President Donald Trump – Hannity Interview

President Donald Trump - Hannity Interview

President Donald Trump – Hannity Interview

President Donald Trump – Hannity Interview – President Donald Trump sat down with Sean Hannity at the White House for an hour-long, cable exclusive interview on January 25, 2017 where the President talked about the current hotbed issues. The President talked about a wide range of topics, including how he plans to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism. Some of the other topics he spoke about was Obamacare and how he plans to replace it with something better. He didn’t hesitate to take a swing at what he calls, “The dishonest media” talking about the story that evolved from the bust of Martin Luther King supposedly missing from the Oval Office. Trump then went on to talk about his plans for extreme vetting for refugees coming from such countries as Syria or Yemen. Anyway, this is the Reverse Speech analysis of the interview and the results of that analysis.


Pres. Trump – “Well I’m going to keep as many as I can, you know politics and stuff [sometimes you make a promise and for some reas]on you can’t because you have opposition on the other side that raises their hand and make it impossible but…” – You mustn’t miss the mob by giving madness.


Pres. Trump – “..and we’re going to take care of a lot of people that were mistreated by government for many, many years and that’s uh, really how I won [the election in the first place Sean], you know that probably better than anybody.” – My ship surfing in the shallow.


Pres. Trump – “It’s not going to be so easy for people to come in any more. You look at what’s gone on, I mean, we could just go one after another but then you go to other countries and you look at [Neece and you look at] different places all over Europe and you look at what’s happening with Germany, it’s a mess the crime is incredible.” – They’re killing the scene.


Pres. Trump – “They leave the meeting and they have a news conference about what I said, been talking to the cameras about exactly what I [said at the meeting, wh]ich is fine, because I say things that I don’t mind going out, because I assume they’re going to do that but the deal was we wouldn’t talk to the press.” – Who will name the Goddess.


Pres. Trump – “..and by the way just so you understand, the Middle East, I don’t want to be like, you know, they said this speech can be dark on occasion. When we spend six trillion dollars, when I was interviewed last night [by David Muir he said], ‘aren’t you going to make them angry’ I said, ‘angry how can they be more angry then they are right now, who we going to make angry.'” – Nasty ho the beggar.


Pres. Trump – “ communications say look you have some very honest ones but, but I get stories [that are so false] and so dishonest, I wish, well yea they said Martin Luther King’s bust was taken out of the Oval Office by me.” – Soul force I led.


Pres. Trump – “They would like 300, 350 people in the room, over a thousand wanted to come, and if I took a vote right now I would’ve won 3[50 to nothing] believe me. But even that was demeaned as much as they could demean it.” – Have fun with it.


Pres. Trump – “..and, and it doesn’t work. (Hannity) You know it’s, you can’t even buy a catastrophic plan. (Trump) Correct. And the deductibles are so high, [that unless you get] hit by a tractor you’re never going to be able to use it.” – Angry sell not bad.


Pres. Trump – “..and it was such a success, ok. So now I see CNN and other people say well who was in the audience from Trump? Trump, I went there with a few people, there’s nobody, it was all CIA. They said but I heard [the first row and the first two, you saw that] press conference, Sean did a great job.” – I will see your stuff when the world suffered.


Pres. Trump – “..he said to me the other day, that was so great every one loved it, everybody loved it. When I got back I saw the speech, they didn’t li[ke it, it wasn’t respectful], it was a smattering of applause, it wasn’t a smattering it was, there were like 300 to 350 people in the room, over a 1000 wanted to come…” – Wolf helps you, the Soul would ache.


Pres. Trump – “..and President Obama told me something that was, I thought terrific. And I believe he means it. He said if you came up with a better plan and you could get a better plan approved he would support it. And I actually believe [he means it]. I do believe we’re going to have a much better plan, I think we’re going to have a cheaper plan…” – That’s near me.


Pres. Trump – “..because the people that we’re going against they don’t wear uniforms. Their sneaky, dirty rats. [And they blow people up] in a shopping center and they blow people up in a church. These are bad people.” – I will be bold in it.


Pres. Trump – “Well I think it is one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just talking about the nation- No, no. I think it’s, what — how about $1.7 billion, and [that was a ransom payment], in cash, $1.7 billion in cash.” – The madness there was a winner.


Pres. Trump – “But, if we can get along with Russia, it’s good for Russia, it’s good for us, we go out together and [knock the hell out of] ISIS…” – But Allah had fun.


Pres. Trump – “(Hannity) I assume you’re going to be putting, there’s a picture of your father. (Trump) Picture of my father, right. (Hannity) That wasn’t there yesterday. (Trump) No it wasn’t, I just added that. [That’s good, you know that]? (Hannity) I did notice that. (Trump) Well you picked that up fast.” – They’re wanting Nixon.