Vice President Biden

On the Recovery Act

17th June 2010


"[Folks, I]’m here to talk about the recovery act, and I’m sure that was the first thing on your mind this morning." I scoff

"I think most of the skeptic[s have come aroun]d to the point that all the talk about the recovery act being dead in arrival and how it was going to be this great big boon dog and the the fraud and abuse that was going to occur." I muck this

"We’ve from a GDP that was shrinking at 6.4 percent the first quarter [we came into office] to a GDP that grew 3 percent last quarter and averaged 4 percent over the last 3 quarters." The phone to make you – notice what he talks about soon after.

"And so again from intense skepticism and the doubt of many expressed 14 months again particularly some of the [folks who didn’t] want to vote for this legislation." Did you scoff 

"You know,, check it out for your[self. The illustration] behind me just takes four of the ten thousand recovery act reports." You show silly force

"I, as most of you know, [you got bored to death] having to watch me do this initially but I’m on the phone every week with somewhere between 4 and 7 governors depending on both parties. I’ve now spoken to every governor I think although probably there’s going to be some exception." Fed that old buggy

"I have spoken to [well over 140] mayors and county executives. I do this once a week for a couple of hours a day, an hour each." We’re in a horrible low

"Look guys, I find it incredibly [insensitive], incredibly out of touch." Free this mess

"You start off and take a look at what we’ve [done with focusing] on unemployment, cobra." Sick wolf feel mud."