Tim Kaine – Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick


Tim Kaine Reversal Analysis


Tim at Florida International University


Tim “Timothy” Kaine has been chosen as the Vice President nominee for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid and is an American attorney and politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Virginia. He is a member of the Democratic Party and was elected to the Virginia Senate in 2012


Tim Kaine – “Ann and I have [three kids. Our oldest son, Matt], is here today with his fiancee…” – Ann that’s the law, I thank you.


Tim Kaine – “..and hey let me be honest, for many of [you, this is the first time you’ve even] heard my name. Um…” – I’m believing my surf with the city.


Tim Kaine – “..we would go there early, especially in the summer, to try to get the work done before the day got hot. [That’s what families] do. That’s what families do.” – You may feel sad.


Tim Kaine – “How cool was it, to see our three kids head out the door with their backpacks on, to walk to a neighborhood school named after their civil rights [hero grandfather].” – They love my worries.


Tim Kaine – “I, I decided to run for local office. Man I was [so scared the day I announ]ced but I wanted to help my city, and my community, I knocked on every door in my district…” – Finally I had the great source.


Tim Kaine – “..good because I started at the local level, listening [to people, learning about] their lives, and trying to find consensus…” – I bring an earl, we’ll beat it.


Tim Kaine – “An awful lot of people who have put their trust and their faith in Hillary, and she’s always, and she’s [always delivered] for them.” – Your villain see war.


Tim Kaine – “Here’s something you can tell about a great leader, leader, she not only [delivers in the] easy time, or the simple times, she delivers in the tough times, and she even delivers when she’s on the receiving end of one attack after another…” – And there’s a villain.


Tim Kaine – “Let’s go for equal pay, let’s raise the minimum wage. Let’s bring back the dignity [and respect of work]. You’re hired ???” – Grow, helps you leading.


Tim Kaine – “Hillary Clinton is filled with that courage, that imagination, and that [unbeatable] determination, and that’s why we trust her to fight for all Americans…” – Oh believe not.