UFO Over Phoenix

The following transcript was taken from a radio broadcast in Phoenix discussing the stunning UFO sighting that was witness by thousands of people on March 13th 1997.

Prepared by David John Oates June 4 1997

[Play Stream] [Download File] Willy William (Navy explosives expert): ..even if they were flares and they were military flares, I don’t know the difference between military and civilian flare…
They’re afraid to go in

Note: This reversal was later confirmed as this man’s thoughts about the air force being afraid to go in to look closely at the UFO.

[Play Stream] [Download File] Radio Announcer: ..apparently this object was seen all over. Even that night March 13th, it was also seen in New Jersey…
Need Earth strong. I miss it

[Play Stream] [Download File] Eye Witness: ..on March 13th at about 8:20 at night my friend Willy and I were standing outside of my apartment and saw the strange formation of lights…
Beyond it. Lights surround

[Play Stream] [Download File] Radio Announcer: ..no nonsense people reporting very accurately and that adds in my book a dimension of credibility to the whole thing…
UFO hovered

[Play Stream] [Download File] Witness: …one was an estimate supposedly by an unnamed airline pilot that these lights were at an altitude of 8900 feet…
You’re not now an idiot, Gonna share the one

The following reversal shows a direct dialogue between two people speaking and also touches onto the deeper aspects of UFOs. There is a theme in Ufology reverse speech that the ET’s are here to help the human race make a spiritual transition, or be re-born. Note the direct dialogue.

[Play Stream] [Download File] Witness: “That’s a lapse time of 21 minutes from Henderson down to Pauldon.”
Announcer: “That was moving wasn’t it.”
I’m solving the womb’s arrival
Witness: “Yes it was.”
Soul was sick (Continued)

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..the object was seen 21 minutes earlier over Henderson, Nevada…
Radial spinning. Now we knock knees. So Real / Goodbye