Reverse Speech and The Soul

Reverse Speech contains many references to the Soul. It talks about the Soul as being an intricate part of our lives. It says the soul can be damaged, and its state can affect our behaviour and moods. It talks about a spiritual yearning, in fact this theme is a large part of reversed language. In time, with further study, Reverse Speech may give us new insights into our spiritual nature. In this section we will examine speech reversals of a spiritual nature. Click here for an article about the Soul and Reverse Speech.

In this first example, a Reverse Speech analyst begins his session with a client. His reversals are reassuring, putting his client at ease – Soul serve you. Make you feel loveDownload mp3 file

Here a client is seeking guidance from his speech reversals about a financial situation. his spirit speaks to him in reverse giving him reassurance – "You’re frightened. Lean on me."Download mp3 file

Donald Trump talks about the 911 attacks. In reverse he says – The city has screamed. Give us this nervous soulDownload mp3 file

In this example a client is talking about constant emotional pain in his life. The reversal says "My soul give the pain" – note the emotion in the reversal – Download mp3 file

Of a similar nature, here a woman talk about dysfunctional patterns coming from her parents. She says in reverse "I bless spot on my soul."Download mp3 file

Here is a man who is having constant financial problems. Backwards he says, "And my soul with the devil."Download mp3 file

In this example a woman talks about her daughter who is on drugs. The reversal says, "The soul evil"Download mp3 file

A man talks with confidence about his life – The soul whirlwindDownload mp3 file

Here a man talks about getting involved in life. The reversal says, "We will feel the soul."Download mp3 file

In this example a man is looking for some answers. The reversal says – You must ask the soulDownload mp3 file

Here, David Oates talks with a client. His reversal is – My soul lusts livingDownload mp3 file

Another reversal on David Oates talking to a client – The person, theres a soul with the personDownload mp3 file

In this example, a woman at a Reverse Speech workshop talks about her reactions to Reverse Speech. The reversal says – The soul is sharing the force on thisDownload mp3 file

A man talks about his desire to have his marriage work. Backwards he says – Here there with soul Download Mp3 file

In this example, we see that the soul can create or manifest our physical reality. The reversals uses another reverse speech metaphor, "Law" which is the laws of conduct that we all follow. The reversal says "It seals the law solid." – or manifests into being what is inside – Download mp3 file

Here, Reverse Speech VP, Jeff Toth, talks about moving to Australia to live. His reversal says – Feeling answers. God make it certain – He moved to Australia a few months later. – Download mp3 file

In this example a man talks forwards about depression. His reversal, however, reveals a deeper wisdom – And God lives, he’s the wisdom shepherdDownload mp3 file

Reverse speech talks about our soul as though it has a life and emotions of its own. It can hurt and be diseased or healthy or triumphant. The lives we live directly affect the state of our soul, and vice verse. In the following example, a man talks about a life of pain. His reversal says – Anguished SoulDownload mp3 file

This reversal was submitted by Certified Reverse Speech Practitioner, Jack Johnston. It gives an excellent description of the deeper aspects of Reverse Speech, or its source. Forwards he is asking, what is Reverse Speech, where does it come from. backwards he says, "God was in the verse. He’s the living force in the verse. We are Earl." Verse is a Reverse Speech metaphor for a sacred or Divine statement – thus Reverse Speech describes itself as a divine verse. Earl is a metaphor for nobility or greatness, children of God, if you will. Thus we (the human race) are Earl, or great – Download mp3 file

Here is a reversal on David Oates, taken from a lecture, where he is talking about some of the spiritual aspects of Reverse Speech. The audio quality is not the best, so you will have to listen carefully. Backwards it says – Here is their sound of the mouth. Its loss of soul in the end timesDownload mp3 file

In this example a client talks about what can help with some of the more negative aspects of Reverse Speech – particularly a phenomenon known as reversal reaction where a person’s darkest sides can emerge when they come in contact with Reverse Speech. Backwards it says, "You’ll serve his lost sheepDownload mp3 file


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