are taken from various interviews the Ramseys have given over the years.

Click on reversal to download mp3 file. The exact forward dialogue is shown with brackets – [ ].

First of all, here is a ominous reversal found on Jon Benet singing at a pageant before her death. It says: Mommy, now I know evil

Now a reversal on Patsy Ramsey: "I cant believe that we have ever [knowingly met] anyone that can be this vicious." I’m the only one. In this reversal she identifies herself as being the only one who can be this vicious.

Another two reversals on Patsy Ramsey:  "We feel that [there are at least] two people on the face of [this earth that know] who did this and that is the killer and someone else that person may have confided in." I’m that person / Seen that rape. In these reversals Patsy implicates herself as the killer and also references a rape that she has seen.

John Ramsey also refers to the rape: "We want to thank those people that [care about] us." Our rape hurt. Was Jon Benet raped by John Ramsey and other people? He uses the plural "Our."

Now John reveals pedophilia tendencies in reverse: He had just referenced (forwards) a little girl he had been corresponding with and then says this: "It’s just been wonderful, so we’ve come out of this perhaps differently than you would expect in believing that there really is a lot goodness in the world. And that’s been [an outcome that I think we certainly wouldn’t have anticipated with this kind of] tragedy." Nice little girl (Gibberish) Let me look. Let me nurse you. You get down on my fire  A very concerning reversal. The unconscious flashes behavioural tendencies after he just discussed forwards a letter he received from a little girl. The mental image of the little girl sparked this pattern.

Patsy then directly admits to the murder in this section. "It was the [day after Christmas] and we were going to go visiting." I struck her head. Jon Benet was struck in the head. Patsy’s motive is not clear.

John follows up in this section: "[To sit there] and wait [by ourselves]." Sliced her up / Rapist. He seems to identify himself as the rapist and confess to wounds on her body, possibly with the garrote.

Now Patsy’s reversals talk about after the murder: "People we haven’t seen for years have [come to call] and be supportive." The lock with muck. What is the lock she is referring to?

John also refers to the lock: "I was out of my mind and it said don’t [call the police], that type of thing." Sealed the lock " Does this refer to sealing Jon Benet’s body in the room in the basement? Was it an old lock? Both parents talk about it so both were involved.

Now Patsy again refers to "sealing" in her reversals: "We were just frantic [and I immediately, I dialled the police], 911." Sealed the bad here, your lady mannequin. Jon Benet was a beauty queen. Patsy refers to her as a painted doll, or a mannequin for her parents.

Patsy then sets the scene after the body had been sealed in the basement room: "I’m Patsy Ramsey, Jon Benet’s mother." And I planned the note. She planned the ransom note

Patsy continues to set the stage: "Then I I dialed some of our very closest friends and they didn’t even [ask, I just said] come."  This is a plan

John continues the charade: "At least up until yesterday anytime spent looking at us is time wasted and that in part is why we brought in an investigative team as well to immediately look [in other directions and I know] there’s other directions to be looked at." I done it, Its a show you’re running. He confesses to the crime again in reverse and confirms this is all an act for the authorities.

The charade deepens with this reversal as he tries to sell his story: "To those of you who may want to ask let me address very directly, I did not kill my daughter, Jon Benet. There have also been innuendos that she has been or was sexuall[y molested, I can] tell you those were the most hurtful innuendos to us as a family." Gotta sell you

John now vows to catch the killer: "We’ll find you. [We will find you]. I have that as a sole mission for the rest of my life. We now fool you. He is fooling or conning the public.

Finally John Ramsey’s ex-wife responds to a question as to whether John is a child abuser: "No he is not. He’s affectionate, kind and very gentle … [there has never been any other] suggestions, any other stories." We’re lying in their defense. She is lying for the Ramseys.