U.S Presidential Race 2000

This page will feature reversals on the key Presidential candiates and associated figures in year 2000 election race for the Presidency of the United States. Bookmark this page and come back often because it will be updated reguarly.

mp3 – George Bush on anti ballistic missile system – "Yes, your mother said yes, little babe" (Family ties/advice?)

mp3 – George Bush on marriage – "Wolf cub cerebrum."

mp3 – Al Gore on homosexual marriages – "I now must lie a lot." (incongruent on political position?)

mp3 – George Bush on James Bird murder – "Hide the filthy nigger" (oops again! – Bush is incongruent on this one)

mp3 – George Bush on medicare – "Somehow I’m a failure." (An unconscious theme running through his reversals)

mp3 – Al Gore on Bush’s proposed tax cuts – "Theres a law on it. Answer no. Say firewater." (congruent position – stimulating a response)

mp3 – Jim Leher arbitrating debate – "Will you chill out."

mp3 – Dick Cheney on winning the election – "The skeleton now with your rot." (an ominous prediciton for future election chaos?)

mp3 – George Bush campaigning – "I know you’re blowing it / You’re losing." (Failure theme)

mp3 – Al Gore campaigning – "Yeah, when its finished, console me / I dont know. I was whimp." (another ominous prediction of future election chaos – also same failure theme as Bush.)

mp3 – George Bush campaigning – "All or nothing and (I lose/loose) in a grave battle / Hear the Lord with self and feel the Boss." (Motivating himself)

mp3 – George Bush on his DUI Conviction – "My mother’s gonna shit." (Flashing back to thoughts at the time)

mp3 George Bush attacks Al Gore – "Forget, he invents internet."

George W. Bush – Make a Monica (trouble for him as well as clinton?)

George W. Bush on the legalisation of marijuana – I shall deal with dope – note the similatrity with this reversal on Clinton talking about the FDA Clinton – They pay for dope. How i agree / I agree and I accept thatrefer to Goodspeeds article for an explanation on the US govt and drugs

I am alive but numb force be naughty (Dick Morris, former disgraced Clinton advisor but making a comeback now.)

Remember, we damn the shirts but not the sin (Senator Hatch – metaphoric, "we condemn the officials but not their acts"?)

Laying on the sex, off with them (Senator Hatch)

They said, no slack (Senator Hatch)

Show near the gun (George W. Bush)

Discuss the NASA plan (George W. Bush)

The Whirlwind (Senator Bradley on a black becoming President, or the inevitablitiy of it – followed by a reversal on the reporter that says, "And I feel low." – a bad day?)

(Wave) A war, then I fold (Senator Bill Bradley – he wont last long with a reversal like this – a brief fierce fight, then he’ll bail out of the race)

You must see it / Gore ran away (Al Gore on Martin Luther Kings birthday)

A crime in it. NASA knows this (Senator Mccain – Why these references to NASA?)