The Crimea Situation March 2014

Ukraine/Crimea Crisis 2014


Obama – “When it comes to our core interests or our [NATO allies’ we can protect ours]elves.” – Our sarcastic abuse, allow it in.


Obama – “We want to deal with Russia and the West and America and other parts of the world, ah and, I [guess he’s not comfor]table with that” – Fuck ’em as you say.


McCain – “..I heard the explosion, [turn around and try ??]??…” – Slow mass murder.


McCain – “Russia is a gas [station mas]querading as a country.” – Shun the shits.


McCain – “The president of the United States [believes that the cold war] is over” – I’ll walk this evil.


McCain – “..a path towards [membership in NA]TO.” – Damn the fisherman.


Kerry – “..underscore that, the value of democracy and freedom [that people are] fighting for here and then just walk away and not do anything about it.” – We’ll beat them.


Kerry – “..we alrea[dy have people wor]king on then economic, ah with the, ah IMF team.” – We’ll beat the hit.


Kerry – “..the Russian government would have you believe it was the opposition, who failed to implement the February 21st agreement that called for a peaceful transition. Ignoring the reality that it was [Yanokovich who, when history came calling] when his country was in need…” – They’ll all make you sick now, push the war crime.


Kerry – “..and [we should not see] nations, step backwards to behave in 19th or 20th century fashion.” – Peace and a shootin.


Kerry – “ take further steps, if Russia does not return it’s forces to the barracks, and engage in a legitimate policy of [deescalation. At the same] time the United States and it’s partners, our partners, will support Ukraine.” – Mess with it shall excite me.


Kerry – “ cope with Russia’s politically motivated trade practices, whether it’s manipulating the energy supply, or [banning the best chocolate]s…” – Look outside the minute.


Kerry – “Russia, [if it wanted to help deescalate] the situation, could return it’s troops to the barracks…” – Feel excited, go ahead, get on with it.


Kerry – “ we are committed and we are going to work to [do what we can] within our system as rapidly as possible.” – And I keep my word.


Kerry – “..and, to demand, democracy. So instead, they were met with snipers, [who picked them off one after] the other.” – A kind of Armageddon.


Cheney – “..Pakistan program, and was running a black market operation, we put him out of business, [we got rid of three major s]ources of potential suppliers of weapons of mass destruction.” – Saddam used their records.


Cheney – “[Well and it’s], it’s also a reflection of the notion that somehow a strong America, well a quick but strong military is the danger.” – It’s in oil.


Cheney – “..ah, corrupt I suppose is in the eye of the beholder in [Afgahnistan], no, and in Afgahnistan nearly everybody’s got…” – Dancin’ AIPAC