Tiger Woods Apology

In a highly prepared 12 minute speech, Tiger Woods publicly apologized on February 20th 2010 for his actions, and affairs, that led to his highly public fall from grace. We only found 2 clear reversals on this speech which indicates it was not spontaneous but rehearsed and prepared beforehand.

“Buddhism teaches that a craving for things [outside] ourselves causes an unhappy and pointless search for security.” Our sluts – A revealing reversal. It speaks in the plural, indicating many parts of his psyche are attached to this. This may indicate that this pattern of behavior will not be easy to change. Additionally it tells us what his own personal cravings were – sluts. It also shows no respect for his sexual partners.

“I do plan to return to [golf one day]. I just don’t know when that day will be. I don’t rule out that it will be this year.” Had no fog – This reversal uses a metaphor – fog. It suggests that he never had any doubt or confusion (fog) that he was going to return to golf.