Vice President Dick Cheney


Here are reversals found on Dick Cheney from an interview he did on Fox News Sunday 14th of January talking about the troop escalation in Iraq.

Click on the reversal to download the mp3 file. The forward dialogue where the reversal occurred has been bracketed […].

"…political reconciliation is important, economic progress is important [but we’ve got to get] a handle on the security situation in Bagdad. That means more Iraqi forces, that means more US forces." They can argue with it (Unsure of the meaning of this reversal.)

"…[I’m not going to get into] that Chris. We’ve got a good plan, we’re just now beginning the execution of the plan." They’re needing the gun (Stating his belief that there needs to be more force in Iraq – Condoleezza Rice had a similar reversal – click here.)

"It would be a [sense of the Congr]ess resolution and we’re obviously interested in it and what Congress has to say about it but it would not affect the President’s ability to carry out his policy." Remark at this mess (Congress will comment on the mess in Iraq.)

"…we took all of that effort that has gone onto fighting the global war on terror and the great work that we have done in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia and across the globe out there and saw it [dissipated because] the United States now decides its too tough and we’re going to pack it in and go home." Suck on the deficit (All the military activity is causing strain on the US deficit)