U.S. Presidential Elections 2004

First Presidential Debate October 2004

Here are some of the reversals found on the first Presidential debate. Due to time constraints only half of this debate has been analysed.

Overall Conclusion

There are fewer reversals on this debate than what were found in the same time frame of the respective candidates speeches at their National Conventions (see below). This indicates a high level or preparedness and "canned" answers. Overall, Bush continued the theme of his previous reversals – strong on war and defence, although one reversal on this subject is a little obscure – Lets arrest Jesus. Kerry was strong and confident in his delivery, although some reversals appeared that seemed to show weakness and inconsistency.


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Kerry: "I know the President will join me in welcoming all of Florida to this debate. You’ve been through the roughest weeks anyone can imagine, our hearts go out to you and we admire your pluck and perseverance." You love inner skill (As the debate begins, he feels confidence in his skills)

Bush: "We’ve pursued Al Qaeda wherever Al Qaeda tries to hide. 75% of known Al Qaeda leaders have been brought to Justice. The rest of them know we’re after them." Mother fire one. (Meaning unknown)

Bush: "We upheld the doctrine that said if you harbour a terrorist you’re as equally as guilty as the terrorist and the Taliban are no longer in power." Iraq will roll when they blast us (Predicting future attacks with Iraqi repercussions?)

Bush: "I believe I’m going to win because the American know I know how to lead. I’ve shown the American people I know how to lead." You’ll never know (meaning unknown – a prediction of future failure?)

Bush: "41% of those 10 million are women. In Iraq, no doubt about it, its tough, its hard work." I bribe under (Meaning unknown)

Kerry: "I believe in being strong and resolute and determined." Emersed in it (He is involved with this statement)

Kerry: "General Tony McPeak who ran the air force war so effectively for his father, all believe I would make a stronger Commander In Chief." The soul so free (He believes what he is saying and feels uplifted and confident with it.)

Kerry: "Yes we have to be steadfast and resolved and I am. And I will succeed for those troops now that we’re there. We have to succeed, we can’t leave a failed Iraq." They are the laws / they see betrayal (Our troops see betrayal?)

Bush: "But I again I want to tell the America people, we’re doing everything we can at home but you better have a President who chases these terrorists down and brings them to justice before they hurt us again." Lets arrest Jesus (An obscure metaphor. Meaning unknown)

Bush: "And so the best indication about when we can bring our troops home, which I really want to do, but I don’t want to do so for the sake of bringing them home, I want to do so because we have achieved an objective." I’ve been shaking this (He’s been active in the situation.)

Kerry: "My message to the troops is also thank you for what they’re doing but its also help is on the way." They will freak out (meaning obscure. A lack of confidence in the troops? Predicting future disaster?)

Kerry: "That’s what I learned in Vietnam. When I came back from that war, I saw that it was wrong. Some people don’t like the fact that I stood up to say no, but I did." I make yellow man (Obscure metaphor – yellow: lack of courage – a sign of future hesitancy? – or maybe yellow referring to the Vietnamese.)

Kerry; "And from the beginning I did vote to give the authority because I thought Saddam Hussein was a threat and I did accept that intelligence." Oath was a mess (He was inconsistent in his position)

Kerry: "When the Secretary General Kofi Anan offered the United Nations, he said oh no, we’ll go do this alone." They fuck (Disrespect for the UN?)

Bush: "He called them the coerced and the bribed. That’s not how you bring people together. Our coalition is strong. It will remain strong so long as I am the President." You’ll be an asset (The coalition will help.)

Bush: "And there’s going to be an Arab summit of the neighbourhood countries and Colin Powel helped set up that summit." They must save Goddess (Metaphor. To save hope for the future)

Bush: "But people know where I stand. People out there listening know what I believe, and that’s how best it is to keep the peace." Feel the battle (He feels the conflict of war.)


Republican National Convention September 2004



Here are the some of the reversals found on President George W. Bush’s Convention speech.

Please note that the interpretation given in parenthesis are approximations only and may or may not be accurate. They are arrived at by applying the principal of speech complementarity (the forwards and reverse relate to each other), determining the reverse speech category in each instance, and then drawing a conclusion. More analysis information is here. If you have any insights that may assist us in our overall conclusions please let us know.

Overall Conclusion

George Bush begins his speech with a noble reversal indicating that he is concerned about the soul of America. His concern also appears in another reversal as he talks about small business owners not being able to afford health care. But he is mostly incongruent as he talks about other internal American issues. As he talks about taxation, for example, he delivers a reversal that indicates tax is a crime. As he talks about children’s education, he says in reverse, I am a fake, which leaves one wondering if it is all a front.

The overwhelming thought in his mind is war with one reversal hinting that Iran may be the next American target. He even delivers a reversal that suggests he has fun with war. However this war agenda he has is destined for troubled times with several reversals suggesting harm and difficulties for America and its troops in the weeks and months ahead. Furthermore, it appears as though his mind is so set on this agenda, he will listen to little advice from others.

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 “I’m running with a compassionate conservative philosophy, that government should help people improve their lives, not try to run their lives.” Give the soul  (he is genuine in his statement. Seeking the soul of America)

“Another drag on the economy is our current tax code which is a complicated mess, filled with special interest loop holes.” Sam, the dick you’ll fuck (an aggressive reversal, Sam referencing Uncle Sam? – the current tax code will fuck America?)

“Billion hours of paper work and headache every year. The American people deserve and our economic future demands a simple fairer pro growth system”  Demonic Iran (out of context with the forward –  some of his thoughts are on Iran – the next American target?)

“In these areas we will provide tax relief and other incentives to attract new business and improve housing and job training to bring hope and work throughout all of America.” High crime with the law (An intense reversal, implying that the tax system is a high crime.)

“Four more years.” We want more (As the crowd chants four more years, the group mind reinforces this) 

“As I travel the country I’ve met many workers and small business owners who have told me that they are worried they cannot afford health care.” They’re all worried, they’re damn lost (congruent reversal)

“7 million more affordable homes in the next 10 years so more American families will be able to open the door and say welcome to my home.” More harm (a concerning reversal. Does he see more harm coming America’s way?)

“Many of our children and grandchildren are understandably worried whether social security will be there when they need it." That idiot, not worthy (unsure what this reversal is referring to, but it continues a theme found in other Bush reversals of contempt)

“By testing every child we are identifying those who need help and we are providing a record level of funding to get them that help.” I am a fake (Speaks for itself. He is projecting a false image)

“Senator Kerry opposed Medicare reform and health savings accounts. After supporting my education reforms he now wants to dilute them. He opposes legal and medical liability reform.” It was so whiney (Speaks for itself. Kerry was whiney)

“We have fought the terrorists across the earth not for pride not for power but because the lives of our citizens are at stake.” Now for fun (A concerning reversal – he fought the terrorists not for pride or power but for fun!) 

“And we are working to advance liberty in the broader middle east because freedom will bring a future of hope.” War first, we failed (He sees war as essential to freedom and his policy has failed.)

“After more than a decade of diplomacy we gave Saddam Hussein another chance.” You piss him off (Speaks for itself – a bit of an understatement)

“Despite ongoing acts of violence Iraq now has a strong prime minister a national council and national elections are scheduled for January.” Hurts in their mouth (metaphor, meaning unknown) 

“We are serving a vital and historic cause that will make our country safer” A gamble (Speaks for itself, this war is a gamble) 

“We will help new leaders to train their armies and move towards elections and get on the path of stability and democracy as quickly as possible.” Here succumb (There will be difficulties)

“And then our troops will return home with the honour they have earned.”  Nerve ahead (There are troubled times ahead)                                                           

“We soldiers of years are doing great in scoring victories and confronting the evil terrorists.” The arab nude (Metaphor: Nude, to be vulnerable, feeling exposed  – he believes the Arab world is vulnerable.) 

“Our men and women in uniform are doing a superb job for America.” The camouflage (Are there other hidden missions?)

“Because of you women in Afghanistan are no longer shot in a sports stadium. Because of you the people of Iraq no longer fear being executed and being left in mass graves.” I need brief from noone (An arrogant reversal – he doesn’t need advice from anyone, he is going it alone)

“We owe you our thanks and we owe you something more. We will give you all resources, all the tools and all the support you need for victory.” Rome, it must see your units (Metaphor: Rome, to expand your kingdom, an empire – America’s armies must be mobile to expand America’s influence) 

“Then when pressed he said it was a complicated matter. There’s nothing complicated about supporting our troops in combat.” You are adolf with cyber (You in reverse is a difficult word – it can refer to the speaker themselves or to someone else – he is either showing great disdain towards Kerry, or comparing himself to Hitler.) 

“One of the Iraqi men used his new prosthetic hand to slowly write out in Arabic a prayer for God to bless America.” They burn the night owl (They are working hard and late)

“Fortunately we had a resolute president named Truman who with the American people persevered knowing that new democracy at the centre of Europe would lead to stability and peace.” Hurry, burn us (A concerning reversal, unconsciously wanting or creating further attacks on the US?) 

“The progress we and our friends and allies seek in the broader middle east will not come easily.” You’ll see McDonalds (A funny reversal  – McDonalds, the great American icon)

“I believe that given the chance they will embrace the most honourable form of government ever devised by man. I believe all these things because freedom is not America’s gift to the world it is almighty God’s gift to every man and woman in this world.” Floral with figs. A crime runs (Metaphor: Fig, to cover sin, to deny faults – noble words forward but beneath the flowery exterior, there are crimes and faults)



Democratic Convention July 2004



John Kerry

Here are the some of the reversals found on Presidential candidate John Kerry’s Convention speech. You can download the entire speech here http://reversespeech.s3.amazonaws.com/rev/kerry290704.Mp3. Or, to listen to the file stream, copy the link and paste it into the open file section of your mp3 player. You can look for your own reversals by downloading the Reverse Speech software here. Send any reversals you find to backwards@reversespeech.com. Or, for a description of Reverse Speech go here.

Please note that the interpretation given in parenthesis are approximations only and may or may not be accurate. They are arrived at by applying the principal of speech complementarity (the forwards and reverse relate to each other), determining the reverse speech category in each instance, and then drawing a conclusion. More analysis information is here. If you have any insights that may assist us in our overall conclusions please let us know.

Click here to hear an interview David did on the Jeff Rense show about these reversals

Overall Conclusion

John Kerry appears for the most part to be congruent. In other words, except for a couple of notable exceptions, he means what he says. (Watch for him to seek support from secret special interest groups.) He has a genuine love of his country and wants to work to make it better. He also believes that America has failed to fulfil the dream and may have been sold lies. He appears to be concerned about gaining the support of the South, and that may be part of his reason for choosing John Edwards as VP candidate. As can be expected, he believes that Bush’s priorities are in the wrong place and he is not being honest with us.


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Kerry: "When I was a young man, he was in the state department stationed in Berlin when it and the world were divided between democracy and communism." The silly mark, may you succumb (A desire to see the continuing fall of communism)

Kerry: "I am determined now to restore that pride to all who look to America." Bush gone with war (Implying that Bush’s priorities are with war)

Kerry: "We have it in our power to change the world but only if we are true to our ideals." I found it in the hill (A reference to Capitol Hill. He believe power lies in the (Capitol) Hill.)

Kerry: "I will be a commander in chief who will never mislead us into war." Near a man of fable, we are (A reference to Bush? Or maybe Kerry himself. A man who tells tales.)

Kerry: "I will have a Vice President who will not conduct secret meetings with polluters to rewrite our environmental laws." Serve ill. (gibberish) We need your kiss (An incongruent reversal. He will seek the support of these groups.)

Kerry: "I will have a secretary of defence who will listen to the advice of the military leaders." Serve. Heal the earth (He is genuine in his desire to serve and make a global difference.)

 Kerry: "We are a nation at war, a global war on terror against an enemy unlike we’ve ever known before." United snake (A metaphoric reference to Al Qaeda?)

Kerry: "We creating 23 million new jobs, we lifted millions out of poverty and we lifted the standard of living for the middle class." The last million, they fill you (Congruent reversal. He believes that millions are being fulfilled)

Kerry: "..and so tonight, and so tonight…" Be honest Bush, be honest Bush (As the crowd roars, Kerry’s unconscious appeals to Bush and also stimulates the crowd)

Kerry: "And so tonight in the city where America’s freedom began only a few blocks where the sons and daughters of liberty gave birth to our nation." How we fail (He believes America is not living up to the dream)

Kerry: "Here tonight on behalf of a new birth of freedom on behalf of the middle class who deserve a champion and those struggling to join it." South move in with the fair (Appealing to the South to join the show)

Kerry: "For the brave men and women in uniform who risked their lives and for their families who prayed for their return." Nursed away the fear (Congruent reversal – they overcame their fear)

Kerry: "All those who believe that our best days are ahead us with great faith in the American people." Sold with a heresy (An ominous reversal – implying that Americans have been told a grave lie, or sold on something that is a perversion – some people have also heard this reversal as Solve with a heresy)

Kerry: "Senator John Edwards of North Carolina and his wife Elizabeth and their family." Heal my friend (Is this in reference to Edwards? Healed from what?)

Kerry: "This son of a mill worker is ready to lead and next January Americans will be proud to have a fighter for the middle class to succeed Dick Cheney as Vice President." Assist. South will enter the frey (Kerry is hoping that with John Edwards as VP candidate, he will be able to pull more votes from the South)

Kerry: "Remember the hours after September 11th when we came together as one to answer the attack against our homeland." They are more hearts naked (Congruent reversal. The American people opened their hearts to each other after 911.)

Kerry: "I know what kids go through when they’re carrying an M16 into a dangerous place and they can’t tell friend from foe.) Mending Iraq and the wolf looks thick (Metaphor. Referencing the thick of battle in Iraq – he feels empathy for the troops.)

Kerry: "Before you go to battle you have you have to be able to look a parent in the eye and truthfully say i tried everything possible to avoid sending your son or daughter into harms way." Yes, seal the proof (Congruent reversal. Must be able to show just cause.)

Kerry: "They should remember what America is really all about. They should remember the great idea of freedom for which so many have given their lives." But remember the shit (Saying we remember the bad things as well as the good things.)

Kerry: "For four years we’ve heard a lot of talk about values but values spoken without actions taken are just slogans." But I’ll love you (Kerry will attempt to reach out)

Kerry: "And its time for those who talk about family values to start valuing families." We love you, my father (He thinks about his father as he talks about family values.)

Kerry: "What matters most is not narrow appeals masquerading as values but the shared values that show the true face of America. Not narrow values that divide us but the shared values that unite us." Yeah. Push the bullshit (He is being insincere, pushing a political line.)

Kerry: "We will reward the companies that create and keep the good paying jobs right where they belong, in the good ol’ USA." See the market grow (He believes this will good for the (Stock?) market)

Kerry: "And we believe American workers should never have to subsidise the loss of their own job." Nor raid the soul (Cryptic Metaphor – don’t break their spirits)

Kerry: "We’ll cut the deficit in half in four years by ending tax give always that are nothing more than corporate welfare and we will make government live by the rule that every family has to live by. Pay as you go." You’re broke. The Dome, we plundered it (Cryptic metaphor, Imprecise. The Dome referring to capitol hill? They have plundered American resources.)

Kerry: "Our health care plan for a stronger America cracks down on the waste and the greed and the abuse in our health system and it will save families $1000 a year on premiums." Seal my fierce (He will fiercely pursue this issue)

Kerry: "Health care is not a privilege for the wealthy and the connected and the elected. It is a right for all Americans and we will make it so." Snicker in the law (The law is sly in regards to health care?)

Kerry: "Lets honour this nation’s diversity. Lets respect one another, and lets never misuse for political purposes the most precious document in American history, the constitution of the United States." You’ve seen a crime, an enemy guards the (shop?) (Referencing Bush?)


John Edwards

Here are the reversals we found on Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards’ speech. You can download the entire speech here http://reversespeech.s3.amazonaws.com/rev/edwards290704.Mp3

Overall Conclusion

John Edwards is a politician with a healthy ego. He knows how to rally the crowd and is clearly selling the party line. He is congruent in some areas of his speech but incongruent in others (expect some negative campaigning from Edwards). He is passionate about solving poverty and improving health care in America. He will be strong on defence and will also be very happy to become Vice President of the United States, fulfilling his vows.


Edwards (praising Kerry’s war record): "When John Kerry graduated from college, he volunteered for military service, volunteered for Vietnam." Subverse sad dilemma (There is dilemma in this statement that he is subverting, or will subvert.) Subverse; to subvert – http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=subverse (Note: After posting this reversal, in August 2004 Kerry and Edwards came out strongly against adverts questioning Kerry’s war record. Kerry filed a complaint with government regulators alleging that Swift Boat Veterans for Truth "illegally co-ordinated with the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign". He has requested the ad be banned. – this sounds ominously like he trying to "subvert" the "dilemma" in his war record.)

Edwards: "You judge their values based upon what they’ve spent their life doing, so when a man volunteers to serve his country, the man volunteers and puts his life on the line." Go with power, it helps shape the war (He will be strong on defence)

Edwards: "For the last few months, John’s been travelling around the country talking about his positive optimistic vision for America, talking about his plan to move this country in the right direction." Now we sell and pray/prey (He is selling their ticket.)

Edwards: "But what have we seen? Relentless negative attacks again John. So in the weeks ahead, we know what’s coming, don’t we? More negative attacks. Aren’t you sick of it." I’d do it again (He will continue with his own negative attacks.)

Edwards: "I am here tonight for a very simple reason, because i love my country and i have every reason to love my country. I have grown up in the bright light of America." Heck, I’m valid (He thinks he is worthwhile)

Edwards: "No matter who your family is, no matter what the colour of your skin, this is the America we believe in." I amaze it (He is confident as he stirs the audience into a frenzy.)

Edwards: "I stood with kids and families against big HMOs and big insurance companies. When I got to the Senate I fought those same fights against the Washington lobbyists and for causes like the patients Bill of Rights." The pauper innocent (He is genuinely concerned about families.)

Edwards: "It doesn’t have to be that way." Yell, I lead with fantasised dick (Metaphor. He is enjoying the power he is experiencing.)

Edwards: "That’s why we shouldn’t just talk about but do something about the millions of Americans who live in poverty, because it is wrong and we have a moral responsibility to lift those families up. Your mouths, I fill it (He will work for Americans in poverty.)

Edwards: "And that’s what we’re going to do, that’s what we’re going to do when John is in the White House." Then I go, no sad. Then I go, no sad. (He will follow Kerry to the White House and he wont be sad about it either!)

Edwards: "We’re going to bring good paying jobs to the places where we need it the most and by doing all those things, we’re going to say no forever to any American working fulltime and living in poverty." Shaman within you (Metaphor. He reinforces his passion for combating poverty.)

Edwards: "We will always use our military might to keep the American people safe and we, John and I, we will have one clear unmistakable message for these Al Qaeda and these terrorists." See a war on you (The battle will continue.)

Edwards: "The human cost and the extraordinary heroism of this war surrounds  us. It surrounds us in our cities and towns. And we’ll win this war because of the strength and courage of our own people." Gonna see this (Congruent reversal.)

Edwards: "The 26 million veterans in this country will not have to wonder when they’re in office, when we’re in office whether they’ll have health care next week or next year." Send this new lab (Talking about a new health care system?)

Edwards: "We’ve got more than 140,000 troops in Iraq, almost 20,000 in Afghanistan. I visited the men and women there and we’re praying as they try to give that country hope." How big, you’re not guessing (He seems to pat himself on the back for getting first hand knowledge.)

Edwards: "We will ensure that the image of America, the image all of us love. America, this great shining light." I’ll serve the laws you made (He will uphold and fulfil his vows of office)

Edwards: "It is time to bring opportunity and an equal chance to her door. We’re here to make America stronger at home." I draw her stash off the internet (A mysterious reversal)

Edwards: "And we’re here to make America respected in the world again so we can bring him home." Make you with us (Congruent reversal. He will attempt to reach out the nations of the world)

Edwards: "Thank you. God bless you and God bless the United States of America." Sell dogma (A fitting reversal to end the speech. Selling the party line.)


President Bush 2001-2004