Vice President Joe Biden


Hosting Middle Class Task Force Event on Work and Family

July 20, 2010


"There’s so many aspiring in the middle class, and so many people the [last decade] falling out of the middle class." Dickheads sell – incongruent reversal – he is putting them down subconsciously, yet at the same time using them to sell his point.

"And I [presumptuously counted myself among them, all of a sudden found out [when they had a talented] daughter who is a good athlete, how ferociously supportive they became of title, nine." The lust that I handle – out of context, a subconscious slip given the complementarity of the precise forward dialogue

"Because ultimately ladies and gentlemen this comes down t[o a simply proposition], it comes down to a quality of life issue not just for the woman but for everyone around her." She’s a powerful missile – a congruent metaphor – giving women power

"Ironically this recession hit men worse than women [in the work pl]ace,. It was predicted it would be the opposite." Outgrown it – unknown