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Student Papers 1997

What is Reverse Speech
by Jerry Hirsch

Reverse Speech: An Overview
by Karen Boone, O.M.D., Ph.D., L.Ac

A Treatise On Reverse Speech
by Ken Solberg

An Essay On Reverse Speech
by Jim Stutt

Reverse Speech Theory
by Merle McElroy

An Essay on Reverse Speech
by Kathy J. Jeffries

Holographic Theory of Reverse Speech
by Greg Albrecht
Students reversals

RS Student, George. Personal “Have a stutter”

RS Student George. Personal “Hustle on her necks in it.”

RS Student, Joan Allen. Friend mucking around, “Some hook him

RS Student, Fred Corron. George Bush: “Make armies now”

RS student, Fred Corron. George Bush: “We’ll destroy you”

RS Student Fred Corron. George Bush: “Just a show.”

RS Student, Ken Lopp, Translator, Clinton/Rangji conference: “My child very value in it, so ask him for my homes”

They’re all fibs in London. Theres no fear, hear this (RS student, Pierre Alroy)

Hold on, show me (Pierre Alroy)

Satan at my (helm/help?) (Pierre Alroy)

I never know what I want, a church, an enemy (Found by RS student Pierre Alroy)

Treat me carefully, treat me carefully…. Found by Pierre Alroy)

[Play Stream][Download File] This reversal also submitted by certified Reverse Speech Investigator, Jack Johnston, gives an excellent description of the deeper aspects of Reverse Speech, or its source. Forwards he is asking, what is Reverse Speech, weher does it come from. backwards he says, “God was in the verse. He’s the livid force in the verse. We are Earl.” Verse is a Reverse Speech metaphor for a sacred or Divine statement – thus Reverse Speech describes itself as a divine verse. Earl is a metaphor for nobility or greatness, children of God, if you will. Thus we (the human race) is Earl, or great.

[Play Stream][Download File] The following reversal was found by Certified Reverse Speech Practitioner, Jack Johnston. It accurately describes the work of Reverse Speech. When he says forwards, “The work that we do” (talking about Reverse Speech), backwards he says, “We deal with Revolution.” This is what Reverse Speech will eventually do – create a revolution in consciousness and thought, maybe even chahnge the entire course of history in time. Its implications are vast.

Reverse Speech contains much information about physical diseases – their causes and suggestions for cures. Many time reversals will suggest herbal cures for common ailments. Here is a remarkable example found by Reverse Speech Certified Investigator, Mike Deane. Mike explains the story…

[Play Stream][Download File] This is a recording, made by Investigator Michael Dean, with a person that had Asthma. She had Asthma for about 5 years and didn’t know how she got it. No family history. She has also had a chronic sinus infection associated with the Asthma that she has not been able to get rid of.She came asking for help and so a reverse speech session was conducted. A reversal was found that said, “Under the floor, puss in thy head.” The reversal pointed to “UNDER THE FLOOR“…. She and her husband did check this out and found that the underside of the house was contaminated with mold and fungus. Then the next part of the reversal “PUSS IN MY HEAD“. They had to open the whole under side of the house, move out for several days for it to be treated. Her sinus condition has gotten better and her Asthma episodes have lessened,also she has been able to cut back on her Asthma medications. In this case the reversal accessed unconscious knowledge about causes for this disease.

[Play Stream][Download File] The following reversal was found in class workshops. It is Reverse Speech Investigator, Mark Ferbache talking about how he first heard about Reverse Speech, on the Art Bell radio show. Backwards he says, “I go with the deal on the radio show.

[Play Stream][Download File] The following reversal was found by Certified Reverse Speech Analyst, Jack Johnston. He was working with a patient in the final stages of terminal cancer. The reversal says, “This shock. Reason I ran all this other side effect: It’s a rattlesnake.” This is very significant because the metaphor “snake” has for a long time been associated with cancer patients. This one is significnat because this woman had only a short time to live. The snake had become a Rattlesnake.

[Play Stream][Download File] This reversal on Tenile was found by Reverse Speech Investigator, Jerry Hirsch. Backwards it says: “I need some man to fuck back.

[Play Stream][Download File] The following reversal was found by student, Dennis O’Neill. It says, “Man. Thats what this guy was.