Sonny Bono Funeral Service

[Play Stream] [Download File] This reversal was found on Cher as she gave the eulogy at Sonny Bono’s funeral. The forward dialogue, which deals with the time when Cher first met Sonny, has been shortened for the sake of space on this site. The reversal reflects the spirit of the entire section and shows the incredible impact Sonny had, and continues to have, on Cher. It says: “The wonderful shine was a warm show. I’m with love. The world moved me.

[Play Stream] [Download File] ..of course I know that this would make Sonny really happy…
Alone in a scandal

[Play Stream] [Download File] …he was heads and tails taller than anyone else. He had a vision of the future and how he was going to build it…
So lost in love

[Play Stream] [Download File] …you have to realise, at this time he was talking to a girl who thought Mt. Rushmore was a natural phenomenon…
The wonderful shine was a warm show. I’m with love. The world moved me

[Play Stream] [Download File] …I’m not 17 about 18, I’m 16 about to turn 17 but I can’t go to through the rest of my life without you…
Loving in his kiss

[Play Stream] [Download File] .it puts me at peace to know that at the end of his days, he had such a wonderful family life…
Warning. They warned the seeker

[Play Stream] [Download File] …if you’d seen our house for the last five, we can’t get rid of everybody…
Here I am. Sad love’s soul with the sore harness

[Play Stream] [Download File] Pete Wilson: …Sonny challenged the system and won time and again…
Lashed in us

[Play Stream] [Download File] Newt Gingrich: …let me say first on behalf of all my colleagues how much we will miss Sonny. How much our hearts go out to his family and how much all inadequate all of feel coming here today?…
In us, symbol you (Or, your influence remains with us)

[Play Stream] [Download File] Newt Gingrich: …Yet under all of this, the last conversation I had with Sonny was a very serious conversation about saving our children from drugs, and the age of his two youngest children you can appreciate that concern…
Say the law, we’re not paying it / God, they shoot from between the Russian / Listen boss (from my experience with Reverse Speech, I would suspect that these reversals detail the actual last conversation with Sonny. I do not know exactly what they mean, but they do show tensions.)

[Play Stream] [Download File] Herschensohn: ..yesterday lines of people stood for hours, waited knelt, prayed. That’s where we are today. They did that just to be close to him and express their love for him..
They had to cry

[Play Stream] [Download File] Herschensohn: ..five years ago life took one of those incredible turns for me when I shook hands with him..
Saw the note that fell

[Play Stream] [Download File] Herschensohn: ..what he did for this nation in the past three years is not fully known by all. He studied issues in great depth..
He shit the Nazi

[Play Stream] [Download File] Herschensohn: was so marvellous to hear what he said and such insights will be sorely missed..
I see the way hit

[Play Stream] [Download File] Herschensohn: ..he chose the very difficult path of elected office..
Kill all the facts