Tony Robbins Reversal Analysis

Tony Robbins Reversal Analysis

Tony Robbins Reversal Analysis

Tony Robbins, born Anthony J. Mahavoric in February 1960 is an American motivational speaker, personal finance instructor, and self-help author. He became well known from his infomercials and self-help books. Tony Robbins is a man with very powerful and conflicting metaphors. The secrets of his success lie in his own personal power and belief in himself. He has also mastered the power of manifestation, with Shewolf being one of his operational metaphors. But he had a large dark side and is basically dishonest in his teachings and stories, making some of them up. He is very aggressive and this is powered by the negative side of his ego.


Tony – “Each grade did a little mini assembly for me on how to use my stuff at that year and at the end of it I was really emotional and I was like [you guys asked me to come] and inspire you and you even inspired me, and the 6 graders had only done it for one year.” – I can say Daddy. – (Was he trying to be father figure for them?)


Tony – “I wrote about this at the end of my book, how do I get this across to somebody. The most seminal moment for me was [I had] I don’t know $21, $22 whatever it was to my name.” – Liar. – (Seems to indicate this famous story he tells many times is not exactly true.)


Tony – “He had not paid me back and I was desperate for cash. I probably called him 10 times trying to track him down, not a single response and I was [so hurt and pissed].” – Satan your horse. – (Metaphor: Negative energy, aggression.)


Tony – “My wife has the same will I have, not the same physical, so I try and [take care of that way], but her love her joy, her happiness lifts my soul, people say who inspires you, I say my wife.” – Her bell, I break it. – (Incongruent reversal, he suppresses his wife.)


Tony – “I’m really proud of my other sons who’s a partner in some of my financial businesses, Josh. So my family is [involved in my mission] which I’m really grateful for cos people talk about work life balance.” – Machine down the bomb. – (A very aggressive, negative approach to business)


Tony – “That the most important decision of your life is deciding whether you’re truly committed to [being happy no matter what].” – I want our money, buying it. – (He believes that money buys happiness which is contradictory to many of teachings.)


Tony – “The great[est gift you can give yourself] besides making this life about love and making life about giving because to give you have to keep growing, I believe to make that decision and say life is too short to suffer.” – I see big if you fix it. – (Congruent reversal – if you fix these issues you will grow big)


Tony – ““So I’m going to enjoy it and when something doesn’t work [out we’ll learn from it], we’ll grow. It’s all small stuff, you don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s all small stuff.” – I’m a terrible fag. – (Incongruent reversal – a look into his soul.)


Tony – “I find a way to add more value to other people to such an extent where economics are not a question whatsoever, and then I can take those economics and do even [more when I’m not there]. I look on money as portable power. I can leverage my money to do things for people even when I sleep.” – I rape on the Rome. – (Metaphor: Rome=civilisation – he rapes and pillages to make his money – an aggressive approach)


Tony – “Doing what I’m made for while I’m here, and maximising it, [I want in the end to have me], I want to be climbing the mountain when I die, not sliding.” – In my name, power. – (He believes in his own personal power and this drives him.)


Tony – “My mum’s crazi[ness gave me a great gift]. I wanted to be a professional athlete, wanted to be a professional baseball player.” – Fake getting Nixon. – (A warning from his unconscious, he is a master manipulator and a fake, or fraud. This will cause his downfall.)


Tony – “But I decided that I was going to find to add so much value that money would never be a question for my family and it would never stop me from giving or sharing or doing anything, and I made that decision early on, so [I became an] earner, ways of earning.” – I make it up. – (Like his previous reversal of Liar, he is making up a story)


Tony – “I don’t care who you are, it mind boggling, it was like you didn’t have to, it wasn’t part of the deal, you gave me a million dollars plus the PCF, and he just told me you did so much for me, I just want give you an additional quarter of a million dollars. It wasn’t the money, it was the generosity that just [knocked me off my] feet and so I called my wife and I said honey.” – Your fine con. – (Speaks for itself and continues the trend of dishonesty)


Tony – “Get to the Truth, [the Truth is simple]. Money does not change people. Money makes you more of what you are, it’s a magnifying tool.” – I’ll mess with Lucifer. – (Great power used to his personal advantage)


Tony – “But [you used to aspirational] to be in the 1%, today there’s this new mind set that says they’re evil, they’re wrong.” – Won’t Shewolf sign the sea. – (He knows how to manifest what he wants.)




LUCIFER (Structural) see Gabriel, Michael, Satan; stems from the legend of Lucifer, the highest, wisest and most favoured of all God’s archangels. He sought equality with God and was cast from heaven to become Satan. The meaning of the metaphor is complex; it refers to high energy, creativity, great intelligence and intuition; a powerful leader; master manipulator; Lucifer is neutral – it can be used for good or evil depending on associated metaphors.

NIXON (Structural) refers to the late President Richard Nixon; a fraud; to fall from greatness; mistrust; brilliant negotiator with the potential for self-deception. Trance image; unknown

ROME (Structural) see Caesar, Nimrod; Civilisation; one’s own personal kingdom or world; to march forward in life; to expand ones kingdom; to conquer; success, wealth; ability to be in control of one’s circumstances; super-confidence

SATAN (Structural) see Lucifer – Satan is the fallen version; spiritual longing and loneliness; torment, lost and wandering; intense emotions; anger, temper; electric vibes; strong almost unshakeable destructive behaviour patterns; a person running a Satan metaphor can easily destroy anyone with a few, quick words or a few strong looks.

SEA (Structural) see Ocean; similar but softer meaning; the waters of life; to be sailing on the seas of life.

SHEWOLF (Structural) not to be confused with “Wolf”; a deep primordial part of Self; a part that has psychic abilities; to manifest; to create synchronicities; involved in the process of creation and turning our thoughts and desires into reality. Warning! Shewolf will manifest anything in the unconscious, positive or negative, including incongruencies. Use with great care!