John F. Kennedy Assassination

President John F. Kennedy

America’s Coup d’état

Thanks to Reverse Speech Analysts Shawn Smith and Shewolfe, and the students of the 2016 Reverse Speech training classes, who assisted with this page through contributions of some reversals and descriptions towards solving the John F. Kennedy assassination.

An ancient re-happening shall be accomplished,
From the roof (of a building) the life of a great one shall be ruined,
An innocent will be accused of his death,
The guilty one (Nocent, meaning non innocent) hidden in tall misty woods.   
Nostradamus – Century 6 quatrain 37


“Thine forward voice, now, is to speak well of thine friend; thine backward voice is to utter foul speeches and to detract.”    Shakespeare Insult 3 – The Tempest


“For there is nothing hid, except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret, except to come to light. If any man has ears to hear, let him hear.”    Mark 4:22-24


Hear now with your ears to the secrets revealed by Reverse Speech.


Listen Here For Show – JFK Murder Solved – Listen To The Jeff Rense Show with David Oates, Jim Marrs, and Dick Allgire




Prelude: The conclusions drawn, and the statements made, in the following summary have all been derived from the speech reversals that are presented below. This should not be considered to be the whole picture and we are constantly changing the summary and conclusions as more reversals are found adding extra pieces to the puzzle.


On November 22nd 1963, the United States of America was attacked and overthrown in a violent Coup d’état when President John F. Kennedy was brazenly assassinated in Dallas Texas. This, arguably the greatest crime of the 20th century, occurred in broad daylight before the eyes of 100’s of witnesses. The general public was conned to believe that the assassination was carried out by a crazed lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald while the real assassins covered their tracks and got away Scott free.

Using the technology of Reverse Speech and recently released audio, the pieces of this treasonous act have slowly been put together.

Presented below are speech reversals found on Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin, Jack Ruby, who was ordered to kill Oswald, Lyndon Baines Johnson who ascended to the Presidency as a result of his cooperation with the Coup, and the real mastermind of the plot, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover was operating in conjunction with a consortium of high powered men in the Halls of Washington, as well as the Israeli government. Johnson was aware the coup was taking place, approved of it, but had little knowledge of the specific operational details.

Lee Harvey Oswald was working for the US government, his loyalties were with the White House, and he had knowledge of the assassination plot as early as August 1963. For reasons that are unknown at this stage due to lack of audio on Oswald, he ended up in Dallas and was set up as the fall guy for the assassination. He knew who the real assassins were and was ready to reveal this information. His remarks following his arrest protesting his innocence and claiming he was a patsy are totally true. The real assassins consisted of three men, one of whom was a mafia hit man named James Files who fired the fatal head kill shot. These men, and their bosses worked in cooperation with Hoover. They took out JFK with 5-6 shots, 2 of which missed their target, and 3-4 which hit.

The Warren Commission, set up by President Johnson to investigate the Kennedy assassination, was aware of many of these details. Their investigations showed that a conspiracy of vast proportions had taken place. For reasons that are unknown due to a lack of recordings, they decided to bury their findings and endorse the lone assassin theory.

Why did this occur? The reversals about why are scanty at this stage (we are still looking though). However, they do tell us that these powerful men were unhappy about JFK’s election in the first place and had been watching him closely since his inauguration. They also tell us that they wanted Johnson to be President.

Kennedy was upsetting the status quo. The changes he was proposing, and the people he was upsetting, are too numerous to mention. There were many reasons for wanting Kennedy out of office, including but certainly not limited to, Bobby Kennedy’s aggressive prosecutions and investigations into the mob. There was also Kennedy’s threat to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, as well his desire to dismantle the “vast military Industrial complex!”

Other reasons, we propose, and this is purely our conjecture, is that these powerful men needed a war for profits. However, Kennedy was talking about reducing the United States’ involvement in Vietnam. He was also intimidating Israel calling for nuclear inspections. He had fired both the Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, and the Deputy Director, Charles Cabell after the failed secret war in the Bay of Pigs. This had ended both of their careers and Charles Cabell at least, (according to the reversals) was one of the powerful men on this consortium who wanted Kennedy dead. Cabell’s brother was the mayor of Dallas at the time and he was paid off for his participation in the Coup. Other members of this powerful consortium identified by speech reversals so far, include Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Allen Dulles, George H.W. Bush (still alive) and Earl Warren (albeit reluctantly).

Two days after Kennedy died, the new President Lyndon Baines Johnson declared that he will not “lose Vietnam” during a meeting with US Ambassador to South Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge, in Washington, and troop escalation in Vietnam began. Gradually over the next few months Johnson changed the whole power structure in Washington. The CIA’s existence was now assured and the direction that Kennedy had been taking the country in had been permanently altered. The Coup d’état had been successful and no one suspected a thing. Additionally, Bobby Kennedy left the position of attorney general a year later and mob harassment was significantly reduced.

The details of the Coup, as far as we know it, are explained in the speech reversals below.


Radio Announcement Moment of Shooting


Full Recording of the Radio Broadcast


Announcer – “There’s numerous people running up the hill alongside elm street there by the Stemmons freeway, [several police officers] are rushing up the hill at this time. Stand by just a moment please.” – They’re fighting a bullet – His reversal occurs in conversation before he actually consciously realizes a shooting has occurred


Announcer – “Just a moment please,…something has happened in the motorcade route, stand by please. [Parkland hospital, there has been a shoot]ing, Parkland Hospital has been advised to stand by for a severe gunshot wound. The President’s car is now going past me,.. the limousine is,… now traveling at a very high rate of speed…” – He’s shot bad. hold it, try and look up – The commentator’s immediate thoughts.


Announcer – “There’s already a cordon of police officers running from their cars, [from their vehicles here]. The official party, as i can see it is driving towards the emergency room of Parkland hospital.” – See grave of evil. – the horror of the situation is expressed in the reversal.




As you will hear in the following reversals, both Lee Harvey Oswald and J. Edgar Hoover confirm there were multiple shooters. You can clearly see in the film JFK first getting hit from behind in the back and out the neck, and then getting hit from the front, blowing a quarter if his head off. His head is thrown back and to the left. Therefore at least 2 shooters from 2 different directions. Oswald’s reversals hint at 3 shooters.



Lee Harvey Oswald


Reversals from radio interview in New Orleans 3 months prior to the shooting

Oswald – “”Well as I say [Castro’s Cuba] even after the revolution was still a one crop economy.” – A week’s attack. – he talks about an attack using the word a week which comes up in other Oswald reversals.


Oswald – “These peasants are uneducated, they have [one of the lowest living] standards in all the Western hemisphere.” – Evil soul of Hoover. – he mentions the name of the person who organized all of this – see below.


Oswald – “The fact that I did, ah, live for a time in the Soviet Union, gives me excellent qualifications to ah, repudiate charges that Cuba [and the Fair Play For Cuba] committee is communist controlled.” – Hear them, the wish to kill president – Shows a conspiracy, Oswald is aware of a plot to assassinate the President by other people.


Oswald – “The principles of [the Fair Play For Cuba], ah consist of ah, restoration of diplomatic trade and tourists and relations with Cuba, that is one of our main points”. – A week to kill powerful – meaning unknown but it does use a phrase we see elsewhere “powerful” – powerful people are involved in the conspiracy.


Oswald – “The honorary chairman of this committee, [the name of that person] I certainly dont know.” – Earn the surf by the man to die. – once again – shows knowledge of a death event – will he receive some reward for his participation?


Oswald – “And at no time was I out of contact with the [American Embassy].” – It’s a mighty crime.


Oswald – “And because of the fact that United States government has imposed re[strictions on the travel to Cuba], he is now under indictment.” – Lee, the week to love modern shit. – he references his own name, uses the term week again and implies modern technology will be involved.


Oswald – “You cannot point eh, at ah, Castro and say that he is a Russian puppet, he is not, he’s an independent person. Ah, an independent leader of his country and I believe that was pointed out very well during the October crisis when Castro very definitely, ah, said that all, although, uh, Premier Kruschev had urged him,to have onsite inspection of ah, his ah ah, [rocket bases in Cuba that] Fidel Castro refused” – The weakness is in the car – shows knowledge of details of the plot – the President’s car is his weak point.


Oswald- “Well that is of course [very provocative] and ah, I question, I don’t think it, it requires an answer.” – Made a powerful gun – he made a powerful gun, but why? – it is claimed Oswald purchased the rifle to kill JFK through a mail order place in March 1963. So why and when did he make a gun? This URL here offers some clues – Furthermore, here is an audio clip of alleged assassin, James Files, talking about how the gun to kill Kennedy was especially made. Did Oswald know this? Here is that clip: Click Here


Oswald – “I think it is rather obvious as to why and when and where, because of [the fact that] ah, we certainly don’t have any trade with them we are, discouraging trade ah, with that country and ah,…” – They’re powerful – the co-conspirators, of which Oswald has knowledge, are powerful people.


Oswald – “[Well I have studied Mar]xist philosophy, yes sir, and also other philosophers.” – Here to serve White House – This is a stunning reversal! Occurring during a TV interview Oswald gave in August 1963, it shows who he was working for and where his loyalties lie – the White House and all that it represents.



Reversals in police custody after Oswald’s arrest

Oswald – “These people have given me a hearing without legal repre[sentation or anything]. (Reporter) Did you shoot the president? (Oswald) I didn’t shoot anybody, no sir.” – The killer was careful. – references a careful killer other than Oswald.


Oswald – “..accused of ah, of ah, murdering a policeman. I know nothing more than that.” – I’m the lonely Camelot – The Kennedy Presidency was often referred to as Camelot, and we now see Oswald alone whereas he was part of a conspiracy 3 months earlier. What happened in the 3 months between his radio interview and now? And is he seeing himself as the lonely person trying to save the President, rather than kill him? There is a mystery here that still needs to be solved.


Oswald – “(Reporter) Oswald, did you shoot the president? (Oswald) I didn’t shoot anybody sir, I haven’t [been told what I am here for]. (Reporter) You got a lawyer? (Oswald) No sir I don’t.” – All three men are walking. – he knows that three men have walked away – 3 gunmen? – a triangulation?


Oswald – “[I’m lacking legal repre]sentation. These police offices have not allowed me to have any.” – I’ll reveal the killer. – he knows who the killer is and intends to reveal the name once he has legal representation.


Oswald – “(Reporter) Did you fire that rifle? (Oswald) I don’t know what dispatches you people have been given but I [emphatically deny these] charges.” – See, I’m the give up. – he is a patsy – was he a willing patsy or was he set up all along?


Oswald – “(Reporter) Did you shoot the president? (Oswald) I work in that building. (Reporter) Were you in the building at the time? (Oswald) Naturally if [I work in that building], yes sir.” – Bring your word, then you go up. – meaning unknown.



Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th President of the United States


General Reversals On LBJ

LBJ – “What raced through my mind [was that if they had shot our President] driving down there, who would they shoot next. And what would they, what was going on in Washington and when will the missiles be coming.” – Adjust now, wash the head, fake the brow – the reversal shows LBJ with knowledge of the crime scene being manipulated, specifically the body


LBJ – “And the attorney general of the state holds boards of inquiry every-time a law is violated, and [the Justice and the FBI] makes the investigation so I want you to know that and you’ll tell your President that’s whats happening and they can expect it.” – I banned that faggot. – talking forwards about setting up investigations into JFK’s death. It is unsure who he is referring to in the rather harsh reversal, maybe JFK himself.


LBJ – “We,..we [salute you for knowing how to pick good men].” – Command they get run on officials – this reversal was found in a phone conversation between Hoover and LBJ on 29/11/63. They had just discussed how they wanted to take control of the investigation, including who to put on as investigators to what was to become known as the Warren commission.


LBJ – “..just picking out a Tom Jerry lawyer from New York and sending him down on new facts, this commission thing mister Ed, er mister Hoover [tried that and sometimes] if a commission is not trained it hurts more than it helps. ” – It was madness that I had doubt – from a phone conversation between Hoover and LBJ 25/11/63 – meaning unsure – maybe he thinks he was mad to have doubted this would work


LBJ – “For 32 years, Capital Hill has been my home. I have shared many moments of pride with you. Pride in the ability of the Congress of the United States to act to meet any crisis [to instill from our differences] strong programs of national action.” – It’s no good that I’m a poison – from his speech to Congress – he is a poison that kills!


LBJ – “ enact a civil rights law, [so that we can move forward] to eliminate from this nation, every trace of discrimination and oppression that is based upon race or color.” – The whirlpool may heal the loss – these activities may begin to heal the country’s wounds.


LBJ – “..too many cooks messing with the broth then mess it up and, and I think that these two are trained organizations and uh the attourney general of this state holds courts of inquiry every time a law is violated and uh, and the justice and FBI that makes these investigations so I wanted you to know that and you ought to tell your [pressmen that is what’s happening].” – Lets offset an answer – lets construct a plausible scenario of what happened


LBJ – “Two things, apparently some lawyer and justice is lobbying with the Post because that’s where the suggestion came from for the Presidential Commission which we think would be very bad putting light on the White House, we cant [be, er, checking up on every] shooting scrape in the country.” – You will not burn history – an incredibly insensitive statement forwards. This is the President of the United States’ assassination we are talking about here not some random shooting scrape. The reversal would seem to be from his spirit telling him he cannot rewrite history.


LBJ – “..general Texas to make an announcement this morning, yea, have a state in[quiry and that uh], even offer them your full cooperation and ah, uh vicesa versa he will do it with you.” – Paid the mayor off. – the mayor of Dallas was part of the conspiracy.


Here is phone conversation on November the 29th 1963 between President Johnson and former CIA director Allen Dulles (who JFK fired) who was appointed to the Warren Commission. Here we have an actual conversation in reverse.

LBJ – “Just get ready now to go in there and do a good job. We’ve got to have a, [America has got to be United in this hour].” – I sent the money, you faked the gun – LBJ confirms the Dulles’ role in the conspiracy, manufacturing evidence Dulles: “If i can be any assis – [forward undecipherable].” Yes, its better to see my con, before we do the job – the reversal is very faint but important – Dulles replies immediately in reverse suggesting LBJ sees what he has manufactured.


This reversal is from a phone call LBJ had with Gerald Ford asking him to be on the Warren Commission.

LBJ – “And I want it non partisan, I’m not going to point out I’ve got [5 republicans, 2 Demo]crats but I’m going to do that and then forget what party you belong to and just serve as an American.” – I made Nixon pull up the rap. – meaning unsure – he got Nixon to do something for him – maybe “rap” is short for rap sheet? Find dirt on someone?


Here is a conversation of LBJ talking with Richard Nixon after the coup.

LBJ – “[You tell him that’s your Christmas] present to me.” – I throw Bush down, I like it. – This reference to Bush continues throughout the coup as you will see below.



Address Lyndon Baines Johnson gave to Congress November 27th 1963


Full Audio Address Lyndon Baines Johnson Gave to Congress November 27th, 1963


The reversals in this speech clearly show LBJ involved in the assassination of JFK, with full knowledge and approval.


LBJ – “Mr Speaker, Mr President, members of the house, members of the senate, my fellow Americans, all I have I would have given gladly [not to be] standing here today.” – See the con. – Insincere greeting, he has conned them all.


LBJ – “These and other American dreams have been vitalised by his drive and by his dedication and now the i[deas and the ideals] which he so nobly represented must and will be translated into effective action.” – We die in the grave. – a rather insensitive comment given the supposed sincerity of the forwards.


LBJ – “We will be unceasing in the search of peace, resourceful in our pursuit of areas of agreement even with those with whom we differ, and generous and loyal to those who join with us in [common cause].” – Fuck them up. – incongruent, aggressive


LBJ – “We must be ready to defend the national interest and to negotiate the common interest. [This is the path that we shall] continue to pursue.” – I shield the path of great sin. – he is hiding a terrible crime.


LBJ – “This nation has experienced [a profound shock].” – Hush my fault here. – he is at fault for the shock and he is not saying.


LBJ – “That from the brutal [loss of our leader] we will derive not weakness but strength.” – Did you have a soul? – internal dialogue, guilt.


LBJ – “[On the 20th] day of January in 1961 John F Kennedy told his countrymen that our national work would not be finished in the first 1000 days.” – We knocked him off. – confession and a conspiracy.


LBJ – “This is our challenge, [not to hesitate], not to fall, not to turn about and linger over this evil moment but to continue on our course.” – This is a good con. – his whole speech is a huge con job.


LBJ – “No act of ours could more fittingly continue the [work of President Kennedy] than the early passage of the tax bill.” – Hear the neck, deserve to go. – remembering the assassination (one of the shots exited the neck), and JFK deserved to go.


LBJ – “[Let us turn away] from the fanatics of the far left and the far right, from the apostles of bitterness and bigotry.” – Kill not sudden. – the assassination had been in planning for a long time – we know this because we hear Lee Harvey Oswald talking about it in reverse in a radio interview in August 1963.


LBJ – “That I rededi[cate this government to the] unswerving support of the United Nations.” – Evil come, will upset David. – who is David? A reversal on alleged mafia assassin James Files uses the name David. See it towards the end of the page.


LBJ and Hoover Phone Conversation

LBJ – “ point a high level and to evaluate your report and put somebody that’s pretty good on it from [um, ah, that I can select] ah, out of the government ah, and tell the house and senate ah, not to go ahead with the investigation.” – That girl was in the garden alone. – meaning unknown


LBJ – “ a more than the head of the Federal [Bureau as far as I am concerned, your my] brother and personal friend and you have been for 25, 30 years so I’m…” – I mean this, my love for it. – professing his loyalty towards Hoover.


LBJ – “He was connected with the Cuban o[peration uh, with money] you trying to (Hoover) I’m certainly trying to nail down now.” – And I’m the one to show. – meaning unknown.


LBJ – “They are, me or anyone else’s always absolutely sure of every uh, [thing that might of] motivated Oswald or uh, others that uh,…” – But I’m the myth. – he’s manufactured the whole story he is trying to sell.


LBJ – “(LBJ) You just put down some of the things you think ought to happen, and I wont [involve here the courts] to get into juris]dictional disputes and into anything] but I’d like to at least have to get them in my opinion (Hoover) I’d be very glad to indeed I certainly appreciate your confidence. (LBJ) Thank you (Hoover) Fine Mr. President.” – They choke me God / United States is on threat. – Two reversals in quick succession. LBJ is under great pressure from other people (co-conspirators?), and yes, the United States is under a major threat. A coup d-etat had just taken place and the public were conned!



J. Edger Hoover


Entire Phone Conversation Between Hoover and LBJ Here:


LBJ and Hoover Phone Conversation

Hoover – “..I usually list the [presidential car, in the past] have had steps on the back, next to the bumpers and there have usually been, one on either side standing on those steps at the, at the back bumper. ” – After the talk we set it up – Hoover set up the whole assassination, planned and executed it after the co-conspirators talked.


Hoover – “(Talking about Jack Ruby) Because they accepted him as kind of police character hanging around police headquarters.” – He’s a fuckhead. – I guess he didn’t like Jack Ruby.


Hoover – “..but then a number of stories come in, uh we’ve dried, we we’ve tied Oswald into the ah, civil liberties union in New York and the shipments of that, and in course into this uh, thing ah, this, this Cuban Fair Play Commission ah, committee which is, was pro Castro and dominated by communism and financed to some extent [by the Castro government].” – A mug will fuck it up – he is concerned someone will interfere with their plans.


Hoover – “..the third shot, which uh, which hit the president, [he was hit by the first and th]e third, the second shot hit the governor.” – End the truth of epitome – he cut short a pinnacle of America’s greatness – the Kennedy administration.


Hoover – “On that floor, [we found the three empty] shells that had been fired.” – Shit, met Houston mafia. – why did he meet the mafia? Were they the hired gunmen? Go and read the reversals from James Files below and look at this link – James Files Confession


Hoover – “There’s one angle of this thing that I’m hopeful to [get some word on today]. This woman, his wife, had been very hostile, she would not cooperate.” – Hit inaugural mistake. – another smoking gun – he believes JFK should never have been inaugurated in the first place.


Hoover – “(Johnson) Any of them fired at me? (Hoover) No, there was… (Johnson) [All three to the President (Hoover) All three] to the President and we have them. Two of the shots fired at the President were splintered.” – Two fallen, there’s three or four that hit. – this is a remarkable reversal for 2 reasons. Firstly, it directly contradicts the 3 bullet theory and shows that Hoover and LBJ knew that there were 2 shots that missed and 3-4 that hit, or a total of 5-6 shots. Secondly, it is a rare reversal called a Link reversal where two different people’s voices are responsible for the one reversal. It shows a meeting of the minds or an agreement. They BOTH knew there were more than 3 shots fired.


Hoover – “..neither of the police officers on either side, they didn’t even move to push him away or to grab him. Wasn’t un[til after the gun was fired that] they then moved.” – But they’re also not going to tell. – police officers and others are involved in the conspiracy and they aren’t going to talk.


Hoover – “Trying to massage his heart at the hospital, [on the way to the hospital], they apparently loosened that and it fell onto the stretcher.” – Bullet part of the deal. – it was part of Hoover’s plans to plant the bullet.


Hoover – “..they ah, apparently, [uh loosened that and uh that fell onto the stretcher] and we recovered that.” – Perception is the smaller threat than a garden shooter – the story they are manufacturing for the American public to believe about Oswald is a smaller threat and danger than the real truth that there was another (or other) shooters.


Hoover – “..while they had police sign along the curbstone, a looking at the crowd, when the [parade came along the police turned a]round and looked at the parade.” – And I killed them all, I make you. – the proverbial smoking gun – Hoover is talking to LBJ at the time – he confirms he set up the entire assassination and killed others involved presumably to keep them quiet, and he did all of this, partially at least, to make LBJ President! A coup d-etat!


Hoover – “..and he had to be subdued of course, Alice brother was then brought out of course taken [to the police uh, headquarters].” – Help the hearse, see the dealing. – his continued involvement in the assassination, and the planning (or dealing) required to make it all work.


Hoover – “..uh, the third shot [which ah, which hit the president], he was hit by the first and the third, the second shot hit the governor.” – They doubt the pistol there, it will shoot. – unsure of the exact meaning – attending to details maybe – Oswald did have a revolver when he was arrested.


Hoover – “..there cause [he was strongly] pro Castro, he was strongly anti-American…” – The Mob’s silly. – are there mob connections that he doesn’t trust?


Hoover – “(quoting rumors) [they say] … that there must have been more than one man, because no one man could fire those shots in the time they were fired.” – No one thought the man now belonged to the Knesset. – The Knesset (pronounced K-nesset) is the Israeli government. This ties in Israel to the assassination. Israel had motive as this video shows –


Hoover – “..he’s the one that did it. B, the man he was after was the president. C, he would hit him three times and could the government turn. (Reporter) [I think that’s correct]. (Hoover) Four, there’s no connection…” – Cowards fuck it up. – this is the second reference to someone fucking something up – maybe someone with cold feet.


Hoover – “And [we have also have tested the fact that you could] fire, those three shots were fired, within three seconds. There’ve been some stories going around, the papers and so forth, that there must have been more than one [man because no one man] could fire those shots in the time that they were fired.” Defeat the gossip, the taxpayers saw you / and no one sought the men. – here we see two reversals in a short space of time – the first reversal, defeat the gossip, shows Hoovers desire to quell any talk about a second shooter – the next reversal is quite damning, and no one sought the men, because it references other men which Oswald alluded to in his reversal, those three men are walking. It shows Hoover knows there were other gunmen and he is relieved no one is looking for them.


Hoover – “The top to it was down of course. The President had insisted upon that [so that he could stand up] and wave to the crowds.” And I financed this evil – a self explanatory reversal. Hoover set it all up.



Mayor Earle Cabell


Mayor Cabell – “The completely friendly atmosphere that pervaded the whole ceremony and then that magnificent caravan [through the streets of Dallas]…” – Shall I receive salute – other reversals say he was paid off – will he receive a reward for his cooperation?


Mayor Cabell – “Our best laid plans are not good enough without the benefit of a wisdom greater than our own. As [we undertake to renew our s]pirit, and develop greater usefulness.” – Charlie knew it. He has denial.– This is a significant reversal using the name Charlie. In order for Hoover to orchestrate the assassination and the cover up he would have had to get help from the governor of Dallas, Earle Cabell. Cabell would have been able to have control over the parade route. Cabell’s brother was CIA Deputy Director Charles Cabell (or Charlie). He and CIA Director Allen Dulles had been fired by Kennedy for the failed CIA secret war in the Bay of Pigs, ending both of their careers. It is interesting to note that The Washington Post revealed in 1973 that New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, best known for his investigations into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, was preparing as late as March 1971 to accuse Charles Cabell of conspiracy.



Jack Ruby


Jack Ruby – “..came to the bottom of the [ramp until the police offic]ers had me on the ground.” – So fearful was the mayor – the mayor was part of the conspiracy and he was afraid.


Jack Ruby – “So I walk towards the, the ramp [I noticed the police squad car] ahead of the ramp…” – Dark ghost sealed this order. – he was ordered to kill Oswald by dark forces.


Jack Ruby – “No, but I recognized the [we caution the car], that was in the car.” – Dark then I shot you. – remembering what happened, and there’s dark again.


Jack Ruby – “..[have been such a blur] that uh, before I knew it I was down on the ground.” – Held the sister back. – he did have a sister – did he not want her to be a part of it?


Jack Ruby – “Have I made an illegal turn, [behind the bus to the parking lot], had I gone the way I was supposed to go straight down Main St., I would never, I would never have met this fate.” – I’m dark, the soldier now hit. – there is that word dark again. What does it mean? And he is referencing Oswald as a soldier – was Oswald employed by the US or some other government in some capacity? The following url claims that Oswald was quietly added to the CIA wall – – meaning he was killed while on an active operation. This URL claims something similar –


Jack Ruby – “[They’ll never let the truth talk], come above board to the, to the world.” – I pushed for the members. – unsure of the meaning.


Jack Ruby – ““(Reporter) In what way? (Ruby) It’ll be proven in a few days later what the charges will be [filed against me plus the fact of the assassination], a complete conspiracy against me.” – They share the powerful. The powerful helped me take him out. – powerful men are involved and they helped him kill Oswald.


Jack Ruby – “Well really it happened so fast and everything else, i cant recall [what happened from the time I]…” – Your masters were paid off. – another reversal talking about a pay off.



James Files

The following reversals are on Mafia hit man James Files who claims he fired the fatal shot that killed Kennedy. Reversals show he is telling a true story – the whole interview can be seen here



Files – “I walked around the ??? waiting for the time to pass, [time was coming] on, and I heard the roar of the crowd I went over by the fence and I got there a little bit, a few minutes early.” You marked the map – Files talks earlier about a map of the motorcade route and how a change had been made. Here is that audio: Click Here


Files – “My last instructions was we’re going for a head shot, [if you have to take a shot] take it but don’t fire unless it’s a necessity, if you really have to.” I should get with David. – here he mentions a name, David. David Phillips is talked about earlier in his interview as being his controller, and a small section of that clip is added after the reversal. This shows Files is congruent and telling a true story.


Files – “The motorcade, the best of my recollection, to me in my mind and everything is slowed down at this point, when they hit, when [the first shot went off] it was it’s like it stopped, its just like it slowed down almost a crawl, or barely moving or maybe it even stopped, I’m not really sure on that point.” I know I shoot. – this is another congruent reversal. He confirms he shot.


Files – “(Interviewer: “Did you ever notice if any of those rounds hit that sign? (Files) No, I don’t know if anybody else’s did or not. As far as I know their rounds never hit. I know [my round didn’t hit it]. Like I say I fired one shot, I was on target.” Hit him with my round. – A congruent reversal. As he says forwards that his round didn’t hit the sign, in reverse he tells us what his round did hit, or “him” (JFK). The reversal on this clip is followed by a short section of Files describing the actual kill shot.


Files – “I went right to the right to the car. All what’s going on around me I don’t know, I can’t tell you what past me, I can’t tell you who was looking at me and I can’t tell you how many people was around. [I had one thing on my mind].” Now mum I’ll get nowhere. – totally out of context. He is a man in jail for life. Maybe he regrets the past. This is a reversal for a different discussion.


Files – “I disposed of the photo [map ???] that was irrelevant. I burned all that stuff, i got rid of all that, the only thing i kept was the ledger.” You tell a plan – he is telling a true story.



Earl Warren

Earl Warren was an American jurist and politician, who served as the 30th Governor of California (1943–1953) and later the 14th Chief Justice of the United States (1953–1969). He also headed up the Warren Commission which was formed to investigate the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The following reversals are found on Earl Warren two days after JFKs death.

Eulogy for JFK by Earl Warren 24/11/63


Warren – “There is nothing that adds shock to our sadness more than the assassination [of our leader].” The dear love. – he is genuine and loved JFK.


Warren – “…[and our belief in the fatherhood of God].” God would have laughed on the field of battle. – quite an amazing reversal and it uses a military term for the assassination.


Warren – “[John Fitzgerald Kennedy], a great and good President.” Here they let boys snuff him out. – shows knowledge of more than one assassin – was this merely his suspicion or did he know for sure?


Warren – “A [safe course for us].” Sorrow choke this. – he is genuinely sad.


Warren – “Surely there is a lesson to be learned from [this tragic event].” Hoover, your dark sin. – he is aware of the conspiracy orchestrated by Hoover, however his genuine sadness leaves many unanswered questions. When did he become aware of the plot? Before or after? Why was he co-opted to head the Warren commission? The questions are endless!


Warren – “[Because John Fitzgerald Kennedy] has passed our way.” Hear the dark voice at night, shocking. – did he receive a phone call at night from someone (Hoover?) telling him of the conspiracy?



Allen Dulles

Allen Dulles served as the Director of the CIA from 1952-1961. He was appointed to the Warren Commission by LBJ in November 1963. Here is a reversal from a recording of him talking about the results of the Warren Commission in 1966.

Dulles – “Even if you had ten more commissions it doesn’t get away from [the idea that maybe there was a plot]. We just didn’t find any traces of it.” – Tough, was Israeli damned with their day. – this is an incongruent reversal. He knows very well that there was a plot and this is the second reference now to the Israeli Government being involved.



Senator John Sherman Cooper

Senator John Sherman Cooper, a member of the Warren Commission, speaking in Dealey Plaza about the ongoing investigation.

Cooper – “We can assure you that every bit of the testi[mony will be made avail]able to the press, the public.” – The damn evil will be enormous. – the real truth is enormous! – a lot larger than a lone gunman – he is worried about what will happen if the real truth gets out.


Here is an interesting statement forwards! Cooper and Dulles, from the Warren commission are asked about the lone gunman theory and Cooper replies faintly “I don’t believe that.” – and he is immediately cut off by Dulles.



Senator Richard Russell

Senator Richard Russell and Senator John Cooper (above) were the only two Democrats on the Warren Commission, and both of them had issues with the findings in their FORWARD speech. The forward clip from Cooper is above. Here is the forward clip from Senator Russell talking to LBJ in 1964, just prior to the release of the Warren Commission report, saying he doesn’t believe the single bullet theory.

Full Audio Recording


Russell – “[Well they’re] trying to prove that the same bullet that hit Kennedy first was the one that hit Connelly.” You’re a liar. – he’s talking to LBJ. He believes LBJ is not telling the whole truth.


Russell – “According to that theory he not only missed the whole automobile but he missed the street. Well the man’s a good enough shot to put two bullets right into Kennedy he didn’t [miss that whole automobile].” We won’t know all the sin. – he believes the whole truth will never be known, hence the Warren Commission report is a total lie!



George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States

Bush – “Even when the dark clouds of political crisis [gathered over America] after a deluded gunman assassinated President Kennedy.” The crime avoided Ike. – a direct reference to Ike Eisenhower, who was one of the conspirators, and connects George H.W. Bush with the conspiracy. The reversal indicates that Eisenhower got away completely clean. No one ever suspected him of being involved, yet his reversals indicate he was one of the main players.


Bush – “And conspiracy theorists can say what they will but the Warren commission report will always have the final definite say on this tragic matter. Why? Because Gerry [Ford put his name on it] and Gerry Ford’s word was always good.” And our man see the proof. – Gerald Ford was their man on the commission.


George H. W. Bush Quote - Regarding The Kennedy Assassination?



Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States

Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States, immediately before JFK. This interview was recorded the day of the assassination.

Full Audio Recording of Eisenhower November 22, 1963


Eisenhower – “Mrs. Eisenhower and I share the grief that Mrs Kennedy must now feel and we send her our prayerful thoughts and [sympathetic] sentiments.” He had to miss. – according to James Files, whose reversals reveal that he was one of 3 hired assassins (or 3 teams), he was instructed not to hit Jackie Kennedy. This reversal confirms that story and shows Eisenhower has knowledge of the assassination plot.


Eisenhower – “We did not know the President was dead, we did not know when I got back here that time [that he was dead].” There’s a reason now. – Eisenhower knows there’s a reason for JFK’s assassination.


Eisenhower – “But, as a matter of fact [we had a, the last message] we had was on rather of hope.” We sent terrible headache. – Who is we? Was the terrible headache the assassination and its aftermath?


Eisenhower – “I’m not going to [predict anything of that] I just say this. The American nation is a people of great common sense.” I bring it in a kid. – Lee Harvey Oswald was a kid, just 24. Is this who Eisenhower is referring to and what does he mean? Setting up Oswald as a patsy?


Eisenhower – “We are a nation that where our freedoms are allowed, are observed in such a way that everybody is ready to, I mean everybody is capable of doing this if he is ready to put his own life [on the line].” Now we’re not. – an incongruent reversal. America is no longer a nation of freedom after the Coup D’etat of which Eisenhower was a part.


Here are reversals found on a telephone conversation with LBJ and Eisenhower December 14, 1964 one year after the coup

Eisenhower – “Now to come back all the [way just after we gotten out] there and we have to get our children out to the houses.” I made you, that’s the deal. – this is a similar reversal that Hoover had and it goes to motive or “why” all this occurred – they wanted Johnson to be President. But why did a consortium of mainly Republicans want a Democrat as President? Obviously, as the reversal says, a deal was made.


Eisenhower – “Well thank very much Mr. President, I’m most deeply appreciative of the suggestion, only be[cause of my concern for naming strength and ????].” Just remembered, nurse the gun result. – the result of the gun, was Johnson became President. The reversal is gentle reminder – “Don’t forget what we did for you.”



Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States

Truman – “He was a good man, an able President and he did a good job [and its too bad that those things have to happen].” – The battles that he had fought was our good spirit. – a congruent reversal – its nice to see an honest politician amongst a bunch of treasonous crooks!



Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States

Ford (talking about the results of the Warren Commission in 1967): Reporter – “Was the possibility of a conspiracy in New Orleans ever even mentioned during the investigation?” Ford: “Oh yes, the Warren commission made a tremendous effort to interrogate every possible individual who had allegedly any connection with the assassination.” – I damn the sheriff now. – incongruent reversal – the forward speech talks about New Orleans, thus the reversal may refer to Jim Garrison, the district attorney of Orleans Parish who began an investigation into the assassination of JFK in 1966. Garrison claimed he was blocked and stonewalled by Washington at every turn. Ford’s reversal confirms this and only adds more weight that he was part of the Coup d’état.


Ford – “There were seven others at the insistence of President Johnson. [We came up] with what I think are two very important decisions.” – I make you. – exactly the same words J. Edgar Hoover used in reverse when talking to Johnson. The assassination “made” LBJ – he became President. The coup d’etat is complete.


Ford – “Business which the late President knew had to be done and who would understand the process probably better than any President we have had [in recent years].” – Bring this unit. – meaning unknown.


Ford – “I cant judge the alleged [reasons why Mr. Garrison] doesn’t want to turn it over, but I am amazed that any public official any place in the country would refuse to cooperate with the Federal Government in this regard.” – Drag his sin out in the view. – he is publicly attacking Jim Garrison.



President Ford’s testimony to the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations 21st of September 1978

Ford – “It might have been helpful to the commission but I don’t think it would have altered in any way the final recommendations or conclusions, I think we might have been helped [by that information] but I don’t think it would have varied our commission’s conclusions.” – I’m the sham that made it up. – the Warren Commission was a fantasy manufactured, in part, by Ford.


Ford – “The Commission had an obligation to follow a dual policy, on the one hand to get maximum voluntary cooperation from all Federal agencies including the FBI, and on the other hand to be insistent that the agencies respond and cooperate where ever and however the Commission demanded. The latter requirement may have led some agencies to [believe that there was] an adversarial relationship.” – There was a deal. – speaks for itself – a deal was struck with the agencies.


Ford – “The FBI, and I use that as an example, undertook a very extensive investigation. I don’t recall how many agents but they had a [massive operation] to investigate everything.” – Share with Bobby’s hand. – maybe a reference to Bobby Kennedy. What is his connection in all this?


Ford – “Public acceptance of the Warren Commission findings has diminished for several reasons, Number one, the critics who have obtained the widest publicity have either deliberately or negligently mislead the American people by [misstating] facts.” – Idiots sin. – he believes his comment.


Ford – “I have no recollection of that particular June 4th meeting or any pressure that the commission received for any [definitive] conclusion.” – Made an effort. – he worked hard on the Commission.


Ford – “In my opinion no investigation of [the tragic assassination] of President Kennedy can be complete without including an investigation of the murder of Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit.” – Want to share the powerful, give doubt here. – here is that term “the powerful” again – Ford is throwing the investigation off track by bringing up the murder of J.D. Tippit.



Richard M. Nixon, the 37th President of the United States

Nixon – “(Woods, Nixon’s secretary:) “Sure. His head was really blown off. (President Nixon:) [They didn’t say so] in the news, though. (Woods:} Yeah. Yeah, they did.” We just did it. – confirms Nixon as being one of the conspirators.


Nixon – “As you recall then we were going to do something about Castro in Cuba, [we were going to do something about American] prestige abroad and also about permanent unemployment.” The crime that I bring, it must remove inaugural. – this recording was made with Richard Nixon in Dallas November 21st 1963, the night before JFK was assassinated. The reversal shows he had clear knowledge of what was about to take place.


Nixon – “We find that on all of th[ese issues there’s been] no action.” Mister Bush is evil. – yet another reference to Bush immediately after the previous reversal showing knowledge of the coup.


Nixon – “And in addition to that we find that [despite the fact that President Kennedy has] one of the largest majorities in Congress of any President in history, its one of the poorest percentage records of accomplishments in history.” I hear the neck will suffer, the powerful helps. – this reversal clearly shows Nixon with detailed knowledge of the assassination plot one day before it happened – JFK was shot through the neck – and he uses the familiar word we see throughout this conspiracy – “the powerful.”


Nixon – “Today millions of people throughout the world are trying to find words adequate to express their grief and their sympathy [to his family].” I have secret here. – this was recorded the day after JFK was assassinated – Nixon has a secret concerning JFK’s death. Nixon is reminded of this secret in reverse when President Ford pardons him after Watergate (see below).



John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States

JFK’s Premonitions of His Own Death

Kennedy – “(From the Democratic convention) [We know that our opponents] will invoke the name of Abraham Lincoln on behalf of their candidate.” – Then I try to warn you – an ominous reversal as he talks about another assassinated President. Is his unconscious warning him?


Kennedy – “The small undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed and to which we [are committed today] at home and around the world.” – Head is hit in the car. – From his inaugural speech – his unconscious foretells his fate – the image of JFK getting shot in the head in the car is burned into the minds of the general public because of the Zapruder film.


Kennedy – “..any hostile move anywhere in the world against the safety and freedom of peoples to whom we are committed], in ???? in particular the brave people of West Berlin we be met by whatever action is needed.” – Get in the car, you move it. – the image of the car once again.


Kennedy – “We have proposed the elimination of all arms and military bases in a fair and [effective disarmament treaty]. We are prepared to discuss new proposals.” – He’s the Martyr to get. – JFK was martyred in a coup d’etat.


General Reversals On JFK

Kennedy – “The Republican nominee of course is a young man but his approach is as old as McKinnley. His party is the party of the past, [the party of memories].” – New men we’d offer. – this is a congruent reversal – Kennedy is offering a new way.


Kennedy – “The belief that the rights of man come not from the ge[nerosity of the state] but from the Hand of God” – Yes obey the power. – adds extra information – the power of God and State.


Kennedy – “I John Fitz[gerald Kennedy do solemnly swear] (Moderator) that you will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States.” – They’ll be watching in that void. – another premonition? As he takes the oath of office, some part of him knows that people in “dark” places are watching him.


Kennedy – “..but neither can two great and powerful groups of nations take comfort from our present course both sides overburdened [by the cost of] modern weapons both rightly alarmed by the steady spread of the deadly atom…” – I talk it up. – adding emphasis to his forward comments.


Kennedy – “I got the leadership coming back at 5 this afternoon [then we begin this] blockage then we’ll continue the surveillance.” – I send naked woman. – an insight into JFK’s psyche. His sexual indiscretions are well known.


Kennedy – “Good evening my fellow citizens. This government as promised has maintained the closest [surveillance] of the Soviet military build up on the island of Cuba.” – I’m nervous. – naturally he’s nervous – the world is on the brink of nuclear war!


Kennedy – “It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western hemisphere as an attack [by the Soviet Union] on the United States requiring a full retaliatory response…” – Did we mess it up? – he wonders whether they are taking the correct course of action. History proved he did not mess it up but made the right call.


Kennedy – “Not to simply give the public what it wants, but to inform, to arouse, [to reflect], to state our dangers and our opportunities.” – Help you – shows he is genuinely concerned and wants to help.


Kennedy – “Vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines [military], diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.” – Hear a villain. – interesting complementarity. the reversals occurs on the word military – are they villains?


Kennedy – “That i do not intend to permit to the extent that its in my control, and no [official of my admin]istration whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent.” – Send him down below ship. – meaning unknown.


Kennedy – “It mans greater attention to improved understanding of the news as well as improved transmission, and it means finally [that government] at all levels must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information.” – Then we’ll like it. – congruent reversal.


Kennedy – “We cannot endanger that security by refraining from testing while others improve their arsenal, nor can we endanger it by another long [uninspected] ban on testing.” – It helps me not. – congruent reversal.


Kennedy – “It would create [machinery to] keep the peace as it destroys the machinery of war.” – The new mission. – another congruent reversal. This is our new mission or task.



The Coup Still Lives in the Minds of the Conspirators – Richard Nixon’s Inauguration January 20, 1969

Nixon – “In pursuing our goals of full employment, better housing, excellence in education [and rebuilding our cities and improving] our rural areas.” – The wolfman see the song, your rogue unit. – this reversal ties Nixon in with direct knowledge of the Coup. Wolfman was the name of a key character in the mafia hit team which took out Kennedy – after the reversal in this clip you will hear James Files, the hit man, talk about wolfman.



Billy Graham and Richard Nixon talk about Kennedy and Vietnam on the 7th of April 1971

First, some background information. Billy Graham was a registered Democrat but violently opposed the Presidential run of JFK because he was a Roman Catholic. He organized rallies by Protestants across the country against Kennedy. He had become a close friend of Richard Nixon during the Eisenhower administration and strongly wanted him to win 1960 race. The first audio we will look at from him is his speech after JFK was assassinated.


Graham – “And then the nation which is [today its leader] is thrown into a crisis and the whole world feels the crisis.” I feel proud of it. – he’s proud of it? the crisis? the assassination of JFK? This is a bizarre reversal to have on such a speech.


Now here is the whole phone call between Billy Graham and Richard Nixon


Graham – “This is Billy Graham, I want to say to you [by far the best any]one has done on Vietnam. You had me in tears.” Knesset to laugh up. – this is peculiar reference to Israel. Another phone call between Nixon and Graham shows an intense dislike of the Israelis and their influence in the American media.


Graham – “[Yes that starts in about] 2 weeks.” I’m going to cause their pain. – a rather disconcerting reversal talking forwards about an upcoming crusade.


Graham – “Well I’m saying that the first time I ever heard about involve[ment was 4 days before he was] inaugurated playing golf with him, he said, I quote, we cannot allow Laos and South Vietnam to fall to the communists.” To be awful sad, Hoover shoot them. – this is a disturbing reversal because here we hear from the mouth of Billy Graham as he talks forwards about Kennedy, knowledge of the coup orchestrated by Hoover with Nixon’s involvement, to oust Kennedy. The conspiracy just gets bigger and bigger.


Graham – “And i said this sentence, I said many of the present [doves in the senate] were not then so dovish, even Senator Fulbright who introduced the now famous Tonkin resolution.” I know Knesset was bad. – another reference to Israel – why does Israel appear all around JFK??



The Ripples of the Coup 11 Years Later – Ford Pardons Nixon


Full Recording of Ford Pardoning Nixon August 9, 1974


“And I have sought such guidance and searched my own conscience with special diligence to determine the right thing for me to [do with respect to my predecessor] in this place, Richard Nixon.” Assassin, I’ve come to capture the wood – this is an important reversal of a cryptic nature – my description of the reversal draws on my 33 years experience with Reverse Speech interpreting metaphors and the symbolism of Reverse Speech – firstly the reversal ties the pardon of Richard Nixon in with the JFK assassination – we already know that Ford and Nixon were 2 of the “powerful” men that Oswald’s reversals talk about – capture the wood most likely refers to the wooden picket fence at the grassy knoll in Dallas. We know the real assassin was behind the wooden picket fence because of James Files’ statement and multiple witnesses to a shot coming from behind the picket fence – – capture the wood means to take possession, to keep something – Ford wanted to keep the secret safe about the assassin behind the wooden picket fence. Or, he may have been calling Nixon an assassin because of his complicity. Was part of Nixon’s pardon a reward for keeping this secret?


Ford – “The Courts might well hold that Richard Nixon had been denied due process and the verdict [of history] would even more be inconclusive with respect to those charges.” Your secret. – this reversal ties directly into the previous reversal – note the exact forward words – they are keeping a secret of history.


Ford – “In this I dare not depend upon my personal sympathy as a long time friend of the former President nor my professional judgement as a lawyer and [I do not]. ” Onward gun. – we know from LBJ’s reversals with Allen Dulles that the gun was faked – onward gun is cryptic to keep the secret going on wards – this is three reversals in a row now – Nixon’s pardon was definitely connected to the assassination.


Ford – “I do [believe that the buck stop]s here. That I cannot rely on public opinion polls to tell me what is right.” I stop with the deal. – yes the buck does stop here – a deal was made – silence is assured.


Ford – “I do believe with all my heart and mind and spirit that I, not as President, but as a humble servant of God will receive justice without mercy if I fail [to show mercy].” There’s some more shit. – an incongruent reversal – this doesn’t mop it all up.


Ford – “Finally I feel that Richard Nixon and his loved ones have suffered enough and will continue to suffer no matter what I do, no matter what we as a great and good nation can do together to make his [goal of peace come true].” Bush mocked, seek the Lord. – and of course, here comes Bush, one of the other conspirators – were there tensions between the 3 of them?



Final Word from George Bush, the 43rd President of the United States

37 years later, after the coup, George H. W. Bush still has influence as one of the “Powerful” left remaining. His son is given the Presidency in 2001 in a hotly contested election, after a Supreme Court decision. A year later America is attacked in 911 and we hear this reversal on George W. Bush. “[That an act of war] was committed on the United States of America.” – Rule the planet, Dad. – does Bush’s influence extend to that extent? It’s a scary thought.


Bruce Willis Speaking About The Kennedy Assassination