US Secretary of State Rice

Here are some reversals found on Condoleezza Rice during Senate Foreign Relation Hearings, January 12th 2007. This was the day after George Bush’s speech announcing more troops for Iraq. Fort the most part, Rice appears to be congruent however there are some concerning reversals that indicate an aggressive nature and that perhaps America is string arming its allies.

Click on the reversal to download the mp3 file. The exact forward dialogue where the reversal occurred has been bracketed […].

“The central challenge therefore that threatens that process of national reconciliation and [that is the protection of] their population from criminals and violent extremists who kill in the name of sectarian grievance.” And they’re shattered to see it (Congruent reversal)

“It is extremely important to have an effective and functioning government in Bagdad and we have worked with them on ministries, on budget [processes, on the] technical assistance that they need to have a functional government.” The Nazis are tough (Metaphor. See dictionary definition below. However the meaning of this reversal is unclear.)

“They came to us and said that this government will not be able to survive if it cannot re-establish civil order and they gave to the President – an assurance that this time they are going to make the difficult choices [in order] to get it done.” Get on it (Congruent reversal)

“The broader point is that we do have and we [have always had] as a country very strong interest and allies in the gulf region.” But I see a wall (There is a problem)

“First of all on Syria, we did engage for quite a long time – and in fact we got nowhere and indeed I would argue that the situation from our point of view is worse today in terms of the terms on which we were to be engaging….” Yeah, the soul sick (Congruent reversal)

“His 30 people are not even enough if you count the two Kurdish parties, IIP and the other shia parties, they are in fact the majority and indeed the President has [talked to the leaders] of those blocks prior to this to say they need to support Prime Minister Maliki’s plan….” So deal with this cult (Reveals some interesting unconscious thoughts. Does she think the leaders are a cult?)

“We have the ability of course to see how they’re doing in terms of living up to the obligations because not all American forces are going to go in up front. Not all will be ready to go in [on day one]. And you can be sure that we’re going to be watching very carefully.”  Now, we’re not (Seems to be congruent. Not all troops will be ready.)

“I’m the one who everyday goes to the office and works not just on Iraq, but on North Korea, on Iran, on the problems in Somalia, in Sudan, and I think if you look around you’ll [see that the United] States has a very active policy everywhere in the world.” And I need peace (Seems to show her genuine desires for peace.)

“The point that I [wanted to make Senator] is that is October 05. The President has talked repeatedly now about the changed circumstances that we faced.” You’re gonna scam us now (Seems to be directed towards a Senator in the hearings.)

“His death squads are engaged in violence then they’re going to have to deal with those death squads. And the Prime Minister has said nobody and [nothing is off] limits.” Forcing your fun (meaning unknown)

“…because it wont work, unless they’re prepared to make the tough political decision[s and frankly we know why] the sectarian violence didn’t come down that we hoped would…” I warn. You will help us (Is this a threat? Directed at who?)

“[I’m not going to speculate but i] do tell you that the President made very clear, of course there are circumstances. That’s what it means when he says our patience is not limited.” Gotta feel it helps in the gun (Unsure of the meaning of this.)

“I would[n’t just run] the point that you made. The rules of engagement really were the problem. Inadequate force and rules of engagement were the problem.” Now certain (Congruent reversal.)

“Prime Minister Howard was out this morning saying this was right thing to do. We know that Prime Minister Blair agrees. I talked yesterday with leaders, with foreign ministers from the region. They understand.” Send ’em out. We warn you (Another threat. Is America “strong arming” allies into support?)


Extract from RS Metaphor dictionary

NAZI (Structural) see Hitler, Adolph; evil, domination, to dictate one’s will, to conquest