Reversals on President Obama Talking About Syria

President Obama During Talks About Syria

“What I’ve also concluded is that direct military engagement, [involvement, in the civil war in Syria] would not help the situation on the ground.” – There is no worse than an involvement – he is reluctant to get involved in Syria



“I have called for Assad [to leave].” – I feel worse – the situation is affecting him



“[We do believe] given the delivery system using rockets that the opposition could have carried out these attacks. We have concluded that the Syrian government in fact carried these out.” – Feel above you



“[Somebody needs to talk about whats at stake here].,” – I guess it’s the one off that we lose – another reversal of reluctance



“Terrible things have been happening in [Syria for quite some time].” – I must help the fears



“Syria has one of largest stockpiles in the world of chemical weapons.” – I will make that whirlwind



“Countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us.” – No one will shine on it – it’s a losing situation, Obama believes no one will win.